Benz is a super diva in “Mia Thaeng”

Showing her power and skill in her character in the lakorn “Mia Thaeng”, Benz Pornchita Na Songkla is changing it up by playing as a super mean diva. Viewers watching this lakorn will not be disappointed. And most importantly, she is coming out with a new look that is more saucy and sassy. Benz reveals,

“I wanted to play a diva role because I think have the mean look. When I act in a lakorn, I already give it my all. From the look on my face to my body language, I act it out pretty well. By accepting this role, the outfit changes a bit. The look becomes more saucy and sassy, more bold. I am very impressed with this role because I don’t get to wear these kind of clothes much. From playing in lakorns, I usually wear normal clothes. If I have to dress up more, it will probably be lakorns wear I have to sing and stuff like that.”

What is your character in this lakorn like?

“This lakorn is just as bold as the character. It’s bold like the lakorns about ‘Mia Luang’ or ‘Mia Noi’ because my character is the girlfriend of the pra’ek first. Then, the pra’ek gets pushed into marrying the nang’ek, so my character doesn’t like it. Because of that, it becomes a struggle and fight to get the pra’ek back. My character will then get more mean as the lakorn progresses. She will plan everything out and do whatever she can to win. I can assure you that the lakorn is fun.”

Source: Zubzip

18 responses to “Benz is a super diva in “Mia Thaeng”

  1. Mia Taeng ended better than I expected. Usually, I don’t watch Chompoo’s lakorn, but her and rome are good together. Also, this is a very different role for Benz compared to her usual, but she’s a good actress in general. Overall, I think this version of Mia Taeng is much better than the old one. I can’t wait till Mondays come around.

  2. Benz’s acting isn’t so bad in this but Chompoo’s acting is just plain horrible. Maybe if they released this before her last one it might be a bit better.

  3. She’s one of the rare actress that can pull off both nang ek and nang rai role effortlessly. She has that innocent Thai well manner girl without any makeup on. She’s not those type that comes out beautiful right away, the more you watch her the more amazingly prettier she gets. I admire her beauty and figure.

  4. I love to watch Mia Taeng lakorn. I cannot hardly wait for the next episode to air. I love to watch Benz in this lakorn because she look so sexy and beautiful. I love Benz acting in Diva role because she can definitely act this kind of role and as a fan I get to see her beauty as well. Benz is pretty and pretty sexy compare her to nang’ ek role. I enjoy watching her in Diva role.

  5. Benz is a very talented actress and she is someone who can play n’rai & n’rai without problem. The most important is that even if she plays n’rai you can’t hate her because the only thing you see is her talent !

  6. I don;t know if chompoo is bad at acting or something,but somehow whenever rome says something to offend her, she gives the “i don;t care look” and i absolutely love how she gives that look ! & also, Benz role here is powerful and dangg, khongkai and bproong sleep alot together!

    • chompoo has a so -so acting , her face is so stiff, emotionless , and in here, next to beautiful acting from Benz, chompoo becomes horrible even she ‘s a nang ek. Only enjoying everytimes benz comes to the screen

      • It’s not really that her face is so stiff but for this movie the director told her she needed an emotionless face, because the main actress is suppose to be like a smartmouth but should show no intentions in being one, that’s why every time Chompoo is talking back she has put on face that’s emotionless so that makes her look like she’s saying it to show that she isn’t scared but not so much that she’s fighting back. They explain the whole thing in an interview.

  7. wont compare looks or acting skills between benz and chompoo. benz’s portrayal of Proong is stellar! the more i hate her, the more she’s credible!

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