Sara Legg praises “Song Pooying Yai”

Cute couple Sara Legg and Tah Warith in the lakorn “Song Poo Ying Yai” of Ch.3 have made people smile and really into the lakorn, even the characters. Sara talks about the love life of the two characters…

“Right now, my fans are calling me Gao Jai. Even when I go to the store, people ask me about Ah mah and Jae Hong too. They would ask me ‘Where is Jae Hong?’ It’s funny. People who watch it, really like it a lot. The ladies at the market love it too and always remember Jae Hong and Jae Kim. As for my character, many people love me too. They would ask me ‘P Moo didn’t come?’ They would always cheer for us to get together, like in real life (laughs). I would just tell them that we are only bf and gf in the lakorn.”

“We flirt with each other like the director tells us too. But I’m happy that our viewers laugh while watching our lakorn and are happy. It’s a fun lakorn. It’s not stressful. It’s relaxing. When I’m acting, I feel like the script is so funny. There are a lot of actors in this lakorn and we all mess up from laughing. There’s a lot of acting in each scene. When we are filming, everyone is present. I have to hold myself back from laughing. Plus, I’m the kind of person that laughs easily. Right now, the lakorn is getting good. Please follow and watch it until the end.”

Source: Zubzip

14 responses to “Sara Legg praises “Song Pooying Yai”

  1. Sara has always been pretty and her personality shows how a wonderful person she is,also she is not snobby or ditzy like some nang ek or actresses.

    They should let her played more nang ek roles.

  2. what going on here. the writer is getting the names wrong. first is Note now sara Malakul. This is not sara malakul and the guy chompoo dating is not Note.. can someone clear this…lol lol im confused myself

  3. aww Sara and Tah are soo cute couple !! I really love “Song Poo Ying Yai” very fun drama..and they should play other drama again 🙂

  4. sara is pretty, but i guess there are a lot of look kreungs who are. i wouldn’t mind seeing her as nang’ek as she started as it. i really miss noon siraphun and wish she’d get better roles than the typical comedic ban nok roles.

  5. They were so funny and entertain to watch — i love how Tah come to realization that he love her in the lakorn — love how he’s trying to avoid her but end up winking back at her in the end .. love how he tried to make her jealous and end up having her come to ngo him lol — however, the lakorn could have been cut short. It’s a bit draggy at time for me.

  6. Sara is really a pretty person and also talented. Wish to see them more as n’ek in the future !

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