Pinky shows her milk size S, small but puts the ow in wow

She is probably feeling better after the whole love triangle ordeal because, today, the beautiful eyed nang’ek Pinky Savika Chaiyadej who went Bollywood is back looking beautiful and fresh accepting jobs like before. Here, we see her at a crab eating event at “54 @ centralplaza rama 2” the day before.

Even though Pinky is showing a little bit, but she is still beautiful around all the crab and different seafood. Her pretty white skin and her beautifully cut black outfit entertaining those around her still makes her look happier than before. Maybe she will come back and be popular like she was before, just as the fortune teller read.

Source: Daradaily

42 responses to “Pinky shows her milk size S, small but puts the ow in wow

  1. I’m so glad she has come back to work and is happier than ever!
    I don’t get why everyone blames her for Tanya and Peck’s breakup.
    Yeah it takes two to tango or clapping one hand is not louder than two,
    But if Tanya was really a good wife then he wouldn’t go out and find another.
    I’m just saying, it’s my opinion sorry if I got any Tanya FC mad.

    • its exactly like u said ” takes two to tango”…they blame her because she cheated WITH him

      and just because a man cheats doesnt make the one cheated on a bad wife..–thats an odd rationalisation –good women get cheated on plenty of times

    • YES, it’s ALWAYS the woman’s fault for their man cheating on them. Gosh, damn all women! Why do they even have rights in this world?

      • I agree with Muddie, KHAM’s comment was stupid and put woman back 100 yrs.
        Pinky is simply a slut that have no moral value. Especially when her mom said, rich marry man is fair game, their wife should understand that. this tell us how low her mom or her family moral value is… no wonder why her daughter such a slutty. Most of all the guy was so ugly…he has a pig nose… I don’t get it why these girls fought over ugly pig/him…

        • I agree, that comment did put woman back 100 years, its not a stupid comment but a degarding one…

          Even if you are not a good wife, a good mother, you do not deserve to be cheated on. If she really wasn’t a good mother/wife, he should have ended the marriage and then go find himself a new women.

        • I really did mean my comment was degrading to womens, or putting womens back 100yrs, but this was just my opinion. I mean really saying that ,me having my own opinion was stupid. Come one there’s one thing about critizing others, but theirs no need for name calling.

          • I agree with you. There’s really no need for name calling here. You have the right to express your opinion and no one can really justify who’s right or wrong. Pinky needs to come back..I could care less about her scandal now its all in the past, i just want to watch her lakorn lolz.

          • Yes, your opinion, but your opinion is not taken kindly so we all had to lay down our opinion too. And if you want to debate on about this, you can kindly make a detailed list of things that will make a PERFECT wife so that we can publish a book about what we have to do in order for our husbands not to cheat on us.

          • You’re not stupid, but your comment was.

            You know someone once said to me that a girl deserves to get rape cus of how she dresses. Your comment about how if Tanya was a good wife then he wouldn’t cheat on her reminded me of that. It’s a stupid comment.

        • Who are you to say that people’s comments are stupid? I’m not picking a fight, but people can express their own opinion.

    • Oh yeah, let’s blame the wife because she supposedly did something wrong in the relationship and didn’t satisfy him enough. What kind of logic is that? That’s some screwed up shit. If he wasn’t happy, he could have asked for a divorce, simple as that, you see…Instead he wanted TWO willing women, and got caught. And Pinky’s hand was clapping his too, she played a part in the ‘tango” w/ Peck, so NO, the fault lies in both parties, not just hers, she was just heavily criticized because believe it or not, she was once a respected actress of many people.

    • Tanya was too good of a wife to put up with that bastard over and over again…therefore, she suffered from her own stupidity. I really think she only has herself to blame.

  2. Wait did I miss something? So did we get proof that she actually DID cheat on him or is this still speculations?

  3. Well she has never denied nor claim she did. So that leads up to only one thing. And if you guys do pay attention, majority are frustrated because she never did give an answer always having media ask her the same damn questions, always crying and saying she will leave Peck and Tanya alone. If she wasn’t guilty I think she would have cleared her name or at least take a stand, at least that’s what I will do.

    Anyways glad to see her working again but damn that is hella white powder they put on her or it could be the lighting. Pinky is not known to have light skin.

    • Yes, exactly! That’s how I saw this whole mess. I mean, her name was slandered in the media as a homewrecker, she was practically dragged through the media as the bad guy, yet she didn’t outright refute the claim nor did she give any clear answers for people to believe she was innocent. Any sane and innocent actress would have fought to clear her name, I know I would if my name were getting dirtied and I was innocent…

    • Well Pinky was smart not to denied it especially with all the evidence that Tanya has in which I’m sure that she would had “leaked” if there were denial.

      • I don’t think Tanya had proof about the affair. Because she would have leaked it. She’s a woman scorned and when that happened she become vengeful. I don’t think there was any proof of the cheating. You are talking about the woman that supposedly destroy her marriage. So I’m gonna believe it didn’t happened.

        I want facts before i can point finger at her. You guys are forgeting something thing , it showbiz, and people make up lies about celebrities all the time.

        • I agree..I think Tanya would have leaked anything that proved Pinky was wrong even if Pinky denied the whole thing. And like you say..they both celebrities and we will never know the truth because both of them can act and portrayed themselves as victims.

        • I believe that something definitely went on, but not like how the media or Tanya claimed. Why Pinky didn’t deny it was maybe because she did have feelings and they probably were messing around. Why she didn’t confess is probably because how the media and Tanya put it was not all true. Pinky’s action tells me that she and Peck had something, but decided to call it quits before they went all the way. Just my thoughts…

        • have we forgotten that peck comes from one of the most powerful families in thailand… i think tanya did have evidence but kept it as a bargining tool to get money from peck and to scare pinky

  4. i suggest her to not put red lipstic on her lips..she looks like a bi**h..sorry no offense..but her ‘scandal’ hasn’t stopped yet.. but gooduck na kaa.. she looks pretty without the ‘red’ one..

    • Amen! as i scroll down the pictures, all i could think of was horrible names. it takes two to tangle but that peck dude is barely on the news meanwhile pinky, eh. That second picture of her is too white. No remorse for her what so ever.

  5. She looks beautiful and energetic. I’m glad to see her moving forward from her scandal. Cannot wait to see her take on new projects. Miss seeing her onscreen.

  6. I think it will be a while before she is accepted as a N’ek. If this was to happen in the states it would be different, because worst things has happened to the stars here (ie. sex tape) and yet they are super famous for that. But she did her shame in Thailand where it is more conservative and being a home wrecker is frown upon on. So her innocent, good girl image is down the drain.

    I don’t know about others, but I cannot look at her being the virgin, sweet, innocent N’ek when the back of my mind, I keep thinking she has slept with someone’s husband.

    • sorry i don’t think any actress is a virgin anymore. they all live with guys before marriage and whore around just like others out here. Thailand actress are pretty dirty lately. What happen to all the old custom?

  7. she’s pretty but that is about it…n plus any women on earth if they have the same resource she has and 10+ peeps making them look good, i think more than half will look better than her….

  8. I’m so glad to see her be happy and I hope she could gain her fame back because she is really a talented actress. However, I think she should take it slowly and maybe take more time before coming back.

  9. The last photo, she don;t even look like herself no more. It looks more like a wax-gay dude with lots of white powder on. I use to like her, but with all the rumors and the scandal, it is a blah for me.

  10. She looks like a tranny… trying too hard to be sexy… Her makeup is 10 layers too thick…. poor thing!

  11. Wow, some of the comments are downward nasty. come on she didn’t do nothing to you guys. Most of you take it so personal like you were the one that got hurt. If you guys remember, it showbiz and nothing is what it seems.

  12. aside from the cheating this… i have to ask.. when did she get so white?!!
    i thought she was more tan??.. or have i confuse her with someone else?

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