Chompoo Araya doesn’t care Oil Saruta used to date Nott, won’t play the game

Actress Chompoo says that she doesn’t care about Oil and her story about dating Note. She also states that she doesn’t want to play the game of the past.

On July 28th, nang’ek Chompoo Araya A. Hartgett allowed us to interview her about her ‘baan pair’ business called Toshino at Siam Paragon. Reporters also brought up the issue of boyfriend Note Nott Wisarut Rungsisingpipat‘s mother joining the event as well.

“Today, you see Note’s mother joining the event is because she is the owner of this business. Her people called me on behalf of her and asked me to join as well. I didn’t come for free though (laughs).”

What do you think about Oil Saruta’s appearance on the “Luang Lub Lub” show where she talked about dating Nott?

“About this issue, Nott already made it clear. We can say that our truth and her truth is totally different.”

“I won’t be saying anything because I don’t think problems in the past is important.

“Also, to say that we are seeing and talking to each other or who is more experienced or what we’ve been through are not things to lie about. I also think that we shouldn’t play these kind of games. I’d rather stay still.”

Did Nott clear this already?

“It’s not something to lie to each other about. I can accept it because I care more about the present. Does it effect my feelings? Well, I don’t want it to. I try to look past this because it’s something small. Everything in my life right now is ok. I don’t want to keep stressing about something small.

If there is something bothering me a little bit, I will let it pass. I’d rather have fun with my life. No one has asked Nott directly, I’ve only been the one getting the feedback. Lets just say that my investment is high. I don’t want to trade it for anything that would hurt me.”

Source: Zubzip

14 responses to “Chompoo Araya doesn’t care Oil Saruta used to date Nott, won’t play the game

  1. Why is Oil bringing herself into the limelight by talking about a past relationship with someone who has already moved on and is happy? She needs to STFU!

  2. is it Oil in the 2nd pic? i bet, even if Nott has the chance to get back to the past…he would choose to be ‘now’ with offense

  3. LoL i feel like Chompoo is her character in “Mia Taeng”, answering questions about her man’s old gf/ old gals…and not be dragged down to get involved with these issues…great for her, she must have learned not to over-react from her ex-sister-in-law Aump P.

  4. “Let just say my investment is high. I don’t want to trade it for anything that would hurt me.”

    I have no idea but that line made me laugh.

  5. IF you reallie love that person you should be with him/her for whats happening right now.. not what happend in the past

  6. I think that Nott and oil should get back together… 🙂 chompoo is to pretty for Nott really both of them are 2 good for him…..his ugly…sorry.

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