Ae Sasikarn: “Mac is not my new boyfriend”

After actress Ae Sasikarn Apichartworasip walked hand in hand with ex-boyfriend James Ruengsuk Loychusuk to officially announce their break up and relationship status as just friends, the public has been waiting to see who will be the next man to steal her heart. We already know from the previous news that young businessman Mac Jakkrit Benedetti, a wine seller of more than 50 brand name wines, has already eyed the recently single Ae. Because of that, Mac has been gossiped to be the new man in Ae’s life and the 3rd hand in her relationship with James…

“I want to say that he is really unlucky. I am doing business with him by buying his wine. We know each other in our group of friends because my customers at my restaurant in Tonglor ask to buy his wine a lot. So I decided to change the restaurant a little bit, like buying more wine from his company. It’s normal for us to contact and do business with each other. I think that we are in the news together because people happen to see us at the same place. That’s probably why people talk about it.”

Have you guys gone out to eat with each other?

“He came to eat at Tudali because when we order wine, we have to know about the different types of food and the different tastes. That’s how we know which wine to pair it up with.”

Does he show any signs of flirting?

“Not at all. He’ll be unlucky because he already has a girlfriend. I’ll feel bad for him. He’s the type of person that doesn’t get involved, but has been pulled into this news.”

So, Mac is not your new beau?

“No, he’s not. The fact that he gets caught in pictures with me already makes me feel bad. You can put as much news about James and I in the news because I’m a public person, but he’s not.”

Is there’s anyone pursuing you right now?

“No one. Even though James and I broke up for a while, but the news was just released not too long ago. We have to take time. Right now, I’m not seeing anyone. I am busy with my lakorn on-stage, so I have no time to see anyone.”

Are you closing yourself?

“I am not closing myself, but I’m not throwing myself out there. I’m not the kind of person to say ‘Today I have to see my boyfriend.'”

Would you have to be more careful in the future when doing business with these young men?

“I think that whoever I hang out with right now will be news. Recently, there’s was news about me walking with a Korean guy. People see me, so they say that I am walking with a Korean guy and my new boyfriend is Korean. Even when I’m with my friends, I still get it. I understand that it’s an interest to the public, but I just want to say that there really is nothing going on right now.”

Source: Daradaily

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