Ae Sasikarn shockingly new beau!!

For many years, fans have supported and cheered for Ae Sasikarn Apichartworasip and boyfriend James Ruengsuk Loychusuk in their love life. However, fans are shocked to see the couple announce an end to their love story after 13 years. Their reason: differences in personalities, making them decide to only be ex-lovers and only just friends. They also insisted that there was no 3rd hand involved in their relationship.

Before their press conference, the Daradaily crew held a phone interview with Ae to capture her how she feels. She didn’t give any information besides that her heart, at the moment, is strong and doing good.

Recently, the Daradaily crew have investigated and found out that after she became single again, Ae has a lot of men pursuing her. One of the men is no other than businessman Mac Jakkrit Benedetti, a wine seller of more than 50 brand name wines. Because of that, Mac has been eyed as the reason for Ae and James‘ press conference of their break up. It makes it seem like James is giving way for the new man in Ae’s life to steal her all he wants.

So, lets rewind a little bit… when Daradaily interviewed Ae about her heart, she replied that her heart is strong and doing good. Seems like Ae’s heart is doing well because of a new love in her life. Maybe she is also liking this new man. We’ll just have to wait and see if the new man is really Mac or not.

As for information on Mac Jakkrit Benedetti, he is a 35 year old businessman who graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a degree in Marketing in the track of Commerce and Accountancy. He also continued his studies and graduated with a Master’s in the same major at Thunderbird School of Global Management.  He is currently the Managing Director of Italasia, which has 2 major businesses are B. Italasia Electrode leading products from Italy like Illy Coffee, mineral water, San Benedetto Cookware, ALESSO De Cecco pasta, and etc… B. Italasia Trading (Thailand) is also sells import wines of more than 50 brands and sells overseas equipment used in hotels such as glassware, kitchenware, catering equipment, and etc…


Source: Daradaily

9 responses to “Ae Sasikarn shockingly new beau!!

  1. well it is shocking that she is moving on rather quick but if james dont mind then im not gonna fuss into it.

  2. I don’t blame her for moving on. It’s been 13 years with James and he hasn’t proposed yet. A girl can only be single and date a man for a certain year. She needs to be with a man who is willing to settle down. After all they’re both over 30 years old. Time to get marry, James shows no sign of wanting to wed her.

  3. Ae isn’t in her early 20’s anymore to be able to take all the time she wants. She studied a guy for 12 years and it didn’t work out so who to say that time is important? When you find your true love or soul mate, you’ll know right away and you won’t need years and years to decide. Not saying that this guy is her soulmate or anything. I also think they’ve been seeing each other for a while.

  4. I absolutely do not blame Ae at all in this situation. I’m sure the relationship ended a while ago but they both wanted some time to settle things peacefully without the media budding in and creating chaos with what’s left of their good feelings for each other. It’s only Ae who stuck by James for this long and not trying other ways like getting pregnant to force him into marriage, so I don’t think she would intentionally cheat or anything since she obviously cares for him so much, but the timing we see may not always be accurate. I’m thinking James and Ae probably have been distancing for the past year or so, this guy has always eyed Ae, who wouldn’t? From what I’ve heard, Ae is a great woman. And so once James and Ae secretly broke it off, Ae began studying this guy, but just suddenly decided to announce the breakup in case Ae is ready to officially attend events/functions with the new guy.

  5. Maybe James is to blame for being slow in proposing to Ae, but maybe Ae is to blame for making him double think about marrying her… we’ll never know! There are two sides to the story and either side can be blamed. Maybe it’s James… or maybe it’s Ae… maybe she’s flirtatious and cheats, that’s why James took his time to see if she’s the one? Maybe James is slow and lost his chance…

  6. I think its best for both of them to move on. 13 years of relationship without being married is a very long time. Both of them have lots of patients especially the girl. In order for a girl to stick with a guy for 13 yrs involves alot of love and patient. Its not that they were studying each other to get married, its just that they been together for too long and develope doubts in each other and fall out of love. Coming from my personal experience, you dont have to put a ring on each other fingers to say you love each other. when he’s there for you all the time and support you when you’re down, and loves you unconditonally then your good. When he or she is yours, then he/she will always be yours. 🙂

  7. The article only states that one of her suitors is Mac. Why is everyone making assumptions that they are dating already? Or even talking?

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