Pu Praiya & Note Wiset?!

DJ Moddum of popular gossip radio show ‘Chae Dtae Chao’ revealed actress “Pu” Praiya Suandokmai is secretly dating socialite “Note” Wiset Rangsisingpipat, former boyfriend of “Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer.

An inside source spilled the beans that ‘Note & Pu’ have been on an official one on one date with each other. And it seems the information from the source must be reliable to a degree otherwise Moddum would not have announced it on his show.

However since the break-up with Aump & rumours with Nuch, Note made an announcement that he will not date with women in the entertainment industry ever again! But then “Pu” Praiya is considered to be a woman in the industry – is Note going back on his words?

Source via Rakdara

17 responses to “Pu Praiya & Note Wiset?!

  1. i wonder how rich is he for many beautiful celebrities to flirt with him. he’s not that good looking, he’s just decent. And plus he doesn’t really seem that tall either.

    • right? Man Aum is better than Pu… I dont lik Pu much… And the guy, yea he isnt all that, except he has money…Its dumb…

    • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….MAYBE HE HAS A KIND HEART!??!?!?!

      What’s with all these materialistic people who later complain in life how horrible men/women are?

      • Maybe he does have a kind heart but will a kind heart be flirting with other girls when he already has a girlfriend? (well I’m referring to when he was still with aum.)

      • Lol would a kind hearted guy date or make out with another guys girl even if it’s the girl that comes on to him (i.e. Todd and aump). Also like nan345 said, would kind hearted guy flirt with other girls when he has a gf. I think these girls are thinking his money makes up for his looks and who knows maybe he’s good in the sack.

  2. rumour might be true she did just break up with her latest boyfriend will palk from oxford brooks.
    shes good looking but not so bright lol

    • took the words out of my mouth lol. this relationship wont last long. poo doesnt last very long with her men

  3. To have money is the most important nowadays you cannot live without money…Let’s accept the truth that we are looking for a rich man that can answer our needs…
    and that’s what Pu is looking for…not only Pu but also the ordinary women…Good for her she has a rich bf,,we don’t know if they last…only the time can tell about the future so, you guys just be happy with her…

    • You are hilarious and I agree with you to a certain extent. Even if the guy is super rich, if he’s ugly and don’t treat me right, I would not be with them. Money does answer a lot of our needs though. haha.

  4. Can you say bedroom partner…..I don’t mean to be rude or offend any fans but I think Poo bed hop just a much as Note does. Hey, maybe this will be what keeps them together since both will be more willing to forgive and forget.

  5. Well he just stepped down from Aum to Pu, they are both beautiful but I don’t think they need to date HIM.

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