Chakrit & Woonsen are talking marriage

It seems things are getting serious between hot new couple “Chakrit Yamnam” & “Woonsen Wirithipa” because in the latest news, Chakrit admitted to discussing marriage with his girlfriend. Although the discussion was nothing like a proposal on bended knees, but Chakrit confidently revealed he believes Woonsen would make a great mother to his future children.

“It’s true we have discussed marriage. I think most couples in a relationship have discussed marriage at some point, if they said that they haven’t then that’s impossible. I’m not in a relationship with someone for a brief moment and then plan to break up again. I’m sincere with my relationship but I did not propose to her on bended knees as rumoured (laughs)”

“As for marriage our parents haven’t said anything about it. Whenever anything happens between us, our parents will hear about it because we’re not in a relationship without our parent’s knowledge or acceptance. We have to cherish our family’s feelings because being in the industry we are exposed to so many different gossip. I even have friends who will tell me about it. And I have to be patient, no matter what my mom and dad would be the most important people in my life and I need to care about them and respect them because they are the first people who will get asked about our rumours”

“As for my modern rock style house on Nuan Shavee, the construction works commences in the beginning of next year. And do I have plans to use this house as a wedding home, well this will have to be the place because it’s my house. If I get married, I will be living here. Woonsen will help a little with the interior design. When she’s free, she will come over and give me her ideas on the colour tone”

Chakrit revealed he is confident Woonsen would make a great mother to his future children

“Woonsen is a mature person, she is straight forward and she’s very understanding. I believe she would make a great mother and if ever we have good news to give you, we will tell you (laughs) we’re pretty straight forward people so don’t worry”

Source via Manager

13 responses to “Chakrit & Woonsen are talking marriage

    • haha thats what I was gna say! I don’t think this is gna end in marraige at all. He always wants to marry & rush things.

  1. I’m glad that Chakrit finally found a woman who understand him. He definitely fall in love with Woonsen because there is something special in this woman that all of his ex-girlfriends don’t have. I find this new normal because he finally found someone who is comparable with him. In this case, Chakrit decide to settle down with Woosen. I’m happy for this couple because at least Woosen are not like other Thai stars who only dating “rich and wealthy” men.

    • LOL at the last sentence…
      even i don’t really know and like Woonsen but then just like you said… good luck for them..really like your comment kaa..

      • From what I know Woonsen is also from a rich family I don’t know hi-so or not, but they are rich. so. I hope these two last. They actually make a cute couple, but we all know about Shakrit’s past relationship. He tend to moved way too fast and fall out of love way too quick. Best of luck to them.

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