Tanya happy being single!

Right now, Tanya Tanyares is happy living her life as a single woman. Even though she hasn’t officially signed the divorce papers with Peck Sanchai yet, there are still people cheering for them to get back together and be a happy family again. But Tanya replies that she is current happy being single and living her life.

“Honestly, I’m ready to come back to work na kaa. Right now, I’m happy with my life kaa. My daughter is 2 years old. Seeing her happy makes me happy. Even though many people want to see us back together as a happy family, but I’ve already made my decision. I’m not able to answer about the future. It could be good or we can be friends. Right now, p’Peck is going better. He’s been spending a lot of time with his daughter. He doesn’t go out.

I’ve been putting Leah to sleep every night and then walk back home. As for p’Peck, he takes care of her after me. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, he has to go take care of her. Whenever he’s too tired, he’ll just call me to come over. As for lakorns, I’m still looking at them. I haven’t decided on which ones yet. About 2 month, after I get back from America, I will be able to start working.

Right now, I’m stronger. I’m happy with my life. Both of us are doing our own separate jobs as mom and dad. My life is good. I don’t want to think too much kaa.”

Source: Daradaily

15 responses to “Tanya happy being single!

  1. She looks pretty in the picture and happy. If she knows what is good for her she outta stay away from Peck as far as possible when it comes to relationship. One’s behavior will only recycle itself.

  2. tanya looks pretty and happy. i’m happy for her if she is happy. she doesn’t need peck, she could raise her daughter alone and will be a good mother. good luck to her and can’t wait to watch more of her on screen.

  3. happy for tanya she rule pinky life she act like she is so weak and everything turn to blame everything to pinky and her husband is are be happy together. we are know that three person in the one relatioship are three would be hurts. so we can not blame one person the one that we should blame is her husband.

  4. bitter heart, she need to fell sorry for pinky to because she lost everything and also hurts by her husband to.so we can not blame pinky only. one person in a relastionship is not that loud..

    • All 3 of them are to blame in a way… but mostly Peck and Pinky… it takes 2 to tango and they did…

    • If Pinky say no. There won’t be three a crowd. T was in this kind of situation. If Pinky said no. This won’t happen. Yes, Peck is to blame too. But it the Pinky fault too. Even though Pinky already knew Peck was marry. But Pinky won’t back off. And acting all innocense. Peck admitted already. But she never want to admitted. That is her problrm. Pinky got what she deserve. So pay back time is a bitch.

  5. I’m glad that Tanya are happy and she make the right decision to leaved her husband. Well, I do feel sorry for Pinky but yet she deserved to be in this situation because she does it to herself. Can’t blame on Tanya. But we can blame on Peck and Pinky because I’m sure that Tanya does not want her husband to cheated on her neither but since both of them implied to Pinky and Peck have their relationship behind close door. Pinky should know better because she is a Thai star or superstar and should be smart enough to not got herself involved with someone else husband. Currently, Pinky is suffering from issued that she had started and living with it consequences. I’m grateful that Tanya got over her divorced because we all know that was not easy for any women whether movie-star or ordinary women.

  6. dont like this no offence,she not that pretty,was she ever in a larkon coz i dont know,i started to know her through the issue with her hubby and pinky

  7. Unless she was speaking English when she said this, there sure are a lot of “ka’s” in the quote.

  8. I’m glad this scandal has finally come to an end, it’s about time! lol Best of luck to all three of them.

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