Film vs. Jae Dang in the courts

Lately, it seems like the feud between superstar Film Rathapoom Tohkongsub and actress Annie Brooks is finally going somewhere. While we are waiting for Film vs. Annie in the courts, here’s an update: the case of Film suing “Jae Dang” Rabiebrat Pongsapanit for defamation. Lets get down to the nitty gritty…

In the case of Annie Brooks, on July 7th 2011, the courts ordered both parties Film Rathapoom and Jae Dang to appear at Ratchada Criminal Court to clear their cases. The young singer-actor arrived cheerfully and in bright colors ready to give interviews. But before the singer-actor was able to give interviews, his attorney made it clear to the press that the case is not complete as of yet because both parties were not able to come to an agreement.

About the apology agreement, is it the wording that is not agreed upon?

“First, we have to figure out how to come about apologizing. Second is the choice of words that both parties offer. We’ll have to make changes on the words and figure out what is best. After that, the court will make another appointment for us to meet. Aside from that, the talk has been good.”

We heard that you had to ask Film’s mom?

“Because Film has to go think with his mother, they brought up a new proposal.”

What did Film propose?

“About the proposal, I would like to ask to keep it private because it’s still in the courts.”

How much of the details do you have?

“We have to decide on 1.) the wording and 2.) the way we are going to come about it.”

After Film’s attorney was able to explain some things, Film was able to open up and give his interview…

Are you satisfied with the results today?

“We’ll have to wait and see krub. I have to discuss it with my mom first. It’s just like what  my attorney said krub. We offered them something different, but they told us something different.”

What are some of the things that you discuss with your mom?

“Well, it’s a lot of things. We’ll have to wait krub. I can’t talk about it much, so we’ll have to wait. I want everything to end first.”

What is your mom doing, we heard you couldn’t contact her?

“My mom is a nun right now. She’s went into nunhood for about a month now krub.”

Why did she go into nunhood?

“Because it’s normal for our family krub. My father does it and my mother does it.”

Are the problems going to end?

“I can’t answer that krub because it’s not just about me krub.”

How do you feel today?

“Good krub.”

Are you ok with what they offered you?

“I think we should have them talk about it.”

Personally, do you have anything against Khun Rabiebrat?

“Not at all krub.”

How are your conversations with them, since it is the first time you guys are talking? Are there any apologies?

“There are krub, but I don’t think it’s too clear yet.”

Khun Rebiebrat says that you seem to like his proposal?

“Honestly, there are somethings, but I have to take my mom’s opinion into consideration too because the aftermath doesn’t effect just one person. Whether my mom agrees with it or not, we don’t know yet krub.”

How will you guys agree?

“I don’t know krub because it’s up to both parties agreement. We also have to meet each other one more time.”

Source: Daradaily

15 responses to “Film vs. Jae Dang in the courts

  1. waek! the women’s rights group is a disgrace to all the women out there. i hope they lose! they don’t even know if film is the real dad or not yet they go against him; they are f’kin stupid and deserve to be sued.

    • Agree. don’t like Film but this woman whom she claim to be the leader of this women right group is a disgrace. You don’t batter a person just because of one woman’s word especially when that woman does not have clean record. Being in her position. She should have know better. I understand it’s her job, but with the common sense lacking, I’m not sure if I want her to represent me in anything. I wonder what her expression will be like if the result came out that he’s not the father. Priceless.

      • She’s only jumped into this situation to get attention!!! It’s like perfect PR for her movement.

  2. More importantly…. what the heck is he wearing some one arm hawaii inspired-suit with watches won at an arcade? looks ridiculas lol

  3. I can’t wait for this to end. I wonder what the court would say and what’s going to be the outcome. Very old, but interesting story. I wonder if the outfit he is wearing there is some high brand designer clothes. Very very unfortunate. I think I saw something similar to that at the flea market.

  4. Seriously, why all the “krub’s”? Makes reading this awkward. The other writers don’t do it.

    Good work, though.

    • I think it is because they are translating it exactly the way they are interviewing them. Isn’t it typical of thais to say “krub” and “ka” often as a sign of respect? I hear it often in lakorns… not much the Krub but more of the “ka”

      • If the writer was actually going to translate it exactly the way they speak, the vocab/grammar would look much different and many of the English words would be omitted.

      • That’s how it’s spoken in Thai but not how it’s translated to English. Ask anyone who actually does professional translations or works for a major media company.

        It’s interesting that the writers on this site with Thai names do not fill their quotes “ka” and “krup”.

        • is there a rule that says DL have to do that? each writer has their own way of writing, respect that. that’s all. they are actually doing readers a good thing by translating from thai to english.

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