Pinky’s scandal and Marsha’s look-a-like clip

It’s hard to believe that celebrities with money can still suffer to the point of not being able to eat or sleep from something that was either intentional or not.

The news of popular nang’ek Pinky Savika Chaiyadej becoming the third hand of the marriage between Peck Sanchai and Tanya Tanyares became the talk of the town. Even though the story of the love triangle is over now, there was recent news of the popular nang’ek being pregnant. The accusation got to the point where Pinky had to get a pregnancy test to prove her innocence, proving the rumors to be false. Beaten and bruised from the situation, Pinky avoids the public eye by accepting acting jobs in India. Sounds like Pinky will need to use some time to heal her broken heart.

Recently, popular singer-actress Marsha Wattanapanich faces the situation of a clip look-a-like snuggling with a man as become the new talk of the town. It is still unknown whether the release of the clip was intentional or not and what it is that the person wants. No matter if it was intentional or not, the result hits Marsha at full force. Lets say Marsha accepts that the clip is truly her, the damage is still the same. We’ll have to wait and see the results.

Both Pinky and Marsha have faced rough situations, with the result and impact being great. The lesson is that the fame and fortune can’t help the suffering of these ladies, no matter how popular or how much money they may have.

Source: Daradaily

25 responses to “Pinky’s scandal and Marsha’s look-a-like clip

  1. What marsha do is her business. She is single and can be with any man as long as she is not stealing other’s husband. So why is this a scandal?? Can she not allowed to snuggle in public?

  2. I wish them best luck to overcome their crisis ! Such scandal need take time and it is a good thing that Pinky decided to take some distance from the thai entertainment scene. India will moreover a good experience for her. As for Marsha…she was adult and single so people should not blame her since she has done nothing wrong.

  3. I think Pinky should just stay in India, she’ll prolly have a better life there. As for Marsha…I’m suprised shes not used to this kind of news already..doesn’t everyone in Thailand already know that’s how she is? That sex clip didn’t surprise me at all.

  4. This site should be rename to

    I appreciated your thai news however this is getting too old.

    • Then how about just not come into this site? I’m sure the rest of us are fine with whatever dirtii laundry dishes out.

      • Dirtii used to have lots of varieties of news translated, that’s why I come here for years, Now it gone downhill with this pinky chick’s news. Who would not be disappointed?

    • it is not old. pinky’s scandal is still well talked about in thailand. they’re just translating from the thai websites; it’s not like they made up it up just to talk about pinky.

      • They can choose not to translated pinky’s news. Who’s know if the those thai news are legitimate? Maybe they are like American Star magazine.

        • You’re not the only read on here… maybe other people want to know about Pinky’s Scandal

          • I actually REALLY want to read about her. i guess its a habit of mine to read unfortunate things about others. but seriously, those other people like ME want to read it. i want to read whatever DL have to offer actually. Chancheun, if you are so tire of DL then please leave us in peace to read about these blogs and other people opinions on the topic just not your topic because its very ignorant and rude to the people writing it. If you write things like that, how are you motivating DL to keep posting gossips? >.>

  5. Look here. She have dignity to accept it. Rather then lying. I like her. Who care she hugs or kiss. As, ling as not a marry man. Then it fine by me.

  6. I can’t understand why people would film themselves having sex,if this is what they are referring to in the clip? Especially if you’re famous,unless you want to use it for future reference.I must say though that it was good that P’Sha came out to admit that it was her. I like the fact that she’s honest.She’s much more courageous than many thai celebrities!

    • Well according to the people close to her, she didn’t know she was being filmed. They said that she was drugged and Cyril filmed her to blackmailed her. There is an arrest warrant out for him because he was sending her emails blackmailing her for many months now saying that if she won’t send him money, he would leak out the clips.

      • really??? i thought she new about it and she recorded it on purpose. well, she’s an adult. there are leaked clips every where in the world, Thailand can’t be an exception.

  7. People make mistakes, and other people need to get over it. I love Pinky, she is a great actress. Sure what she did was uncalled for. But maybe she was calling for attention? And as for Marsha, isn’t she used to this kind of media?

    • Do they proof that Pinky really did something wrong? I want him to say that he had an affair with Pinky or Tanya to say that she caught them. Until then, I refused to believe she did anything wrong. It’s like all the blame went on her and people forgot about the other two people involved.

  8. as for marsha i dont blame her for the videos,she did it in the past it juss catches up with her its not her fault.
    for pinky what she did was bad,but somehow i still loves her,she is the reason i started liking larkons,i wish pple will juss forget i miss her in larkons.i will suggest her to stay in india for two more years and come back.As her fan please forgive pinky everyone makes mistakes

  9. it just a sex tape……why you thai people make a BIG things…shhhhhhh it her sex tape lets her be as for pinky she did make the bigger mistake and she paying for it …..thai people just need to learn to lets it’s go

  10. i think everything is not piky fault either, and people should not put her down to. also, taya and her husband are older than her, i am not piky fan or taya fan either, but people do like everything is her fault. i think is the taya husband is the first start and one side is piky wrong to, but tanya is not that good to. she act like she is so weak and everything turn to blend like everything is piky fault and she lose her job and lost everything and even she hurts to, i know that three person on one relationship is all three would be hurt, so we can not blame it to only one person. so i feel sorry for pinky because she is mistake for date the wrong jerk hehe.

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