Chakrit still seeing Woonsen

Woonsen is the lucky young lady who has the heart of this handsome pra’ek. After announcing that they are an official couple, Chakrit Yamnam keeps bragging about Woonsen Virithipa‘s sweetness non-stop. Recently, after vacationing in America together, both were found walking hand-in-hand shopping and having dinner.

People closest to Chakrit say that Woonsen is the woman who has his heart, because Chakrit talks about her non-stop. They say that Chakrit praises her for being someone who understands him and isn’t fussy; that the more they are together, the more he’s happy.

Source: Daradaily

21 responses to “Chakrit still seeing Woonsen

  1. I honestly don’t find her pretty, but knowing Krit’s on and off relationships with his past flames, this relationship has a 80% chance of not lasting long.

  2. i find them really cute together. and chakrit seems to be really happy. happy for them 😀

  3. Every time I see a picture of her I just want to unclip that birds-nest hairdo, grab some scissors and chop away.

  4. I think they make a cute couple. I think Woonsen is ok. She looked nice in Prajun Lai Payak. I think they match. Hope their relationship will last long 🙂

  5. I honestly don’t see why people find Woonsen so hot??? I don’t see any charm in her & she likes to wear really short skirts/dresses all the time but Chakrit doesn’t like her to wear too short.I agree with ish re: the hair.Can she just change it!
    In my opinion,I think they shouldn’t over expose their relationship as they both have a history of short lasting relationships.I think they are going a little too fast as they even bought rings for each other when they were in the States but that’s just my opinion.I guess everyone handles relationships differently.They are in the honeymoon phase so “Love is in the air”. We’ll just have to wait and see how long they will last.I think Nut still has feelings for Woon deep down although he is seeing someone else.

  6. i skipped to read their news in someone’s site, at that time i didnt know about p’Chakrit..but i knew VJ i know both…and i’m curious..will the have an happy ending like in p’chakrit’s dramastory???LOL..goodluck then..btw how old Woonsen??i can’t find her profile at all..and is p’Krit a playboy?hehe..

  7. hey at least my krit is happy for the time being. although i would rather see him with Aump Patcharapa. I think they make a cute couple. 😀

  8. If he stop cooking, then we’ll talk! Or better yet, cancel his cooking show.

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