Annie and Film in the courts

The conflict between Film Rathapoom and Annie Brooks is not over yet! Even though the news between these two have died down, the court case is still on going because of the issue of testing DNA. There is news that Film went to test his DNA already and so has Annie. Both sides still ask to not speak about anything because the case is still on-going and they don’t want to say anything that will effect them in court.

Film says,

“Honestly, I think we will be appearing in court real soon. People should know what is what and I can’t talk about anything right now, because my case is still in the courts. Whatever I say can effect me in court. Right now, I say that the truth is the truth. Everyone is trying to walk down the right path. Time will test all things. We can’t hide from the truth. About the DNA testing, I don’t know much about that. I really can’t talk about it.”

Recently, it was reported in the news that on Saturday the 18th of  June, Film and his attorneys went to Ratchada Criminal Court for the case of defamation. For this case, Annie is claiming that Film is the father of her son Nong Teekayu, which is said to appear on the birth certificate. Film is being testified as the Plaintiff.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next!

Source: Daradaily

15 responses to “Annie and Film in the courts

  1. Hee..he…he…can’t wait for the result. This will finally be over! Unless, Film isn’t the daddy and Annie wants to get more attention from searching the real baby daddy.

  2. teekayu is so cute. why wouldn’t anybody wants to fess up that they are the baby’s daddy?

    • well, um..obviously film, joon, and the rest of the million potential daddies out there haha…

  3. win or lose annie is still a bitch for causing this whole mess, using her son for fame, and being an attention whore. like i said from the beginning this started, even if film was the dad, i still hate annie!

  4. its been like a year, amd its still going
    i thought the dna results have finalised, and film wasnt the dad.
    jeez, just take it to judge judy already.

  5. to i think film isnt the father…like i mean why didnt she let him do test result from the gecko…hello the bitch wants attention to be famous…think bout it thailand feels sorry for her that they giving her work now…and then beg for adoption so ppl feel sorry for her even more…the bitch is retarded…im not a big fan of film…but i feel bad for him that every just blaming him for the whore fault…she’s the one that sleeps with 4 diff men at the same time cant find who the real father is…then yet target for the most famous one in the industry…so she can get famous…her and her fake ass tear crying on camera talking bout i dont want ppl to feel sorry for me but then yet again telling the whole thailand and camera her story…dumb bitch…fake talk sorry i hate annie brook been watching her cry on television with her fake soft voice and tears faker…film must have proof and evidence thats why he still fighing and still stay strong

  6. film tried the best ka but, you know just money is not fill full her feeling ka I heard said he felt cofuse so I feel so strange to heare that ka -maybe some ——

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