Sitting Properly The New Trend?

Forget planking (which is so 2 weeks ago!) There is a new trend in town and this one is safe and effective that Dara’s have been doing it for so long, no one never took notice to it!

Images via Gossip Star

Join in the fun and upload your pictures on our Facebook of you sitting properly and spread this new trend around!

37 responses to “Sitting Properly The New Trend?

  1. i don’t know if i can do it as good as nadech. seriously ppl need to learn how to take a joke@@!

  2. Personally I think it’s stupid to make it a trend because this is ALREADY THAI TRADITION FROM ANCESTORS TILL NOW! Why is it even a trend and turning into a joke for?

    • This isn’t a joke nor is anyone taking it out into mockery. It’s just saying that planking is lame and stupid. Whereas this, you don’t have to hurt yourself or better yet die of idiocy. This is a way, a tradition, not only in Thailand, but those who are Buddhists of many culture or of any culture who has used this sitting stance to meditate.

      It’s just saying that this is a trend that most need to follow because you’re not hurting or killing yourself just for 1 picture, but you’re also doing it for fun (not mockery), and poise.

      I’m sorry if I made the article sound like it was a joke or of mockery. I’m just a new writer to DL and trying to make my articles sound good as my peers.

  3. It’s not a joke. It is something to be creative. I take silly and creative pictures all the time. It does bring good laughs and memories. It is not safe, just watch ppl will get crazy and start posing on unsafely area just like how planking got so crazy.

  4. Ok guys shouldn’t sit like that just makes them look gay lol it’s a gurls way of sittin proper n polite guys cris cross their legs lolol.

  5. I can see why Boy is sitting so properly, his jeans are too tight so he can’t cross his legs(I do that sometimes when I’m in my skinny jeans and have to sit on the floor. Nadech and the other guy look gay sitting like that. LOL

    If I sit properly and take a picture as a joke, how do I share/connect it with this blog? LOL

  6. its not a trend. its more like bringing back tradition because new generations now a days do not do this at all. even when theyre at the temple in front of monks.. talk abt being rude. so i love how theyre trying to bring it back. its not a trend. its a TRADITION!! And men and women look very nice and polite when they do this =)

    • It’s a trend when people are doing it just because others are doing it. It’s a trend when people do it for fun. It may be a tradition started by our ancestors but these people who are doing this just to take a picture of it and posting it are doing it cus they want to be trendy.

  7. okay??? sitting like this have been in our tradition for generation? why take notice now? when its use everyday. I understand that your a new writer however, can you clarify your point to what your trying to say?

  8. obviously sitting like that isn’t something new, but taking a picture of it and posting it on the net instead of doing the famous “planking” is the new trend

  9. I don’t see the point to write an article about it since it is our tradition to sit like this for centuries. My parent force us to sit like that since always lol.

  10. How the hell is it a new trend it’s been around for YEARS! I sit like that but I’d rather plank puaha! Planking is awesome!

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