Decoding The Words of Superstar, “Film Chuek Chuek”

Superstar and all around entertainer, “Film” Rattapoom is well known for his way with words that some may see it as a lie, but the superstar himself sees it as an everyday job in hopes that those who listen to what he has to say will believe him. Some are calling him the next Nathan Oman for his frequently overbearing lies.

On the popular webboard Sanook! a user goes on to decode the words of “Film” Rattapoom on what he says and what he actually means.

If Film says they used to know each other, but aren’t close. >> He actually means, “I’ve already had them no more than 3 times.”

If Film says, “We used to get to know each other, but saw that we were more suitable as a brother/sister relationship.” >> He actually  means, “I’ve had some fun and left” (Referring to “Yoomin” Tavikan).

If Film says, “They’re like an older sibling, an older sibling I used to respect.” >> He actually means, “We’ve slept in the same room together in Hong Kong and we both like to eat whole grains as well” (Referring to Sia Ood).

If Film says, “This person, I’ve never met.” >> He actually means, “I’ve might’ve asked for 200 baht from them and forgot to pay them back.”

If Film says, “I don’t like to swear.” >> He actually means, “I’m afraid lightning will strike for liking the same sex.”

If Film says, “I’m going across seas to learn English.” >> He actually means, “I’m going to go study English in jail in another country because I didn’t ask permission for filming live television.”

With Film’s lies being decoded, former fling, “Yoomin” Tavikan came out on ‘Bok 9 Lao 10′ drenched with tears and e-mail evidence that what Film told the press regarding her were all lies. That their relationship was more than what the superstar had mentioned.


*”Chuek chuek” means “Again and again”

video via rakdara

21 responses to “Decoding The Words of Superstar, “Film Chuek Chuek”

  1. I don’t like this Yoomin girl either. She even admitted it that when she was talking to Film she was also talking to Aof Chanapol. Both Film and her are male and female sluts.

  2. Ok, who cares? It’s not like everybody is perfect. Quit trying to put these celebrities on the spot. Obviously, we know no celebrity makes good role model anyways!

    • If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be on a blog about celebrities will you now? this is just pure entertainment. don’t take it too seriously. aren’t they in the entertainment business purely for our entertainment?

  3. Obviously asian entertainment can’t handle scandals. if this is hollywood, it probably won’t even make it to the news. This is such a small matter. It’s not like he got her pregnant too. He’s a player so let all of thailand know. End of story.

  4. okay so HER POINT IS??
    I dont get it ! why girls now and days would even come out in public when it will only make them look bad, that they lost their body to the guy

  5. Film is a chronic liar. So her point is that she’s trying to redeem her face. When the news broke out, she admitted to seeing Film. He on the other hand came out and denied everything saying that it was all in her head, that they hardly know each other or that he thought of her as an acquaintance or just a little sister. His fans started to bash her and laughed at her. Any girl with self respect would do what she does. Girls NOW AND DAYS should not let any guys walk all over them just because they are girls. If he was such a Mr. Goddess Gentleman then he could had just admit to seeing her and just say they are talking then leave it at that.

    I truly don’t know what the fuss is about Film or how his fans can blindly support him. He can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t act, and he’s not even that good looking.

  6. 1) Lol! That was funny

    2) This is why most female celebs will say something like “I’ll let him answer that” when they are asked by the media if they are seeing a certain guy.

  7. wow i feel sorry for her she got played, but i still think that everybody who messes with film are idiots lol

  8. Film, you are in deep mud. This is exactly what happen when you think that you can go around and do whatever you feel like doing.

  9. I really like this article it show people that film is ass
    “The next Nathan Oman” 55555
    And why are people calling him Superstar, he only got famous after the dna thing and cant be compared to p’Bird

  10. LOL…the decoding is funny.

    Film and most stars run around in circle when it comes to answering questions. I really can’t figure out for the life of me why they do that. Considering they are in the spot light and all anything they try to hide eventually will come out somehow.

    Film is not even cute. But to each his own, he must be doing something right to garnered so many fans.

  11. ive never watched any of film’s lakorns or movies, is he good at acting? coz i would assume chronic liars will be excellent at faking, therefore acting….

  12. FILM IS BAD. HE’S A PLAYER. TALKIN ABOUT HE IS A GENTLEMEN. PSH!!!! It’s always the guy that said there a gentlemen that they ARE NOT!

  13. this cereb are suck. they are so old and they know what they do, but when they did something wrong than they turn to make all kind of excuse. so childish, i think they supposed to make good role model for the community , when they act on the lakorn they are so good and perfect everything, but in real life they are turn to opposite side, i wondering what kind of thai people views then.

  14. Whatever about the girl but whoever decoded what Film usually says, one word, STUPID. Its not even funny rather STUPID.

  15. Film is a serial liar. He lied about knowing Sia Oud when he used Sia Oud’s money for plastic surgery, for buying a car, etc. He’s a real hardup slut, for sleeping with both men and women, and then pretending to be a gentleman and lying about not knowing them. In Japanese, there’s a word for this… saitei..

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