Noon launched New Business ‘The Peace’ Condominium

Despite being married into one of the richest families in Thailand, actress “Noon” Warranuch Bhirompakdee still insisted on using her own savings to start a business of her own.

The actress’s first Real Estate project – “The Peace” Condominium in Laad Prao launched yesterday and was registered at 20 million baht.

Noon revealed, she has waited for this moment for over 3 years

“Today I am very excited. I waited 3 years for this, last night I couldn’t even sleep, Todd asked me if I slept at all last night. I didn’t sleep till 2.30am and I woke up at 5am. I’m happy because today is my day, usually I go to congratulate friends on their business but now this time I’m attending the launch of my own business. I’m so happy about today”

“The reason why I chose to invest in condominium is because of my personal interest. I’ve started buying condos and letting it out to people for some time. The money that I used to invest in this business, part of it came from my savings. I believe I had enough money to invest into something different and I chose condominiums because I personally like them”

“My business is called ‘Twelve Estate’, it is registered at 20 million baht and the value of the whole project is 116 million baht. The profit is expected to be 10%. So far we have sold 20% of the complex. In this business, my sister and I did all of the decision making. We went shopping for the furniture at Home Pro events because sometimes looking at it in catalogues doesn’t really give us a full understanding of the product, we have to go see it for ourselves. Sometimes we even bought stuff to try and use at home to see how it feels”

“The reason why I chose ‘Laad Prao’ is because it is an area that I’m familiar with. My condo is in the same vicinity. I feel this location is in the heart of the city and transportation is very convenient”

“As for the risks involved in business, I believe there is a risk in everything. It’s all a matter of how we manage those risks and minimise them as much as possible. I have a team of advisors, I’m not working alone. I’m well prepared for this and I’m ready for whatever outcome. Right now I’m also looking at phase 2 of the business, I’m gathering more information but I don’t know where I plan to launch the next location. I’m looking at Bua Tong and Rayong”

Recent news revealed you went to see a medical expert to try and become pregnant by next year

“I haven’t been to the doctors to seek help on getting pregnant. Right now I’ve only just completed 4 episodes of my new lakorn ‘Sen Tai Salai Sode’ so I haven’t been to the doctors yet. If you ask if I plan to get pregnant, yes I am. Todd hasn’t been to the doctors either, we are waiting for me to finish this lakorn first. I don’t know if I will disappear from the industry after this lakorn, I’ll have to wait for when I do have the baby and see what happens”

“As for the news that I will be leaving the industry, no I am not leaving. The entertainment industry is my main career. I have been in the industry for 15 years now and this industry has given me, fame and money. The money that I used to start my own business today came from the savings of my income in the industry”

“Personally I do know that one day newcomers will replace me and I will be less important in the future. I understand that aspect and I’m prepared for the reality that one day in the future I will not get to be ‘Nang Aek’. Honestly, I have thought about that for a very long time. I have seen it happened to older generations and I’m well aware that I cannot be Nang Aek forever”

Source via Manager

22 responses to “Noon launched New Business ‘The Peace’ Condominium

  1. Thats good for her, at least she’s making her own money, see she didnt married todd because of money- todd look ok, one of the cutest hiso

  2. Wow! I’m really impress with Noon ideas regarding starting her own business. Although Noon is new in the business realm but yet she is going big with it. I’m really admire Noon not just that she is very pretty but she has a brain of her own. I mean she can think, definitely Noon have a complete package of her look pretty and smart. This is what I call a real woman.

          • You guys who don’t know must be new with her. Go back and watch her when she first entered the business. Everyone in Thailand knows she got herself fixed whether it be her nose, chin and eyes to make it a little wider.

      • Okay, so what? she’s still pretty bet she’s ten times prettier than you still. and compared to other daras like aum she has gotten her nose done & maybe a bit more but she’s still gorgeous. i admire noon too like debbie. at least she has talent aside from her looks. love her acting. you just a hater wpblogger

        • You don’t even know how I look and who’s the hater and childish one now? Your comment is the most childish thing on here yet and did I say I hate her? No I didn’t so get your facts straight!

  3. Well, I think that what she’s doing is good, especially for herself. She worked hard in saving those money from the lakorns and finally, she can use it to her heart’s content. I wish her good success in her business and a happy marriage life.. ^^

  4. What?! She had plastic surgery?? I never knew this and can’t tell at all… So what did she have done??

  5. I’ve always liked her…lakorn characters and real-life person. She seems to be girl next door nice type. Her words are wise and I like what she said about not being a n’ek forever. Wish her luck.

  6. Noon is very wise with decision makings. At least she’s prepared for the future, a husband and many children! I am proud of her. I wish her the best! I know she will be successful because she’s an achiever!

  7. she looks kinda old now, i don’t know how longer she can still be NangEk, but i like her acting.

  8. most celebs are palstic nowadys. what’s wrong to have a plastic surgery as long as you have the money and guts to do so. Good luck to Noon.

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