Kwan Aussamanee got dumped according to Nathalie!

Nathalie Davis exposed to reporters that famous actress ‘Kwan Aussamanee’ has been dumped by boyfriend Officer Beam because he could no longer put up with her attitude.

A while ago Nathalie found herself caught in a feud with Kwan, after dialing Officer Beam’s cell phone to ask a question about horse riding but instead got a mouthful from Officer Beam’s girlfriend Kwan!

Yesterday, Nathalie revealed Officer Beam has called her to apologize and confessed that he has broken up with the famous actress.

Kwan says she doesn’t want to talk about you anymore

“Really…I don’t really want to talk about her. I feel nothing. I know what the truth is and if you ask if I could still work with her I can, I have nothing to be afraid of because I’m speaking the truth”

Has Beam said anything to you?

“He called to apologize. I told him I didn’t care, I know how she is and it seems like he couldn’t handle her attitude either. Kwan is not only like that to me but she does it to every girl in his life. He told me that he broke up with her that night. I don’ know what happened. He is very serious with life. Personally I think he is an okay person, a gentleman”

Beam talked to you about this?

“We talked about it for a long time”

So Kwan must’ve being very rude to you

“Kwan never called me. What happened was I was with my boyfriend and I called P’Beam but Kwan picked up the phone. I never said she called me and harassed me. Kwan was right when she said she has never called me”

What did she say when she talked to you

“I asked to speak to P’Beam and she said he’s not available and that he’s with her. But I didn’t talk to her. The next day, P’Beam called to apologize and I didn’t really want anything. I just wanted to ask a question, I didn’t want to steal anything from her so no need to be scared”

Source via Rakdara


30 responses to “Kwan Aussamanee got dumped according to Nathalie!

  1. This is so childish, and is none of Nathalie business what happened between Kwan and her boyfriend, whether they are together or no longer together. Is not her place nor it was her problem so, why did Nathalie has to open her big mouth and tell the reporter about it? And she still talking about the same old news, lolz she (Nathalie) needs to do something with her life to stay in the news instead of riding on Kwan’s fame and her boyfriend problem.
    Get a life Nathalie, don’t be a famewhore by using someone else fames!

  2. Both kwan and nathalie is a B**** so basically That beam dude break up with kwan to be with nathalie

    • I was think of that too. He need fame. He got fame. Now he after Natalie. He is riding one horse to another. In my case. It more of him being a male(whore) . First Pancake, Kwan and now Natalie. Kwan don’t need this dude. He is just an officer.

  3. I want to hear this from Beam lol if he denies Nathalie statement to be true, then Kwan will be a laughing stock. And if he denies, then Nathalie is up for some serious sh*t.

  4. Nathalie need to get her story straight. When first rumor came out she say she did receive a phone call from Kwan and now she say Kwan never call her WTF. Nathalie need to grow her self. Cuz Kwan never attack her on twitter. Nathalie went on her twitter attack Kwan.

  5. I can understand why Nathalie came out to talk again because Kwan bashed her in the other news so pretty much both of them need to STFU and grow up.

  6. kwan may be a bitch sometimes but i still like to watch her lol natalie looks better in that pic than real life, but agree, both of them needs to stop fighting for that ugly guy!

  7. hahaha this is like mean girls… let’s see who’ll come out as the queen bee!

    both of them are so pathetic! fighting over a guy… losers!! grow up and act your age!

  8. Nathalie had no right to announce to the public about Kwan’s personal life. It isn’t her job to say that. She just needs to keep her mouth shut. Now, she just seems like the only way she could gain fame is through Kwan. Gosh. Hopefully things will pass and something like this doesn’t blow up into a big scandalous fight.

  9. I really like Kwan as an actress but she has to improve as a person because each time there is news about her it is always about her bad personality. I don’t want to judge her and don’t even have the right to do it because I don’t knwo her but if she is young and if she want to continue in her carrer she has to be a person that people can love.

  10. Not trying to be mean or anything but just a general question… Why is Natalie even still in Thailand? She’s half… Why doesn’t she go back to her fathers country… Does she work here? =S generally want to know bcos I know nothing about her

    • Hmm……I’ll ignore your first half.

      I want to say that she was born in Thailand, but I can’t confirm but she’s been working in Thailand since she was a child, starting up as an actress in MVs and moving up to Singer then to Actress.

  11. natili is a childish. Why would she need to bother kwan and her boyfriend. everybody curious about their relationship, if he is busy i would say that he is busy so . what is wrong if he busy and would he you would say. natli is F . B for real. what is wrong if she say told her that he still busy , if natili say that is rule than she even ruler because she been bother kwan and her boyfriend and she open he big mouth to talk about kwan that is childish and no wonder not quify to be na’ek to the lakorn. not even she ugly but she has a bitter heart like she been act to lakorn…

  12. She forgot her own lies. I know Kwan is not the greatest person out there but on this issue i say Natalie started it.

  13. Never like Kwan, but I do like a few songs from Natalie and Jackzy. But that beside the point. Always a negative news about Kwan attitude. Kwan really need to level down on her behavior. She’s young and I doubt that this kind of new really help her career. She was popular before she got into argument with both Poo the senior and junior, Bee, Ploy, Pinky, etc..etc..etc…and very time it’s always about her attitude. Before she was the “daughter” of channel 7, now she doesn’t really have that much lakorn. She herself should know why. Every time she always say it someone else fault, not her, or fake an illness so she doesn’t have to answer the question. Come on, grown up girl.

    • How could a person fake an illness? Kwan does have lakorns. She just had 2 lakorns finished air. 2 more still filming .if she really likes what the news said why she still have work and lakorns. Bee, the old Poo and Poo both acting suck. And Bee went downgrade from n’eak to support cast

      • Girlfriend you just don’t know how dirty the entertainment world is. It is simple to fake an illness.

        • Of course i know how dirty entertainment world is. Cuz I just came back from Thailand few weeks ago.

  14. i think i’m with kwan with this…my reasons are :
    1. nathalie’s previous n this statements clach
    2. who give nathalie the right to announce others’ privacy…
    3. i think if kwan n beam going to make up after that night, i thing by reading this, kwan will probably explode…

    and i believe kwan will come out with a statement, very soon

  15. Even if they are not together anymore, why is this info coming out of Natalie’s mouth?? She just wants attention. I’m not defending Kwan but I just feel that Natalie has no right to announce their breakup or who dumped who. It’s none of her business. If she really was just a “friend” she should know her place and keep her trap shut.

    Btw; how come Natalie looks decent in photoshoots but she doesn’t look like that in reality? And her weight is always fluctuating.

    • i agree, she’s stupid if she said she don’t care then why is she telling the new or the reporter all over again.

  16. I don’t like that nathalie girl! I don’t see why she needs to air out Kwans business to the public if she isn’t involved. I think she just wants publicity.

  17. Honestly, both need to grow up. Since this is the matter of relationship between Kwan and the guy, they should speak out but not Natalie. I cannot account out how many colleagues Kwan has problems with. Never like her, she is really a drama queen.

  18. this girl really needs to shut up and stop butting in peoples business. & she keeps on lying about everything, she did say Kwan phoned her, and now shes saying she called and Kwan picked up.
    Lies, what a nang ta ley !!

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