Opening Up A New List of Potential Fathers For Annie’s Son, Teekayu

Being one of the hottest topic talked about in Thailand and abroad on the quest to search for who is the father of Annie Brooke 1 year old son, “Nong Teekayu” has many wonder when the DNA results will come out and who is the actual father of the baby?

The latest seems like this epic topic is almost coming to an end and there doesn’t need to be a scapegoat to interfere with this case. After entertainer, “Film” Rattapoom headed into the Ratchada courtroom to sue actress, Annie Brooke for defamation for accusing him of fathering her 1 year old son, Nong Teekayu through national television. In which Film admits that he did have sexual encounters with Annie to a total number of 3 times, but both had used protection and a natural method of contraception (Film’s little army never entered Annie’s body.//Rewording it nicely.) Which the court has set a date to listen to Film’s case and by the 12th of July they will make a decision to go on with the case or not.

The latest rumor to spread around is that the results of the DNA had been verified and Nong Teekayu isn’t Film’s child! Being that Film’s blood group is A while Annie’s is B, but Teekayu’s blood type is O. It’s very rare that a parent being from an A group and a parent being from a B group to have a child in the O group.

Not only that, but there is a list of potential father for Annie’s son or those who were involved with Annie during the time Teekayu was conceived. There are 2 so far within that time frame. One who had left the entertainment industry and moved away to The States and the other man is an assistant director of lakorns–for all of this to come out sure, the only way is to a DNA result!

Source via Gossip Star!

46 responses to “Opening Up A New List of Potential Fathers For Annie’s Son, Teekayu

  1. Haha this is just so messy lol n ew lol. Not tryna be mean but dam watta slut to have that many guy to be the father. Go to the USA Maury will give u a free DNA test lolololol. Glad to hear film ain’t the farher.

  2. Poor baby, he will live with this for quite sometime. He is just baby and he already has a history where its being publicizing to the public and especially about his mother being the person she is.

  3. Well actually..I have type O blood & my parents have A & B blood. It’s not that rare, but one of them have to have a non-dominant O. Anyways..even though they “naturally stopped it” Isn’t there a pre(ya’ know) that can still make you pregnant..there still might be a chance it’s film.

    At least for now the baby doesn’t understand anything, but Annie better get the frickin DNA test soon she has like a little less than a year..not even. I think the baby looks a lot like her now!

  4. I really feel bad for the baby. No one is stepping up to claim he’s the father. Imagine when the baby grows up and learns of this, how will he feel?

  5. feel so bad for the baby, the mother is so freakin retarded, and about film see how everyone use to assume sh*t and blame everything on him, like the f**k how would you know, the only way is dna, and i’ve figured along time ago that hes not the baby father cause that b**ch would of done dna along time ago,she didnt wanna do it cause shes not sure, of course she’s been having sex with many guys.

  6. I doubt it’s Film’s baby…but hey, if this kid is put up for adoption (just saying), I’d take him. He’s soo darn charming!!!

  7. The nature of genes. Blood in the various (The genes that determine the body Antigen is on the surface of red blood cells.)
    Group A = with jeans AO or AA.
    Group B = A Jeans BO or BB.
    Group AB = A Jeans AB.
    Group O = with jeans. OO.

    (The film Annie Teka He is Case 5).

    The first two Group A as well as below.
    if the parents are AA + AA ball to AA hundred percent (Group A all).
    If a parent is A0 + AA ball to the AO and AA each half (it. The Group A all).
    If a parent is A0 + AO son is AO 50% with AA and OO least 25% (in Group A 75% with group O 25%).
    In practice, the Group A, we do not know it. AA or AO, but it is evident that Whether it is one. I will have the opportunity to become a Group A or Group O only.

    Case 2, two Group B same
    , it is the same as above, but a case of A from A to B only
    – This is the only Group B and O only.

    Case 3, both the AB is as follows.
    AB + AB is the AB 50% with AA and BB least 25%.
    – This is a group AB 50%, and Group A and B each, 25% no. Group O at all.

    Case 4, both sides have the same O group.
    OO + OO OO will become the 100th%.
    – This is the group O, but only against other groups.

    The fifth one other Group A Group B are as follows. (from the film Annie Teka Europe).

    AA + BB = ball AB hundred percent (Gr AB total).
    AO + BB = ball AB half of the BO half (Group AB and Group B each half).
    AA + BO = ball AB with AO and a half (. Group AB and Group A and half).
    AO + BO = son AB, AO, BO, OO each, 25% (with each group for each 25%). – This can be seen that if the parents of Group A. Another Group B Group I will have children at all.

    The sixth one Group A and the Shaw Group AB is as follows.
    AA + AB is the AA and AB in half (to the Group A and Group AB for each half).
    AO + AB is the AA, AO, AB,. BO least 25% (for the Group A 50% Group B and Group AB, with each 25%).
    – This is it. If one party is a Group A Group AB is a Group A, AB, B, but there is a group O.

    Case 7 One Group AB said Group B are as follows.
    AB + BB to the BB and AB in half (to the Group A and Group AB for each half).
    AB + BO is a BB, BO, AB. , AO least 25% (for the Group B 50% and group AB and group A is now 25%.)
    – this case is that if one party is an AB the other as B is a Group A, AB, B, however. Group O is not the same as Case 4.

    One of the eight other Group AB Group O is as follows.
    AB + OO to AO and BO.
    – This is a Group A and Group B is AB, and O.

    The 9th Division One Group A party group O is as follows.
    AA + OO and AO all (Group A all).
    AO + OO to AO and OO to 50%.
    This is not a Group A and Group O is one half. No Group B and Group AB.

    The 10 Division One Group B said Group O is as follows.
    BB + OO and BO all (Group B people).
    BO + OO and BO and OO to 50%.
    – This is a Group B and Group O each. No Group A and Group-half AB.

    Summary of the top ten to see it. Is.
    The blood group A + A = I have my own blood, A, O.
    The blood group B + B = I have my own blood, B, O.
    The blood group AB + AB = I have my own blood, A. , AB, B (all groups except O).
    The blood group O + O = O blood have a child is only one blood group A + B = I have my own blood for all groups. (From the film Annie Teka Europe). The blood group A + AB = I have my own blood, A, AB, B (all groups except O). The blood group B + AB = I have my own. Blood type A, AB, B (all groups except O). The blood group AB + O = I have my own blood, A or B. The blood group A + O = I have my own blood, A or O. the blood. B + O = I have a blood group B or O.

    • sorry there, but genetics isn’t as clean cut as your case scenarios puts it. it’s not just the A, B, and O genes that determines one’s blood type. There’s the Rh factor and other things that contribute the the outcome of one’s blood type. For example the Bombay phenotype caused by epistasis interactions.

      • I didn’t come up with that decision or better yet it’s not my thesis, I took it from Sanook in which they came up with various factors of the geno blood thesis.

    • Agree with you. I’m glad that Janie she’s not dating with him and they are only good friends. Maybe Janie she know what kind of guy Film is.

  8. Film is still a asshole even if he isnt the father its not like he didnt slept with her and those gay people who are helping him anyway fell bad for teekayu-so cute

    • I’m sure your favorite star is an asshole too because most likely 98% of celebs sleep around anyways.

  9. Oh geez! They need to drop this sh*t already. Seems like Annie is doing fine without a guy to claim Nong Teekayu. And Film, something always seems off with him.

  10. it’s not impossible for an A and B parent to have an O child. If one of the parent was AB, then it would be impossible. basic genetics.

    do they not teach sex ed in thailand? withdrawal is a lousy form of contraception. remember people, no glove, no love.

  11. The natural contraconception method huh? Yeah well, my friend used that method and her baby is now 1 yr old! Not even condoms are 100% if they break. The baby is just a cutie.

  12. Aw…that baby is freaking adorable!

    Still no DNA test huh? I still doubt the baby is Film’s. Again, any woman in their right mind, who announces to the world that a superstar fathered her child would want to prove it.

  13. I guess the reporters don’t know about genetics. If the parents are heterozygous (AO and BO) then it is POSSIBLE for the kid to have O type blood. Now if the parents are homozygous (AA and BB), then yes that is IMPOSSIBLE. So to know, we need to know if Annie and Film have heterozygous or homozygous genotypes.

  14. well you don’t have to have a biology background and if you guys weren’t so lazy maybe you will know that a combination of Type A and Type B parents can have a child with Type O blood. there’s so many factors that go into what blood type the child is. there’s the O, A, B, and AB, but that doesn’t end there. There’s the Rh factor that also determines the blood type. there are many things that get accounted for the outcome of one’s blood type. wow!! what a scandalous outcome! (sarcasm there)

  15. ok. I never liked Film, but glad that he’s is not the father or hopefully he is not, only because I dislike Annie Brook more. Her action was nothing to be proud of. She is getting sue by Films’ people. Well, she should expect this and of course the court is gonna order DNA test. She better be 100% sure that he is the father. But I hate the fact that she refuse the DNA test in order to make her story more interest and in return she made money by appearing to show. If the test show that Film is not the father. If I were her would move out of the country or like they say, put a bucklet over my head from the humiliation.

  16. There is a 25% chance that the baby is Film’s. This is just a rumor people! There are no conclusive evidence if the results are true or not!

    Some of you day Annie is fine raising her child alone? HA! Don’t make me laugh! She’s fine exploiting her son to the mass media and public! It’s more like people are hiring her only because of her son. Do you think anyone would hire her if she didn’t say she got knocked up by Film?! No they wouldn’t! Who the hell was Annie Brook? A no name hoe who slept around.

    Before she goes accusing men of being her potential baby daddy she needs to get a DNA test to prove it!

    It’s a shame she has to make money by exploiting her son and his future. If she was a good mother she needs to put him off the spotlight.

    • Jina, Annie declined a DNA test is wrong, but I diagree with you on her right to make money to support her child & herslf. She should advance all opportunities that is opening to her, instead of being a proud idiot with starving children like Octomom.

      I think she is also prettier than some of Thai Actress, such as Aum P. that thai people go nut over her…

      • agree, she is so pretty but she doesn’t have the right person to claim the ladder or be place in a n’ek role n better actress than pancake too

    • Agree wit that idea. Annie is exploiting son for her purpose of making herself more famous. I really wonder if ” this son” really hers….

  17. this news left me laughing. lol. i mean, good for film! but bad for annie. the never ending drama of life.
    moral of the story; dont hook up with too many guys and lost track of who the hell they are. -.-”
    that is one heck of a cute baby boy though! i want to pinch his cheek.

  18. Film open a can of worms to skill himself when Modam (the radio host announced on radio talk show revealed A star with name of “f” made A star name with A pregnant” if u guys have watched the gossip or news, it’s Film who’s the 1 taking Annie to court for deframation or naming him as the father so the court of thailand has gone dicking out informations from the hospital of where nong tekayu was from born; before going ahead with the DNA test, actually it turn out that; if each parents have euther a A or B group they produced O group baby that’s the court are going ahead with the DNA test to make Film might be a father suspect;;

    Film: A group blood
    Annie: B group blood
    Nong tekayu: O group blood

    It’s seems those of u who r insulting Annie about her parenting skills, just look at tekayu he seems healthy n well look after, as for woman having having a child out of wedlock it could happen to anyone so it’s the ways u approach handle the situation by looking after or raising to be a good, healthy kid in this society that’s all that matter,,,I applause Annie doing that well without from the help male side of party,,,if i am Nong tekayu i shouldn’t be caring if who my father is if he’s doesn’t wanna claim me because he gots a wonderful mother who is looking after him well n perfectly,,
    if i am not wrong he is Film child, just look @ those eyes,,,

    • Not saying Annie is a BAD mother but, we can’t just look at appearance to determine someone is a good or bad mother. (she can be an awesome mother, i dunno her personally so) She take care of the child well as what we can see appearance wise. Also she in the Public eye, she not going to have the Child looking bad, it will be bad publicity for her. What she need to do is take a DNA test, Proof, done over with. All these name calling of her is from her own doing, she is sleeping with many guess and has a child out of wedlock. I don’t pity her, she an adult who made her own choices. I don’t pity Film either, again, he also an adult. DNA NEEDS to be done, It is either he is or isnt. If he isn’t she need to move on and be done with it and if he is, then her asking for responsibility is within the right for the CHILD, for the CHILD NOT ANNIE..

  19. It’s pretty sad that there are all these “potential dads” for Nong Teekayu. Does Annie have no shame at all? I just feel sorry for Nong Teekayu, imagine him reading all these articles when he grows up.

  20. man! this baby is to cute, i too, feel sorry for him =( he has to go through so much trouble already

  21. there’s this one girl who likes to say annie is a good mother because she carried her son for 9 months, etc.. lmfao haha wonder where she is now crazy girl

  22. LOL this is just embarrassing. That baby is so cute, he deserves to be with his real father. Good job Annie, good job. 55555

  23. When will all this story end ? If Annie takes this stupid DNA test so everything will be solved and the baby preserved…it is like she wants to maintain the scandal because it is the only way for her to be in the spotlight. And to be honest I think she must feek ashame for having so many potential fathers for her son.

  24. I knew it if she was accusing that Film is Nong Tekayu’s father she wouldn’t have any problem proving everyone that he is the father of the baby!!!

    Maury : In the case of nong Tekayu , Film your are not the father!!! LOL

    I just feel so bad for the baby being exploited in such a dumb cause!!
    if there should be any on at fault it should be the both of them for not using a condom and for not being responsible!!

  25. Awwwww the baby is too cute! He looks just like his mom as he gets older.
    Annie should take the DNA test and get this scandalous story over with. it’s best for the child as well, maybe if the real father knows he may want to be involved with child. Annie shouldn’t be so selfish.Once the potential father has been revealed then ask the baby’s father if he is going to take full responsibility, or not. By not giving the baby’s father an option is definitely not fair to her child.

    She shouldn’t be playing the guessing games “whose the daddy’s.”
    Like someone says go on Maury show and he will definitely pay for the DNA test 🙂

    Taking care of a child doesn’t mean she is a good parent, being a responsible unselfish mother is a good parent, right now in my opinion Annie is being unreasonable.

    the child has every right to know who is his father and too keep it from him, is really shady, Annie shame on you!
    There has to be more to this story, why she is not revealing the true identity of her child’s father, maybe she was pregnant by a married man or she definitely don’t know the daddy or ……..

  26. She really did sleep with a bunch of people in the entertainment industry. I just feel sorry that her son has a mother like her.

  27. crazy people ..
    why u guys say that to Annie..
    Do u guys see she sleep around with other people.. ha stupid people..
    i feel sorry for Annie..
    i know Annie poor but Film rich… u guys don’t have to think if poor people need money they don’t need to get money to rich people…
    Annie love Film that why she sex with Film… no one can control sex u know..
    she very good mother for her little son.. i really sure..
    Why Annie don’t want people know her son DNA cause she don’t want to see film have nothing if the kid is film son.. she protect Film that why she love Film…
    Thai people chose people who rich and poor..
    i want u guys to know how mum feel for kids.. if u guys have heart u guys will see..
    i know u guys love Film and crazy of film cause u are film fan club..
    i not anyone fan club but i want u guys to know how the girlz feel…
    if u girlz u will know.. if u not u don’t know what the people call L…O….V….E is.

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