Pinky takes blood and urine tests to prove that she is not pregnant – Results!

Here we go again, again, and again…

Even though the love triangle drama between Pinky Savika, Tanya Tanyares, and  Peck Sanchai should have died down by now, a new event emerged. This time, many have speculated that actress Pinky Savika is pregnant. The mistress and 3rd wheel, who ruined the marriage of senior actress Tanya Tanyares and (ex) husband Peck Sanchai, finally took blood and urine tests to prove her innocence that she is not pregnant.

Recently, Pinky’s mom came out to speak of the current status of her daughter’s health,

“Pinky’s physical and mental health will probably have to be strong na kaa. Her life has to move forward and not think about anything else. She just has to think about her own problems and what she will do from now on. Right now, Pinky is not happy kaa. She needs time to heal. After this problem is done, there will be other problems that will emerge. We don’t know what kinds of problems we will face in the future.

That is why I would like to ask everyone to let us continue in our path. We want all the rumors to stop. If more rumors occur, I won’t answer to them anymore. If I have to answer to rumors for a year, the problem won’t end. Pinky has been stressed the whole time, especially with the recent problem. It’s huge. Our lives don’t end next year, we have many years to come. Because of that, all of these problems need to be cleared and stopped.

Right now, Pinky is 25 years old [Thai people believe that the 25th year is bad and filled with misfortune and bad luck] and has reached the 25th year mark. Her bad luck and misfortune will end on the 19th of June na kaa. After the 19th, I think everything should be better. I am a Muslim, therefore, I will be following our traditions. There’s no ceremony. We just have the elders give blessings na kaa. That’s how our religion is.

We might also give good merits with the elders as well, but we are still thinking about what we are going to do. We haven’t thought about inviting the fanclub or anyone else yet because Pinky and I are going to India on the 12th. We might do it quietly when we come back. We don’t want to do anything too boisterously. We just want to do it as a family na kaa.”

Coming back to work like normal…

“I am working with p’Yu (Yuwadee Bunkrong) on Brite Up and No L. Business is good and it’s enough for us to live. As for the other job in India, we have to attend an opening event on the 15th. Right now, we are just helping p’Yu. If they want us to go promote, we will promote. Lets just say that we are accepting work like normal now. We are ready because we feel better. We just do what we want to do.

We even do events na. If people pay us to take pictures or model, we will take it. People even propose lakorns. There is nothing that we won’t do. Before this, we were stressed and didn’t want to do anything. Right now, we have many events that have contacted us as well as lakorns, but we haven’t accepted them yet kaa. We want to go to India first. We’ll wait a little bit on the other things because many people contacted about lakorns.”

Source: Daradaily

101 responses to “Pinky takes blood and urine tests to prove that she is not pregnant – Results!

  1. Are you kidding me? Pinky brought this on herself and breaking up a marriage is unforgivable but it is NOBODY’s business if she is pregnant or not and she does not need to prove anything to anyone.

    • Also agree but it takes two to have a relationship. pinky has to take responsibility for her involvement but we cannot forget that peck also chose to get involved with her. He CHOSE to give up his family in order to have that affair. so not only does pinky have to be held responsible but also peck.

  2. just because she isn’t pregnant doesn’t prove that she didn’t sleep with other people’s husband. it wont stop people from thinking that she’s a home wrecker. how would people know if she didn’t get an abortion because she left abroad for awhile. not that i’m thinking negative about her, but taking the test will only make people more curious and gives the reporter a reason to write more about her

  3. is she muslim like her mom ???? she has the bad luck at her 25th not becuz she’s 25 y.o but becuz she got what she did… life is fair enough… *sigh*

      • i can’t believe it either..thanks na kaa..
        i hope she can learn something from this case…whatsoever her religion is. .God won’t leave her…amen…

  4. Everyone makes mistakes in life, and not everyone’s choices are the best. We are all human. The only way to better yourself is to learn from those mistakes. Pinky unfortunately made a wrong choice and she’s paying for her mistake now. Leave it to karma people. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    • I agree that everyone deserves a second chance but ONLY if they owned up to the mistake, say sorry to the people involve, not just her fake family, then redeem herself by stop doing what she did. Has she done that? No. She is still very much involve with the f*er. You know I find it so hilarious that there are rumors that she was going to get pull from being the presenter of the product when she is co-owner. They created rumors to pr their own products, that’s really pathetic.

  5. Its my 1st time posting in dirtii laundry (but I am reading it for more than half a year now). Why everyone seems to blame her for the marriage and not the guy? It takes 2 hands to clap.

  6. I am also a guy and guy could be an arse sometimes as they have 2 heads, big head and small head. Sometimes, they listen to the small head too much.

    The guy is married. He should know the condition well enough and not give in to the temptation (considering pinky is the one seducing her).

    Else, what if the scenario is that the guy is the one who started all those and sweet talk the girl into being 3rd party?

    Pinky is only 25 yrs old this yr and looking good. I don’t see the need of her snatching other people’s husband except she, being a girl and got carried away with the then emotion. People would do anything once they are blinded with love.

  7. she should have proved she did not have an affair with tanya’s husband not if she is pregnant or not but we all know she wouldn’t be able to prove that because she’s a home wrecker….

  8. She’s proving she isn’t preggo becus that’s the talk of town now clearing that news rumor. I just hope she finally just rest. Forgive n forget. Haters gnna hate. Mistakes are mistakes. U live u learn u move on. Life doesn’t stop for anyone or anything.

  9. But no matter what news she’s trying to clear or prove wrong. Ppl will always n only see n hear n belive wat they knew first that she ruined a marriaged so no matter what it’ll be stuck with her. Ppls goin to hate her. It sucks but that’s life. But shell always be my nek cuz that’s how I see herbprofessionaly.

    • But her doing this also proves that she really SLEPT with him. EWW..OMG!

      If she would’ve kept quiet and not do any of this “proving herself” then it will remain a rumor and will die down…eventually…because people will not see a baby floating around. Proving everyone wrong about the rumors is digging a deeper hole for her own good. She should just be quiet and move on no matter what people may say. That’s her personal life so no one need to know about it.

  10. She’s human after all, and human do make mistakes… What’s with the HATE that everyine is givin’ her? Whatever, i still think that Peck is the one to blame, not her… Haters are gonna hate, that’s their job LOL

    • lol that’s being a hypocrite. both peck and pinky are to blame. can hate on both and can hate on either.

  11. LOL i cant stop laughing at the last photo, looks like shes advertising a pregnancy test, such an inappropriate pose for the context. I cant take this seriously, shouldnt have spreaded her legs for him in the 1st place.

  12. ça me soule toute ces histoires, laiisez pinky tranquille, elle a fait une erreur et puis? faut laissez passer, putain!!!!!! imaginez vous que vous faites les même erreurs que pinky et qu’on vous le rabache a chaque fois, vous vous sentirez comment HEIN!!!!!!!!Vous n’êtes que des crevards tous autant que vous etes vous jugez les gens sans les connaitres vraiment! vous voyez un article passer et puis hop vous croyez tous qu’ils disent, vous etes stupides, stupid!!!!!!!! et Tanya vous croyez vraiment qu’elle est bien cette vielle, cette grosse vieille si elle était si bien que çà, elle aurait tout arrêter depuis le début, c’est elle qui l’a ramène à chaque fois, elle veut tout simplement gagner la sympathie des autres pour qu’elle soit beaucoup plus célèbre!
    Moi je dis si vous n’arrêtez pas maintenant, à toujours critiquer les autres comme çà, vous ne méritiez pas mieux qu’elle

  13. I dnt think pinky has had much choice with what she should and shoulnt day or do. Either way anything she will do is gna stir up a fury with the media.
    Even if she didn’t take the test, the media would still make something up. I mean afterall that’s what they do for a living!. I do feel sorry for her. She is still young and has a future ahead of her. But then again, she is wrong for stealing someone’s husband. All in all, there will always be two sides to a story. I dnt know whether to hate on her or support her lol. But the last picture is quite funny tho.

  14. I am forgiving, only when they have admitted their guilt and sincerely apologize. But guess what people, she has done none of the above. Yes it takes two to tango, but honestly Pinky knew very damn well that the guy flirting with her is a married man. If she was a good person, she could have avoided all this regardless of how much he was sweet talking to her. I do pity her that she has to go through all this crap but she really did bring it upon herself. Why is she still making all these appearances when her mother say she will no longer answer questions regarding this issue yet they still yapping away. Just ignore like you said you will in the past interview. I don’t know how many times the mother and daughter say they will ignore every questions regarding the scandal already. It’s irritating.

  15. oh everyone needs to just pipe down ahhaha its easy to judge those who made mistakes cuz all we see is the ‘wrong’ they did oh wells & ive believed pinky has said sorry and that she wanted it all to end and that was as sincere as it ccould be but if one keep havin to say ut & repeat it then OF COURE the word would loose its meaning… oy! anywhooo its right whatever she do or dont do dont matter they’ll view it neg one way or another…

  16. it disgust me on how fans are still defending this girl. for christ’s sake, when did she ever admit her wrongdoing? she asks people to stop talking about her situation cuz it’s ruining her family and such but didn’t she do the same? she didn’t care about little leah how she would grow up without a dad really. yeah it takes 2 to clap so if pinky didn’t agree with it this wouldn’t happened, right fans? so you guys want to blame only peck and not pinky cuz she’s a star? not a chance! they are both wrong.

  17. Has anyone thought of condoms?? She probably used them if she did sleep with him. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t stupid enough to not wear one? But even if she did or not she did the wrong thing.
    I wonder if all this will affect her if she becomes a big star in India or something? Do people there even know about this? or if they do they don’t take it seriously? I mean this is gonna be stuck with her for the rest of her life, and she’ll be known for doing this even if the news fades away.
    She does look skinny, very pale and kinda old to be honest.

  18. Agree, she looks old….why they bother proving anything? if she not pregnant, then she not havinga BIG belly will show itself…beside ppl will think wat they think….yes ppl make mistake, but we got to remember ppl in Public eyes are Held to a Higher Standard…

  19. Those are aligator tears to me. The times she went over sea. That is the time she got abortion. Of course she have the gut to have her blood test. Acting innocents now don’t make her any different.

  20. pregnant or not, if people dont like you they willl alway make a negative comment about even pinky last picture.people just love to voice their opinion and think that they are right. dont wait for the fact and just jump the boat.

    • Yes, she’s still getting offers from there because on one in India knows who Tanya is nor they care. I just read reports stating that she accepted another film in India and she’s in process of gaining weight for the role. Good Luck Pinky!

      • she will end up sleeping with someone man..lols and the same drama will result or she know better not to just mess with anyone and do her job,,,unfortunately, looking at how her mom is. the mom will want her daughter to marry a rich man…lols i found it amusing every time Pinky is headline news the mom always got to the reporter to held a conference and try to straightness things out but she’s just making it worse.

      • Doesn’t matter if they know Tanya or not, but I think that once the news gets out that Pinky was involved with a married man and caused hell, India won’t be too happy. They’re very traditional too and love gossips lol. No one is forgiving towards liars, not even the famous America. American Celebs might be full of scandals, but if the celebs own up to it, they’re forgiven. If they lie to the media, they’ll get hell.

  21. Pinky and her mom need to go away for eternity. No matter what she broke somebody relationship and that is just something she just have to deal with it. I would feel weird working with her.

  22. well, now isnt this just funny LOL i find it ironically, cuz when the news first broke out about her being preggo, & she came out to post new pics on her FB & DLandry translated the news & post about it alot of ppl (same as those who are still on here not satify with her provin her not being preggo) were sayin that the pics didnt prove anything cuz it didnt show of her stomach & that the pics were taken afar and not an angle of her tummy & now here she is provin and showin to all, yet no one is happy with it and is sayin otherwise. its either one thing or another with the haters….

  23. not going to feel one ounce of sympathy for her. maybe if she showed this “much tears” as she did when the whole affair saga blew up to tanya, then i think i’ve would of forgiven her or at least give her a second chance, but she didn’t. she was all smiley faces then because she thought she was untouchable. she isn’t sorry for what she did, she’s only sorry because her life sucks right now. well, as they say, karma sucks!

  24. what bug mr us? She never admitted. We knew she have an affair. But mother and daughter keeps saying. I don’t teach that way.

  25. Only the future will tell us what will happen ! I am a fan of Pinky and will stay forever and I believe that everybody deserve a second chance and especially when you are as young as Pinky. Of course what she has done (if it is really true) is bad but now everything is over and people should stop and leave her alone. She won’t be able to get over all of this if people don’t let her the chance to do so.

  26. Damn, i thought this issue about her and that guy and stuffs is already over.
    How boring, they should have something new for the public to read/gossip.
    Very old.

  27. I’m so sick of people using the excuse that Pinky is young. The girl is 25!! She’s an adult, she’s not a young teenager who supposedly don’t know any better! If people don’t make her grow up and look at her as an adult then she will believe she can continue to do anything because she’s supposedly too young to know any better. That’s a bunch of crap.

    • She was young & stupid when this whole triangle relationships revealed to the public. I dun think people blame her for the cause of tanya’s divorce but I think she is such a beautiful girl with so much potentials, why get involve with a married man. Is It cuz the guy is wealthy? There r many wealthy single men out there. She wana re-establishes her fame, so of course she has to respond to all the negative news about her, but instead she made herself looks more stupid & silly. Her & that man issue was over a yearish ago, so what she takes her pregnancy tests. No one care about it. Of course the test will b NEGATIVE. Nevertheless, she deserves another chance. After all these negatives, I think she learns her big lesson. I’m not a fan
      Of her, but pls give the girl her space and second chance.

  28. So stupid, she could have an abortion before she came back to thailand to take the test, and she’s telling people to get over it and stop bashing her, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place B

  29. Honestly people need to grow up and stop blaming her, life goes on. Yes she was wrong, we all know that, but why keep on bashing her when it old news.

    • As long as she keeps popping up, the media will write about her and people will continue to bash her. If she wanted the news to die down then she should’ve stayed quiet. Until then, it’s fair game.

  30. I dont know if she slept with the man or not but if she isnt pregnant congrats to her. I think people should just move on now. Leave her alone the other woman alone and the guy alone.

  31. PPL r just stating the fact from the proof that is given to them. I don’t consider it blaming. If Pinky want it to go away, she need to stop talking about it and keep coming up for Photo OP. For example, chinese actress Gillian Chung, after that scandal she disappear for 1 yr? It was discussed and she laid low….Pinky need to Lay low, hopefully learn from her mistake. If she got opportunity in India good for her. Stay there focus on the movie and if she want to test the water back in Thailand yrs later, so be it. But it would go along better if she ACCEPTED her mistake and SINCERLY apologize….what comes to mind is the Congress Weiner scandal….ppl r more offended that he LIED and played them more than the scandal. Many ppl said it would have been easier to let it good if he admitted to his mistake right away and apologize. Instead he lied and try to play ppl like a fool…

  32. Oh my god!Would you please stop to have enmity again her,and judge her with your own thinking.We’re not in the game,we don’t exactly know what happening in their?I think her rumor should be over and stop insulting or humiliating Pinky.She has been endure for so long already,To be humanity please let Pinky’s existence for normal life.

  33. I’m a guy myself but if i have a wife i would control myself this dude is an idiot for doing that to his wife.
    Pinky she just dumb as hell for doing something like this she should know it’s bound to explode in her face.
    Well i hope she learn this long lesson because it’s going to b stuck with her forever.

    • Maybe those who believe those are real tears deep down believe that she’s a horrible actress so no way she can fake it that good. LOL.

  34. It’s not Pinky’s fault that the marriage is ruined. She’s still young and just like any of us, everyone makes mistake. I still love and adore her no matter the consequences. She’s a beautiful person. I guess Thailand must be really boring that’s why they care so much about other peoples life. Leave her alone already. She’s the most talented and the most beautiful Thai actor. Love from California

  35. Um….sorry but it is PInky’s fault the marriage falls apart. Granted, Peck has been unfaithful to Tanya in the past, but it was Pinky’s doing that destroyed it all. She is a famous actress and what she did was brought to light in a big way. So, yeah, it’s her freaking fault.

    Pinky being young is not a good exscue anymore. She is not a 5 year old that doesn’t have a clue about life and what is expected. She is a grown woman that happens to spread her legs for a married man and what she lacks is a brain to that pretty face. She is not invisible. Thailand only cares about this news because she is a “Celebrity” had she been just an average girl no one would care. She should know that what she does will be watched carefully and knowing that she still think it’s ok to sleep with someone eles’s husband.

    She needs to just give it a rest and close that mouth, let it die down for a long while. If she tries to prove this and prove that she will be bash because people still see her as the third person. She needs a guidance badly in this and no I’m not talking about her paretns.

  36. Why is it that everyone blamed her. It takes two to have an affair. Yeah what she did is wrong, but all saying it her fault only is not fair. What happened affected Tanya , not any of us. If she was really pregnant and decided to have an abortion, it’s her personal choice. She’s the one that’s going to deal with the consequence. If I was her, I wouldn’t have take the pregnancy test. I think Thai actors give the media and fans too much power over them

  37. I don’t get all these comments saying to leave her alone, if she wanted to be left alone then she should’ve stayed quiet. Getting a pregnancy test and showing it to the public was a terrible idea on her part. Unfortunately for her no matter what she does she’ll continue to be bashed and criticize. It’s the price of fame and it’s magnetized for her due to the scandal. She needs to lay low and leave the entertainment biz for awhile.

  38. she could have had an abortion before she did this.BUT WTF.she doesn’t need to be proving anything to anyone.If she wants to sleep with someone else’s husband that’s her prerogative. she should not need to prove that she’s pregnant.WTF.Thai media is so intrusive.

  39. so what did she go overseas to do?Come on.if she was going to do this she should have taken it before but she could have gotten an abortion overseas where no one knows who she is.

    • Maybe she wanted a break from everyone judging her. She probably needed a vacation where no one knows her. Most stars when they are part of a controversy, they always lay low. I think that’s exactly why she went abroad. Not for an abortion.

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