Nuchanart Says No to Note; She’s not into short guys!


“Note” Vises Rangsisingpipat is now known as ‘Lor Luak Dai หล่อเลือกได้’ {Handsome man with many options} because ever since he broke up with “Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer, Note is constantly rumoured to be courting numerous women in the industry. The latest woman to be allegedly pursued by Note, is model “Nuch” Nuchanart Coates.

Note made an uninvited appearance to the birthday party of model “Yo” Yossavadee Hassadeevijit in order to make his move on Nuch.

Here is what Nuch has to say about the rumour.

“The news about Note courting me is not true. I don’t know him personally and I don’t know what he’s thinking. But I did meet him at Yo’s party. It was the first and only time that I ever saw him. We spoke to each other, someone introduced me to him and I said hi, that was all (laughs). He wasn’t courting me. I don’t know what he was thinking but I only saw him once and I knew who he was.”

“Since the party I haven’t spoken to him at all. I don’t have his number or anything either and if he wanted to pursue a relationship? (pulls a digusted face) I don’t think so, he’s not my type (laughs). If you ask if he has a crush on me, I don’t know. All I knew was that P’Yo told me he came to the party with his brother Nott and P’Yo didn’t invite him. That’s all I knew. There were a lot of people there at the party too”

Nuch revealed she only likes men who are taller than her, therefore Note is not her type and she won’t be feuding with Aump Patcharapa because even if he is known as handsome with many options – she still doesn’t want him

“I don’t know if he was hitting on me. You’ll have to ask him. But for my ideal type, all I ask is for someone taller than me, that’s all (laughs) this man doesn’t qualify (laughs) he’s not my type. If you ask if I’m afraid of feuding with Aump, I don’t think so because I’m taking this opportunity to clarify that there is nothing going on”

“I heard he’s being nicknamed ‘Lor Luak dai’ {Handsome with many options} (smiles) I don’t know, no comment”

Source via Manager



28 responses to “Nuchanart Says No to Note; She’s not into short guys!

  1. I’ m going to give Note the benefit of the doubt here. He may a guy that is not so good looking but he may actually have a good personally with a fat wallet.

  2. good jap! lol. This guy is fugly, the only thing that makes him looks better is his money. Aum did the rite thing to move on.

  3. i heard she’s only 18. i really don’t think this guy works at all since all he does is is follow girls or go to parties. what a loser.

  4. Idk how he even got that name cuz it ain’t a name that is suitable for him. Maybe sayin something about him being rich n using money to lure girls lol or maybe the handsome is to the ka-tays only xD.

  5. How tall is Note, anyway I do hate it when guy are shorter then their girlfriend- it just dont match like
    Tom Cruise-Katie
    Benz Poncita-Mick and so on

  6. I’m dying with laughter. Ghats sad that he wasn’t invited but crashed the party anyways. He prolly thought he was rich, handsome, and every girl wants him since he and Aump broke up.

  7. i have to admitted he is short. I’m like 5’8 and he’s like 5’6 or something. LOL! im glad she harsh about this because he UGLY and people need to stop calling him handsome or whatever pig he is LOL!!

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  9. I hope she’s not saying all this to try and play hard to get then later on you hear that she actually gave Note a “chance”. But if later on Nuch decides she wants to mess around with Note, I’ll know it’s for the money not for his looks. Lol. I hope this girl means what she says.

  10. How is this guy good looking? He reminds me of William Hung from American Idol. He’s just a money bag that’s all.

  11. Yea ok and this is the same girl that said she would never act for thai lakorn because it all sucks. -rolls eyes-

  12. She looks like a man, no wonder note wants her. Anyways, note is not good looking at all and to be a jerk at that he has no appeal at all.

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