Mike Pirath – The Make-Up Artist?

His female fans or antis who see this picture might be wondering what young singer, “Mike” Pirath is doing? His sexuality comes to light asking what sexual preference Mike prefers?From the looks of how he’s applying the eyeliner, it seems the young singer is a professional and know what’s he’s doing! This is what they would call a “broken boat” (โป๊ะแตก/bpo dtaek). Someone has to be questioned about Mike’s sexual perference and asked what’s the background to the picture?

An insider revealed, “I’ve worked with Mike before on a drama set and Mike is a real man, 100%, but he likes to take care of his appearance often. He likes to apply make-up, but it’s more to the rock/emo side. He likes to put on eye-liner and make his eyebrows darker. Like in the picture, he’s putting on eye-liner for the dancer because Mike is more skilled in doing that.”

Source via Gossip Star/Sanook!

20 responses to “Mike Pirath – The Make-Up Artist?

  1. i think mike is one hundred percent a dude.he is just more of the emo dude type that likes to put on them eye liners.why do the media always assume dudes that put make up outside of working gay? I dont understand.so stupid.they dont see americans assuming dudes that are celebs that puts on make up gay.its more of their style and fashion.

    • Well not really…we got some korean people with makeup like Gdragon and I don’know how people manage to like them. LOL

  2. Some people can be narrow-minded. I am not even a Mike fan but to say he is gay for liking eyeliner and for knowing how to put them on? Seriously, I don’t know what to say, but it is kind of sad. There are male makeup artists, there are male stylists, male fashion designers, heck the list goes on.

  3. I’m not being funny, but that is pretty gay, emo or not lol. TBF I wouldn’t be surprised if he was gay. Theres nothing wrong with being gay. I’m gay.

  4. Though 90% of men in the fashion industry ARE gay.

    I don’t believe Mike is, he’s one of those metrosexual dudes who are, most of the time, more worried about their appearance than girls.

  5. I don’t know why but being around pretty men, I easily get intimidated. To me, (and this my liking) that a man should be rough, manly and less worried about their hair or if their eyebrows are one side higher than the other. LOL.

    I know a guy who looks so pretty and fresh all the time even when I’m groomed nicely, I think I still came out looking like a slob next to him. 🙂

  6. I love guys that put eye-liners. I like pretty guys, and not so much macho ones. I don’t think Mike is gay

  7. He’s just like jeajoong from DBSK and JYJ, the look beautiful plus he’s emo. Must emo guys wears eye-liner. I don’t see how that classifying as gay. He doesn’t even has the mannerism of a gay man. I think people are making a big deal about nothing.

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