Pat spends 100,000 baht per needle to inject her face

This young nang’ek has been the talk of the town for going plastic. And yes, we are talking about Pat Napapa Tantrakoon because her physique has been constantly criticized by the public, whether it be the change in her face or chest.

Every time we asked the beautiful actress, she would always deny. Her reason for the change in her face was because she lost weight, making her face look smaller and her nose more narrow. She also adds that, before, her face was swollen because she had tonsil inflammation.

But the latest news is that after her face changed, she is getting beautiful again by secretly getting face injections, each needle injection costing 100,000 baht.

After asking an experienced plastic surgeon, they said that the name of the silicone  used to inject is called Hyarulonidase, which is an enzyme used medically to destroy body tissue or membrane. Doctors use this type of injection to treat wounds, inflammation of joints, and other popular plastic surgery procedures. It’s the most easiest type of procedure because it doesn’t require any surgery.

One risk to keep in mind with these types of procedures is that the silicone injected can be injected wrong, which can cause one to need surgery in order to remove the defected injection. This has already happened to a looktoong singer and has been huge news because of it. Always go to doctors who are experienced.

Source: Daradaily

22 responses to “Pat spends 100,000 baht per needle to inject her face

  1. Wow she looks worse! She looked pretty before all the enhancement, what a shame, she still young. Women and men usually looks much gorgeous when they hit their late 20’s or early 30’s in my opinion. Lol

  2. Remind me of Pancake in the second picture, I don’t know why. What a shame, she was so much prettier prior to the “enhancement.”

  3. she ruined herself -__- She had that young, innocent beauty shes just ughhh. typical. I was sucha big fan of her before now I’m iffy..I thought she wasn’t so superficial..guess she is…

  4. she still young but she go and do this, well we all know she will look the oldest once she does hit that age where you finally NEED the needles…

  5. poor pat taking the wrong path and destroy her youthfulness and sweetness. I hope other people keep this as a lesson learn and stay away from all of this. Pat really desappoints me. like all of you, I used to like her alots but I cant stand seeing her.

  6. She was such a pretty girl before. I thought she looked classy with a touch of elegant when she first started out in the industry…then she just messed it all up trying to fit in with what some considered “Sexy”. Now she is just another girl and if she keeps on going, she’ll be another girl that is best known for the plastic surgery that went wrong.

  7. what a waste of her natural beauty. she really doesn’t need any injection she was so pretty before.

  8. i thought she looked great before all this, but oh well.. it’s her choice.. younger and younger people are getting plastic surgery T_T..

  9. If I like someone as an actress/actor, I’ll still like em even if they’ve gotten surgery. It’s no biggie to me. But I’ve never really like Pat. Her looks before weren’t all that, her acting was average. I didn’t think she was nang’ek material. I’ll admit that she does look a little prettier now (due to all that surgery). But she wasn’t very pretty (to me) in the past.

  10. i dont get why she needed to get a nose job. there was nothing wrong with it. now she looks horrible after the surgery. sucks to see her all plastic now. seem like her popularity is die down too

  11. Truthfully, she looks pretty now and she looked pretty before as well, but in the next ten, twenty years it won’t be the same. She would’ve aged beautifully just the way she was, now that she’s got all sorts of unnatural gunk in her face, she’s destroyed her future self.

  12. I never liked Pat but I have to admit she was very pretty before but now she just looks like a huge blowfish.

  13. Has anyone noticed Waii kamikaze’s face? Before it was more round and now it somehow has thinned out.
    I think alot of these famous Thais are doing it

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