Katreeya English finally does swimsuit!!

Guess who finally gave in to doing swimsuit!! Yes, the beautiful singer-actress Katreeya English is correct! I might be a little late, but am I the only one who didn’t know that Katreeya English graced the front cover of IMAGE Magazine’s April 2011 issue?

For years this dancing queen brushed off the idea of ever posing in a bathing suit, a little shy and embarrassed to pose in a two-piece bikini. Whenever asked about any offers, Kat would reply that she did get offers but did not think that it was the right moment. She added that she was rather shy, but has thought about doing swimsuit at times.

She explains that she would like to show her kids one day what their mother looked like as well as have something to look back at once she gets older.

Well done Miss Katreeya! For someone who is in their mid-30s, I’d say be proud of what you’ve got!

Source: Magazinedee

27 responses to “Katreeya English finally does swimsuit!!

  1. I think her armpit looks photoshopped in the picture just beneath the one where she poses by the airplane,, It just doesn’t look like a natural armpit to me.

    • I believe all of these photos were photo-shopped, so unfortunately, nothing is really real here.

      • I know everything is photoshopped but they could have atleast made it look like she has the perfect body and not an obvious photoshopped body.
        I hope you know what I mean, it’s too warm so my brain is fried and I get all muddleheaded….


  3. LoL its a bit late but its ok..

    Katreeya looks AMAZING! i’ve always though Kat had one of the best bodies in terms of Nang’eks…she had the right amount of butt/boobs LoL

  4. omg.. kat is beautiful!!! she is so another marsha XD..
    both fabulous ladies who still looks beautiful for their age..

  5. i have always said this about kat and will continue to say she has one of the best looking bodies i have ever seen!!

  6. She’s not model material by the look of her poses, she seem a bit uncomfortable but she definitely has a sexy and curvy body. Super envious of her body.

  7. I say, she looking very good. Though, didn’t like the sitting at the log pose…but I really like the pix with the palm tree. She look really sexy with the wet hair look. Could be a latin model. Got Kat, hopefully she will be nang eak in her next lakorn.

    • *go. I hope she pair up with the older actor say, ken, aum a, num, pepper or whoever is still pra eak.

  8. Y do Thai photographers insist on having their Thai female celebs do spread your leg pose?It’s as common as a rape scene in Thai lakorns.That is so ugly.Thai photographers do not know hot to take pictures.The other photos are okay but her spread your leg pic screams BAngcock whore.I knew before I clicked on the link that she would have a spread your leg wide open pose.

  9. show it now while you got it, although in the 5th pic in the pink leopard print bikini, do I see a little stretch mark on the thigh and lower right tummy?Thai photographers need a class on photo-taking.

    • If you notice she IS sitting in the water and it IS sunny. It’s just the waters reflection.

  10. her face is okay, I know she probably used help for the bra because she is flat chested.Maybe stuffed herself?or used wonder bikini.sorry now i sound like one of those judgmental ppl I’m not I’m just saying okay.

  11. Omgosh Finally I’ve been waiting for her to actually do this. Her body is banging hot for some one as old as her. She’ll always be gorgeous I love her!

  12. I find it hillarious how haters out there automatically say everything is photoshop. I met her in person in a concert and her complexion is flawless. It is what it is. That’s prolly why SHE is on the cover and not the fatasses hiding behind a keyboard typing crap with only assumptions. Kat makes everything look so easy but I heard she works hard for that body. Anyone when she is coming out with her new album?????? When will this girl do something in English?

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