Aum often stays at Nat’s, doesn’t go back home

Well, it has been a while… but I am back! Thank you to everyone for the kind wishes for my graduation 🙂 Now, lets get down to the nitty gritty!!

Even though the connection of these two lovebirds is still unclear, we believe that our readers are smart enough to understand the love and chemistry between Nat Myria Benedetti and Aum Atichart Choomnanont.

Their love for each other is apparent from the appearances they make as a couple and all the out of the country trips they take together when they are both free at the same time. People who know the Ch.3 pra’ek Aum Atichart also know that he likes to visit the home of singer-actress Nat Myria.

Many people also say that Aum would stay over at Nat’s house after filming lakorns late at night because e would be too tired to go home to his own place. In addition, people around the area would also buzz about seeing Aum Atichart driving out from Nat’s home early in the morning once a week or once every two weeks.

Does that mean Aum spent the night at Nat’s house? You be the judge!

Source: Daradaily

26 responses to “Aum often stays at Nat’s, doesn’t go back home

  1. We all know Nat’s been married before, its not surprising if they do sleep together, they got blood and flesh if they are in love it’s hard to resist…

  2. Have nothing against Nat since she is a sweet gal, nor am I a fan of Aum but damn she looks old compared to him!

      • Like if I was a woman of Nat’s age and to be with a man younger than me (who looks much younger than me), I would feel so insecure. As far as looks go, I just wouldn’t have the confidence to keep up with him. Everytime I look at him, I’ll be like “gosh, I’m so old!” LOL! Kinda like Benjamin Button. But overall, Nat’s lucky.

  3. The funny thing when I looked at the picture I was not thinking about the article but the age disparity of this couple looked so clear. Just look at Nat Myria’s face its full of botox and had been operated so she could look young but the result is when she was standing next to her younger boyfriend is how she look so old while Aum look so young and fresh. She doesn’t need to do something to her face since she looked fine before.

    About the article I think many couple did what Aum did, staying overnight in your lover house is not a criminal. However are traditional people of Thailand can take this well?

  4. I think its normal for that since they are dating and both adults. Best of luck with them. Hope they last and nat find happiness she deserved.

  5. I love Nat and Aum, I have nothing against them being together, but don’t they more like brothers and sisters?

  6. *broken heart* lol
    yeah aum is soooo fine, i like nat but..i still feel ‘sad’ seeing them together…ah maybe becuz i’m one of AAteamn fans! lol

    yeah agree,they look like bro-sist,hmm..

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