Willie don’s the gray hair look to please wife, “Yelly”

Former famous actor, Willie Mcintosh reveals the reason why he is donning the gray hair look. All because his loving wife, “Yelly” had asked for him to keep it that way. So, Willie doesn’t want to rebel against his very pregnant wife. Willie revealed at first there were some that couldn’t accept his new look, but they’re starting to warm up to it. Willie is also excited as he will be having a baby boy at the end of August. Yelly will be having the baby through cesarean section.

Wille then goes onto to say that when a baby is born via c-section, it’s easier to pick the date and time of birth of the child to see if they’re signs are coinciding with the parents or not.

Source via Gossip Star

19 responses to “Willie don’s the gray hair look to please wife, “Yelly”

    • I thought the same lol. I think he’s handsome either way and if he’s doing it to keep Yelly happy, then he should continue to do so lol. I’m very happy for them. They’ve waited for a baby for a very long time and they will make great parents.

      I can’t wait to see the baby. He’s going to be adorable like his cousins.

  1. He sure can pull it off having white hair! Not a lot of ppls can pull the look. Hair Suit him well. He still look handsome 🙂

  2. black hair or white hair, he still looks good. he doesn’t look like he aged much except for the hair color but he’s still good looking. congrat to willy and yelly. can’t wait to see their baby, he’ll look as cute as willy 🙂

  3. I want a husband like Ken and Willy. Aren’t they like the cutest, doing all these things for their wifey. Envious.

  4. so his hair turned gray and instead of dyeing it back to black he kept it?Or did he dye it gray?I doubt he dyed it but wow what’s up with the gray hair?he must be worried alot or thinking alot or something.

  5. I just noticed something…Willy has a nice smile! The gray hair’s gotta go. It makes him look like 10 years older.

  6. I’m not use to Willy new look yet. He look old to me and still handsome but in a different way. I don’t understand why his wife Yelly wanted Willy to look like an old man. Is there a reason why? Maybe Yelly afraid that Willy look too handsome while she being pregnant.

    • well, since she is pregnant, it could be that the smell of the dye is making her feel sick.. just my two cents. i just gave birth to my daughter and during my pregnancy, i could not stand anything that smells sweet or taste sweet as it really made me sick. even though, others can’t smell it, i could. pregnancy increase our smelling abilities.

  7. It’s great to see people embracing gray hair at younger ages nowadays. It shows they are comfortable in their own shoes and confident enough to pull it off.

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