A Birthday Party and Wig For May Feungarom’s Birthday

Even though in the original it states how “Aump” Patcharapa is single and out mingling after her very publicized break-up from socialite, “Note” Vises, but there was something other on our mind when we saw pictures from actress, May Feungarom‘s birthday party, it was how the ladies who attended the party were all rocking wigs!

It’s always nice to see celebs having fun, but doing it with style and playing dress up? That’s +100 in our meter. Check out the pictures and how fierce each ladies rocks the wig.

[Image via Gossip Star]

12 responses to “A Birthday Party and Wig For May Feungarom’s Birthday

    • I was about to ask the very same question!! At first waI s like, that girl looks so much like Seo In-Young in that first pic of “Tik” then the last two, Tik popped into my mind.

  1. don’t get me wrong, they’re all pretty girls, but they have no class. those pictures show them epitomizing trashiness to the highest order, but hey, whatever works for them.

  2. Lmfao what kind of bday party is this and whats with the poses and faces? They must think theyre cool and everything but im like laughing my ass off haha if they were like 18 then it would be ok but theyre like over 30 too much. Ver! Way over done.

  3. I couldn’t stop laughing. Happy Birth Day’s Party indeed!!! And those look like cheap wigs lol and it doesn’t suit them. I could careless about their age, it’s the way they look overall lol especially Aum, if I were her, I would never have short hair.

  4. who is the girl with the blonde wig and shiny gold dress? I thought it was Aump, but Aump has black wig.

  5. Looks like they had a blast. They deserved it since they work too hard filming a bunch of lakorns for us to watch.

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