Mario Has Confidence in Drama, ‘Plerng Toranong’ After Being Criticized

Actor, Mario Maurer opens up about his confidence in first lakorn every ‘Plerng Toranong‘ (loosely translated, ‘Proud/Arrogant Flame’ starring alongside Channel 3 actress, “Taew” Nattaporn.) After feeling worried of criticisms, Mario is now 100% confident in his acting and can take on criticisms.

The reason you’re so confident must be from the criticisms. “Really if you ask am I stressed about it, there has to be times when I am. There were a lot of causes since it is my first lakorn and the cast are all well known. Plus the viewers will have hope in the Pra Aek in the T.V. series. I have to do my best and in the past I took on acting lessons so, when I hget out on the field, I am still tense because on the set there is always a lot of things that have to be redone.”

Right now how confident are you? “I’m over 100% confident so, if anyone is to reprove or murmur, I can accept it that I had tried my best. If I wasn’t good than I wouldn’t be impacted from it. If anyone criticize me I can take it; it’ll be as an experience for me to develop myself to the fullest.”

Source: Dara Daily; Images via Magazinedee, Teaser via lalana17

18 responses to “Mario Has Confidence in Drama, ‘Plerng Toranong’ After Being Criticized

    • Yes, Autumn Destiny was his first, but according to the article it said it was his first. Not sure if it’s because this is with a major network for Channel 3.

  1. Mario is an awesome actor, but I like him best acting as a teen role, he looks and acts too young to take on a role like that. Love him best in the teen movies 🙂

  2. BTW the parts that Aof is in already shows how talented he is in acting, I almost couldn’t believe it was him!

  3. Aw, I’m actually excited for this! Mario’s a cute guy and I’m sure his acting’s okay too. Maybe even good. I hope Aof sings a song in here or something as well.

  4. Not really care about his acting anyway. I rather watch Aum Atichard, Por Nuttawoot, better.

  5. Autumn Destiny was more of a movie, not lakorn series.And I always thought Mario had no personality.Hope that doesn’ t carry over in his acting.

  6. Like someone mentioned, I think he’s better in teen roles or starring in a movie, not a lakorn pr’eak. I don’t, can’t explain.
    I think he suits better in romance/comedy type, then drama.

  7. they should of start him off with a minor role first rather than have him take on a serious role

    • he’s already pra’ek in movies. the system is already unfair anyway so people should take any opportunity they get. some people play minor all the time and don’t even get to move up while some people is just put on top when they never did any supporting roles at all. so i say screw them!

      anyway, judging for the teaser it looks good!

  8. Oh Mario!! You’re so famous in other countries like the Philippines, if they show your lakorn here Im sure it will be a HIT. We will continue to support you!

  9. I don’t think Mario can ever have a harsh role. He just got the cute look and his voice is soft… I have no idea, but if he is going to be a praek, i think the comedy/nice kind of praek will match him.

    I love mario maurer after watching “A little thing called Love”
    Love that movie !

  10. I don’t know but I never thought Mario Was all that until I started to watch his lakorn i think i fell in love with him. He’s soo cute & the Lakorn is pretty good as well!

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