“YooMiin” Loses Face! “Film” Only Thought Of Their Relationship As Brother/Sister!

After his various scandals and rumors with various females from the entertainment industry, especially recently with former Teen Superstar contestant, “YooMiin” Tavikan giving out an interview saying she secretly dated “Film” Rattapoom for over a year and a half, but as Film sees the situation, he saw it entirely different than what YooMiin did.

Film admits knowing YooMiin and yes there was a point where they did talk to each other, but he only thought of it as a brother/sister (พี่-น้อง/Pee-Nong) relationship and thinks the female side misunderstood their relationship. Film sustains he wasn’t secretly dating anyone and had no comments when asked if YooMiin was leaching off of him for fame. Film says he’s not ready to have any relationship at this moment. As for the rumors of him knowing the paternity results and that he was afraid the case would change plus, how he ended up in jail for 1 day in England. Film said it was all a misunderstanding and they thought he was doing drugs and making sex videos…

Your situation with YooMiin, how is that going? “YooMiin…we know each other. She’s a nong that is very cute. She used to be an extra when I was on ‘Sanae Nang Ngiew’. I didn’t call her “YooMiin”, but instead I called her “Nong Pai” because her name is “Pai” and ever since then I knew of her from there on. She’s cute and has a good disposition, a good girl who loves her parents.”

From the relationship status that she spoke of you, it seemed like you two were dating. “Honestly from when we’ve known each other, I haven’t kept in contact with her often because I have a lot of work and we became less communicative when I bought my house. I asked her if she knew of a good place or are to buy a house because I wanted to buy this style for my parents since I’ve been saving up some money for awhile now.”

“She told me that their was a neighborhood that had a lot of celebrities living there and took me to go see it. After I’ve seen the house, I liked it and decided to buy the house that she had advised me. While the house was being built that’s when I kept talking more often and she was the one that watch the house (to see if there were anything wrong while building).”

“If you asked me what our relationship is now, I would have to say that it’s still a sibling relationship like before. We do talk, but it’s not every so often. After what I have encountered through my life, being ordained as a monk, and studying abroad and when I return back, truthfully, I’m not ready to have a relationship with anyone. I, myself, truthfully, can’t even stand on my own 2 foot. I can’t even take care of myself. With all the scandals revolving around me, it’s knocked me down that I can’t even get back up fully.”

“I’m not ready to have anyone. But if there are things that had her misunderstood me there might be because I also have a good disposition and she also had a good disposition. She’s a child who has good, but I think right now would be better for us if we were just brother and sister.”

Are you saying she thought it all up herself? “I didn’t mean it like that, but it might be with what we talk about think about various things because for me in the beginning I might have thought the same she has, but in reality a while passed on by and I realize that the path that we thought of isn’t to the point of dating and I see her as a younger sibling. She’s very adorable and I’ve seen her as a younger sibling always and we stopped talking when I went into monk-hood. We didn’t talk to each other since then.”

She said that when you were in England you two had phone chats? “There were times…there were times. There were times when I called and her mother calling me. I would ask them to watch my house and she was close so, I would ask for updates on how the house is since no one has been watching it.”

When your scandal broke out she knew of it, but never spoke of it. “Really of her knowing, she knows, but as for her coming out to speak, why is she coming out now? (laughs). I don’t know why, but we’re siblings.”

She spoke liked you were secretly hiding Annie also. “I have never dated anyone secretly and everyone is my friend. If I was to date someone, there is no need for me to hide them.”

There’s a certain magazine that said you know of the DNA results already? “I think with this sort of matter we’ll have to deal with it in court. As for anything else, I don’t want to speak of it too much and it might change the case. You’ll just have to wait and follow.”

We heard that when you were in England, you were arrested? “There were a lot of rumors saying I was doing drugs, got arrested, and even doing sex videos. There were a lot of rumors. If you’re asking me did I get arrested? None of it is true, I didn’t do drugs, I didn’t make sex videos, none of that because if I did those things, I wouldn’t be here talking.”

So the truth is, did you get arrested? “I did get arrested, but it was because I was filming my show, ‘One Man Show’ so, everyone can see how my life is and watch it on channel 8 infinity. You can watch it and see my life at all times.”

Film then goes on to tell about his situation on how he was arrested in London after recently attending a private party where cameras weren’t allowed. While taking a shower the next day he was arrested by British cops.

“I asked them why there were arresting me and they said I was part of a team production that were making sex videos in the district and you took your people to the district to do bad things. I told them “No”, I was a celebrity.”

“I asked them to contact the Thai Embassy for me so, they can confirm that I am a celebrity. The Embassy proved to them that I was a person of society, a superstar, and I wai (raising two hands to plea/thanks/hello/sign of respect) for them to understand. They released me once again the next day. I was in jail for one day.”

Listen to audio interview
Source: Gossip Star

21 responses to ““YooMiin” Loses Face! “Film” Only Thought Of Their Relationship As Brother/Sister!

  1. Sound like Film got a lot going on with his life right now. Well, Film word of advise stop being a player and everything else will die out.

  2. this guy is a scum. Yeah, I’m sure she was hitting on him like a big bad wolf while he was miss little red ridding hood. this guy is a crook and should be treated as such!

  3. oooo shut the f**k up. you and pinky deserve each other. maybe you might have something in common. LMAO

  4. wow…this guy is unbelievable…a real world class jerk…seriously, what do his fans see in him…all I see is a cowardly little boy.

  5. LOL he was arrested.

    Anyways everything that comes out of his mouth is just a bunch of craps. I think it is best if he just doesn’t speak.

  6. even though he’s a loser and this bro/sis thing is the way thai celebs talk, some girls lie too. there are girls who want to hang out to guys like annie, so i say both are losers. she’s stupid for dating him too.

  7. This guy is a douche bag.
    I hate how guys hook up with girls than after saying it was nothing. Playing with someone feeling is disgusting.

  8. He might have been one of the five Asian peoples that was in the news being question by the authority during the Royal wedding lolz.
    As for his relationship with women, he can talk or date whomever he like. He’s a typical guy, which they will talk or chat with any girl, so if he doesn’t come out and tell the World that you’re his girlfriend, then the girl shouldn’t come out and tell the World that you his girl either. I’m not saying Film is right, but when I saw the news Yoomin claiming to be his gf, I was thinking to myself “why would she wanted to attached herself to him and claim to be his gf now?” lolz. Not to be mean or anything, but it serve her right to loses face for explosing herself to the media first.
    Look at Woonsen and Chakrit… she never claimed they were dating until he came out and said it first. She should have use them as example LOLz.

  9. Lol its funny how every one use to love and likes him but now .. the word is just HATE ! HAhaahhahaaaa funny he got arrested … goshh yh everyones his sis .. infact he should amitt that he was dating her .. shes lovely .. and she dosnt deserv him ! .. oh by the way .. can anyone tell me what happened to pinky ?

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