Nott Reveals Note is not upset over his break up with Aump

“Nott Visrut”, older brother of “Note” Vises Rangsisingpipat, former boyfriend of “Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer revealed to the media press that his brother is not showing any sign of sorrow over his recent break up to his famous girlfriend.

The news regarding Aump & Note’s split was published recently when Aump announced their break up to the tabloids and stating that her reason for the break up was because Note was too {หล่อเลือกได้}“handsome with many options”.

Yesterday at a social event, Note’s brother Nott & boyfriend to famous actress “Chompoo” Araya revealed he is not aware that his younger brother had broken up with Aump because he hasn’t seen his brother for the past two days. But from what he has seen of his younger sibling, Note doesn’t appear to be sad, heart broken or disappointed at all.

Is there a possibility that you could reconcile their relationship?

“Let’s leave that for the two of them to decide”

A psychic predicted that you and your girlfriend are destined to be married

“I haven’t seen it yet, I believe half and half”

Your brother is rumoured to be quite a player. Are you anything like that?

“No, I’ve never been a player”

Source via Dailynews

12 responses to “Nott Reveals Note is not upset over his break up with Aump

  1. Now I would be surprised if he was crying over the break up, plus its been a month since so its not like its fresh wound

  2. Why would he be sad about it? The guy pays transvestites to sleep with him so that means all he want is sex. Maybe Aum wasn’t giving it to him which is why he kept having news with all these girls or maybe Aum just wasn’t sassy enough in bed. Note is just gross. Hopefully his family buys into the condom stocks. Actually hope he use them as well.

  3. I dont think hes even sad haha why would he? He can get w any girl or guy he wants; whats so special about aum? He wouldnt be a player if he thought she was.

  4. LMAO!!!! there is no reason to cry over Aump. That only happens in Lakorn. Well good luck for the both of them and oh HAPPY DAY EVERYONE!!!!

  5. ‘Handsome with too many options’ –
    Barf x_x. It’s the money that makes these siblings handsome not their looks

    • I agree with you, I think they look good together. This couple seems more laid back and not into making headlines like Aum and Note.

  6. chompoo chin looks like a piece of sh*t head. Bcos she inject something into it just to make a perfect pointed Witch HAT.
    By the way you thai girl are an absolute fake….

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