Natalie received an angry phone call from Kwan

There’s a rumour that actress “Kwan” Ausamanee was jealous of her beau “Officer Beam” and his relationship with sexy star “Natalie Davis” to the point that she attacked Natalie by pulling her arm.

On this news, Natalie dismissed the rumour of being attacked by Kwan but confessed, she did receive a phone call from the channel 7 actress.

There’s a rumour that you’re feuding with Kwan

“Honestly I don’t want to talk too much about this because…well you guys (reporters) and the readers all know that I don’t tell lies in interviews. Whatever the story is, I always tell the truth and I haven’t done anything wrong. I just tell it how it is”

Rumour claims that Kwan attacked you by pulling your arm

“No she didn’t. The information about the venue is not right. We didn’t meet face to face. We did talk to each other over the phone. I have reasons to call her boyfriend. P’Beam and I have been brother and sister ever since I was in year 9. We’ve been horse riding together for a long time now. P’Beam is the leader of our gang, all the young people adore him and he would take us out to go horse riding. Whenever we need advice, we would call him up. I think everybody has their own social circle & friends and on that day I was a little confused (laughs)”

When Kwan spoke to you on the phone, was she nice to you or was she rude?

“She wasn’t very nice. But that’s okay, she’s younger than me”

From what you wrote on your twitter, it seemed intense

“Honestly I was mostly confused. I’m not angry, I don’t feel any kind of anger. But I was just shocked and confused because I think people who work in the same industry are all brothers and sisters. There’s no need to be afraid of one another so I was just confused”

Did you call P’Beam to talk about it?

“Yes, I did call him and asked him what happened and he apologised and it’s okay”

What’s the feedback from the other side?

“I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to her, I haven’t seen her. I do run into her at functions but not since this incident happened”

Did you read what she said in her interview?

“Yes I did (laughs) but it’s okay. I feel nothing. She is younger, so it doesn’t matter. I’m just going to let it go. No anger or anything but on that day, I was shaking from shock. I didn’t think that was going to happen”

Would you be brave enough to talk to P’Beam again?

“We are brother and sister. And like I said, men needs their social friends, it’s normal. If we have matters to discuss then we will talk”

Did you tell Beam to talk to her?

“No I didn’t. But I complained to him a little, not really. But like I said, I was shocked. I didn’t expect it at all, it was beyond my imagination. And it’s not that I’m feuding with her or that I don’t like her. But maybe she is still a child and with her emotions and many other factors, she may have done more than she anticipated. But it’s ok, I’m not angry”

How did your boyfriend P’Ern react to all of this?

“He laughed. A little shocked, I complained to him and when I was talking to P’Beam on the phone, P’Ern was with me. I had a car racing event on at Toyota and I thought I might go horse riding on my way home and P’Beam lives near the horse riding centre in Watcharapol so I thought I should call him and ask how much it cost to get a membership there because I couldn’t remember and I have asked him before years and years ago. P’Ern was the one who told me to call him. And I called him to ask about that, it was nothing. But I got such a big feedback from it (laughs)”

Did you talk back to her at all?

“No I didn’t. Like I said, she’s younger than me and she may have acted without thinking. So I chose to do nothing. I may have complained about it to people close to me but nothing too harsh”

So you just listened to her?

“Yes, that’s all I did. I was shocked and totally silent. I didn’t talk back at all and when I spoke to her, I spoke to her politely”

But  you went and rant about it on twitter?

“I was mad (laughs)”

When did this happen?

“A little while ago but I kept quiet because I was shocked”

After you finished your conversation with Beam, when did she call you back?

“She called me back the next day”

When she called you, she was with Beam?

“Yes, they were together”

Source via Thairath

41 responses to “Natalie received an angry phone call from Kwan

  1. Yea posting it on Twitter is the best way to keep quiet lol…. some of these celebs have so much growing up to do.

  2. why woukd you call another woman’s man all the time. Of course there’s going to be misunderstanding. She called Kwan a chil but, she goes rant about it on twitter. She needs to grow up too. This guy is so ugly. Girls only goes for him because he is rich. Gross!

    • Yea, there is nothing wrong with calling about certain information. Kwan is a psycho to be so controlling. But what’s new? This chick is always having feuds with everyone. She needs to grow up, seriously.

        • yeah WPBlogger has a point right there. its not the first time kwan has been involved in a feud with other stars. there were no more problem with her so i thought she has mature but i guess not.

      • Agree! I always hear about Kwan trying to start fights with everyone. She really does love drama!

  3. another one of those celeb incident where pretty guys fight over ugly rich guys ugh btw, what kind of officer is he looks kinda young to be one?

  4. They both need to grow up. There must be more to it for kwan to blow up without reason. I mean did she blow up at Pancake for having news with her bf? No. If Natalie wanted to let it go and keep quiet, she wouldn’t be announcing it to the world. These celebs are not dumb, they know for a 100% fact that reporters keep their eyes on Twitter or other social network sites. Celebs are using Twitter as a way to “leak” things. Childish.

    • There is MUCH more than meets the eye with this situation. You can tell that Natalie’s leaving out what makes her look bad. You think she would have sat on the phone and let a younger girl curse her out and yell at her? She’s lying about something.

      I like Kwan, but it was really dumb of her to call this girl up. And Natalie is equally stupid for posting about it on Twitter.

  5. So Kwan first started by giving an interview? I do vent my problems on FaceBook, of course when you are mad, you resort to social network or that could just be me lol But then again I’m not a celebrity.

  6. At first she said she wasn’t angry and then at the end of interview she said she was mad and that’s why she put it on her twitter. Stop acting innocent. If you’re mad, say so. Such a liar.

  7. The story doesn’t make sense and doesn’t add up. She said Kwan was with her bf when Kwan called her and said rude things to her; so if there isn’t anything to it, why didn’t Kwan’s bf stop Kwan or told Kwan that there is nothing to it? Therefore there must be more to it than what Natalie is saying.

    • I know, I read that part too and I was like, “huh? Kwan called her while Kwan was with her bf?”How rude can she be while her boyfriend was right there with her talking to his friend(s)… Sounds odd to me…

  8. Face it once ure all grown up boys and girls cant be friends. How close can you get to ur guy friend? Even if one side doesnt feel anything the other one might secretly feel something. Thats wat i think.

    • That’s not what matured grown ups do. Men and women can have relationships that don’t go pass any sexual boundaries and they can have relationships without any romantic feelings involved. It’s possessive, obsessive, and controlling people who can’t let their other half near the opposite sex. I have many male friends, I am close to them, I hug them, I hang out with them, but my boyfriend has no problem with it as he does the same with many of his female friends. But neither of us or any of our friends have had any problems nor does it cross a line, it’s friendly relationships that matured people should know how to handle and if your jealousy makes you call your boyfriend’s female friends, there’s obviously a problem.

  9. she said kwan called her once more and that time she was with her b/f…i venting is ok and it seems like she over it..

  10. ugh this girl is so FAKE! She starts off saying oh I always tell the truth in my interviews, I don’t really want to say much. pshhh but she frickin twitters it! & kwan is like what 1 year 2 years younger than her? Dumb. She does need growing up to do herself. This girl needs to stop Ap Baew.!!! & Kwan needs to stop being a bitch -_- & im sure natalie knows kwans a bitch, this isnt even the first time she’s done this. It’s funny how natalie knows her personally & is surprised by then when us reader don’t even know her & this doesn’t come as a surprise.

  11. OMG…..they fight for that ugly guy ? is he the guy that Pancake also interested in ? Ugly Hi-so

  12. kwan is always having conflict with someone..sooner or later she will be out of the spotlight.

  13. If Kwan really like the news and rumor say she would be out the spotlight long ago. And yeah Kwan with this ugly guy.

  14. gosh he is ugly….whats up with pretty girls getting with ugly guys…but anyways i like nathalie’s answer…I never did like kwan and she said she wasnt jealous of her bf but calling nathalie about it is something ……

  15. I like Kwan, been trying to get her the benefit of the doubt, but heck no. She is digging her own hole starting problem w/out thinking. Natalie has a right to post it up on twitter. Where else can she release her anger, and at least its not up to Kwan’s face. Something bigger can happen you know. People often act w/o thinking, so excuse this case.

  16. KWAN is always have problem with other celebrities. whenever she’s dating someone she always thought people going to steal her ugly bf, she’s too controlling that’s why none of the guys can stand her over controlling behavior. she know she’s not better than other girls that’s she always called and yelled at the girls and not showing her true side of her.

  17. We all know kwan is a drama queen. But what is up with these insecure actress. LOL!! They are so insecure and are acting like babys. LOL! Kwan is such a douche bag and her boyfriend is ugly ass hell. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Her lakorn are useless and I hope her career ends soon. LOL. She needs to face reality before she face reality people like us. Man that girl is such a weak ass and UGLY. Did people saw her without makeup. Fu**en hideous! LOL. Even my grandma is prettier than her. And no offense to all kwan fan but she’s a loser. I rather support new star than her. Like how long has she been in the industry and still act like this, i mean come on grow up and eat some protein and whole grain. LMAO!!! k well i gtg. Love Yall!!

  18. I don’t know…Natalie does seem kind of flaky and I’m sure she’s bitter. She may be leaving a few things out too and who knows…..Oh well. And really Kwan, you’re a gorgeous girl with or without make-up, but do know that jealousy is an ugly trait. 🙂 And note to women, if you’re boyfriend is cheating, the person you should be calling or confronting is him! Not the whore whom he was involved with. Don’t be like Aump and Kwan.

  19. Why Problems Always Goes To Kwan.. Is It Because She’s Famous?? Beside When A Reporter Ask you Stuff Of Course You Got To Back Your Face Up!! And I Don’t Believe That Celeb Will Tell You A True Story! Stupid! Stupid Nat Act Like Pancake!

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