“Yaya” Get’s Glammed For ‘Di-Chun’ Magazine

Even though young actress, “Yaya” Urassaya Sperbuen may be only 18 years old, but it doesn’t stop photographers and designers wanting to get their hands on this young actress and glam her up.Yaya is such a beautiful young woman and although there were only 2 pictures that showed just how beautiful she is…there are some have us asking, why?

Source: Images via MagazineDee

13 responses to ““Yaya” Get’s Glammed For ‘Di-Chun’ Magazine

  1. Don’t like the cover pic. Her lips kind of creep me out a bit.

    But the rest of the pics is simply beautiful

  2. ahh yaya is a beautiful girl ! but not this kind of ‘Di-Chun’ Magazine. She look fit in teenage magazine. ^^

  3. Wow,she is just so beautiful in every way! No matter what clothes they put on her or how they do her hair it all looks so good.

    Can’t wait to see Game Rai Game Ruk!!!

  4. she is such a beautiful girl with nice features. not only that, her acting is pretty good too. i believe she will go far

  5. gorgeous girl, she has to be half white or mixed white.Sorry guys.I don’t think she’s pure Asian.Don’t try to dispute that with me, you don’t know her great grandparents or even grandparent’s lineage.

  6. aww i love yaya soo much .. especially she should match up with nedach berry … they are such a good couple !

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