“Porshe” Saran, Hot Newcomer Pra Aek

It should be about time that the new generation Pra Aek’s are taking over. It also seems that Channel 7‘s newcomer Pra Aek, “Porshe” Saran Sirilak with his playful persona has been the heartthrob of many ladies out there. Being only 19, it seems like Porshe has a long career in front of him.

Even though his age is still young, but Porshe has a lot of experience in acting beforehand. With commercials coming consistently, leads in various music videos, with movies such as ‘Kheaw Aa-kard‘ and ‘Gao Rak Tee Gao-lee‘ before becoming a new top Pra Aek for channel 7. Even though he hasn’t signed his contract with them for more than a year, but it seems like we see Porshe’s face on our television screen for 7 days straight!

Source: Sanook & Porshe’s FB

23 responses to ““Porshe” Saran, Hot Newcomer Pra Aek

  1. Ugh, no! Why are the new pra’aeks getting girlier and girlier? Manly guys please!

    Why are metro guys so popular in Asia? =_=

    • i totally agree w/ you! i hate this trend of new young feminine looking guys. masculine men are more ideal as lead protagonists in my book like the older pra’eks such as ken and tik! XD

  2. he’s decent, there are better pictures of him. but can’t say about his acting cuz i haven’t seen any of his work yet. ch. 7 lakorns suck that’s why lol

  3. Aahhummmm…… I don’t knoe … I really don’t knoe…. Pra Aek?! It’s a No No!!! Sorry :S!!!!!

  4. That is a really bad picture of him and I didn’t like him whn I first knew him, but I’ve watched all his work and he is really cute and playful. His singing is to die for! All of his first 3 lakorns have aired all together.
    I hope he rises and shines more! 😀

  5. He may look girly but really, he’s really handsome and cute.
    He’s a pretty good Actor. So good that it made me become a fan of his! Lol
    Porshe is someone you should give a chance! eheheh

  6. he plays with weir and jui warrataya..u know?…the new movie that just came out??…well yeah…he’s pretty good,not bad ;D…i think the movie’s called mae nam moon.its somethin like that

  7. LOL, I think he’s pretty adorable. I didn’t like him either at first but when I started watching his work, his acting is really good for a beginner and he’s a baby face like Nadech. I consider both newcomers talented/handsome/cute. Porsche is catching my eye now however since both of his lakorns are airing right now. 😀 I hope he rises and does well!

  8. he’s decent looking just like mark but nothing to wow about. The new generation pra’eke got nothing compared to the old generation, even though they look more modern but they aren’t as good looking. I can barely name a good looking pra’eke at the moment and no ken isn’t even all that good looking compared to tik and pete.

  9. I’m pretty sure that picture up ther of him is from when he first joined. He’s now looking more grown up. What I like about him is his personnality,smile, h laughs for no reason, his singing, and very tall. Porshe fans would know this. I agree, give the guy a chance and check out his work. You might be impressed about his acting and singing.

  10. Porshe is one of the newcomers that should be given a chance. I wasnt too sure about him at first but the more i followed his work. the more i like him….he is very talented …and has pon sawan in singing. check him out before critizing…and the pic posted does not justify his look….he is actually really handsome….so for the ppl that is judging a book by its cover pick it up and read it 1st….check out his work look khon,sanae bangkok,mon ruk mae nam moon….he has done other projects but since we are talkin lakorn these are three so far….as far as comparing him to other actors in the industry no one can replace anyone….they are their own person with their own talent a character to bring to the industry for us to enjoy…i wish him the best and believe that he will rise in the lakorn world.

  11. This isn’t a good picture of him. If you’ve seen his other photoshoots, behind the scene shots, or lakorns, you would think “Wow, he’s cute!” Everyone says he looks like Weir but I think Porsche looks better…and kinda reminds me of Tik’s younger brother, Tun Pholdee. His acting is pretty good for a newcomer and like someone mentioned above, “his singing is to die for”!

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