“Yoomiin” Reveals She Secretly Dated “Film” For More Than A Year And A Half!

Returning back to Thailand not so long ago, it seems like “Film” Rattapoom Tokongsup has a lot on his hands already when “YooMiin” Tavikan Kunchon revealed her once relationship with Film and that they both had secretly dated for more than a year and a half!

Former contestant for ‘Teen Superstar’, “Yoomiin” Tavikan revealed her secret relationship with the young singer and continued to reveal that at the time she did not know about Annie (Annie Brook) before hand because Film never mentioned her, but did explain it to her after the incident occurred.

“If  you’re asking me how I felt when I found out? I was shocked because that whole time I looked at him like he was my future and I sketchily told him that before. I have never cared about his news with others. When we love someone we don’t care if they’re horrible, we can overlook that. Everyone can make mistakes and all that we ask for is that today or in the future they’re good to us. Being that same person they were towards us, that’s all.”

“At that moment I took a deep breath already, but he wasn’t fully at 100 like I was. I can understand that because he’s a superstar and he doesn’t have time to use his life like a normal person. Even if he loved someone truly all he could do was call and talk to them on the phone which I was OK with because I didn’t force him or want more from him.”

Yoomiin also goes on to say that she has no intentions in leeching off of Film’s fame.

“In the year and a half that we were seeing each other, if I was leeching of of his fame, I would have brought myself into the picture when the scandal was of interest. That wasn’t it. I saw him as my special someone and I tried to protect his feelings. We rarely take pictures together, never asked for him to take me shopping, watch movies, but there might be times when we go eat at small restaurants that didn’t have many people. But the most we could do was meet at home because he has to care about his fan club, society, and many other things. It wasn’t like, I only loved this person (and did everything for them.)” — Yoomiin said.

[Source via Sanook!]

17 responses to ““Yoomiin” Reveals She Secretly Dated “Film” For More Than A Year And A Half!

  1. She is a pretty girl. So she should forget about him and move on to someone who truly care about her feel.

  2. I don’t understand why Film or his boss made him keep his apparently multiple relationships with different people a secret, he wasn’t even popular at the time & I’m sure no one would mind. I remember his news with this girl & he shot it down it was so long ago.

  3. that film seems like a real scum bag. keeping multiple relationships. his “scandal” with his baby’s mama or i guess, not his baby’s mama seems to have some truth to it from the start. he came out the that pretty unscathed if you ask me. he and his PR team sure knows how to turn the table and make him look like the victim. you’ve got to applaud them for that. who knows, there’s probably more girls out there that he was two timing with.

  4. Film is and always will be a player. He uses women and throws them away. In the future, I think he will be more careful because the incident with Annie has scared him a bit.

  5. OoO girlfriend I have no idea what you trying to say lol um if he cheats on you once, twice, you think he will not do it again.

  6. dang!! film was doing annie, mai and this girl at the same time! and I bet ya janie was going to fall for him too if annie scandal didn’t happen.

    • I know right? She said she doesn’t want to use him for fame that’s why she kept quiet during the annie’s scandal, but what I don’t understand is why is she talking about it now? Is not like anyone knows about it. I think she is using his fame now considering what it did for annie. Film is a scumbag I don’t know why all this chicks want to date a guy like him. He had slept with a gay man for money and treat women like dirt since he can’t even acknowledge them he’s seeing them. It’s not like he’s all that popular now. Good thing Janie didn’t date him.

  7. She seems so intelligent and kind of classy the way she portrays herself with her words in this interview.

  8. Film is a real playboy and she has to forget about him !
    I like Film but if he continue like that so he will end alone

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