“Tanya” Hold Press Conference; Not Suing “Peck” or “Pinky”, But Divorce Will Continue

Famous actress, “Tanya” Tanyares and estranged husband, “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul held a press conference opening up about their situation to the public in the case of event that Tanya has filed for divorce from her estranged husband, “Peck” and the suing of younger actress, “Pinky” Savika Chaiyadej.

Tanya revealed that she did sue her estranged husband for a divorce settlement and the younger actress for compensation, but not to the point of 120 million baht like mentioned in the news. Tanya then goes on to say that she had withdrew her case after both parties had signed a mutual contract that both will have joint custody over their daughter “Liyah.” Both Tanya and Peck will adhere to their divorce and will sign papers when they are ready. Tanya said she also had withdrew her case towards “Pinky” Savika. One being that she wants all to end on good terms. Tanya will return back to The States on the 19th of May to pick up her daughter Liyah in order to return back to Thailand and if everything will end she will then return back to Thailand permanently and continue to work in the entertainment business.

[Source via Sanook!/INN News & Video and Image via Khaosod]

26 responses to ““Tanya” Hold Press Conference; Not Suing “Peck” or “Pinky”, But Divorce Will Continue

  1. Good for every side. Looks like they are both finally ready to move forward, but remain cordial for the sake of their daughter. The scary part is letting go, but once you let go, it’s like a ton of weight being lifted off ur chest. Tanya, I wish you well, a pretty woman like you will have no prob finding a good man. As for the others involved, karma will be knocking at ur front door.

  2. i was hoping she would sue both of those cheating, no good, piece of crap. she probably got a good divorce settlement and i wouldn’t be surprised if that settlement stipulated that she not sue pinky because why would she all of a sudden drop both cases?! oh well, to each her own.

  3. Wtf…. How could pinky and/ or Tanya do it???? He is so not worth fighting for!!! His eewwwwww…… Uuggglly!!!!

  4. Good acting by tanya,she soooooo nang aek in this press conference. Wow much feel like she did something good by not suing her husband and pinky.Big payout behind close door i bet.

  5. Tanya must be satisfied with the settlement behind closed doors. Probably enough for the amount of Peck and Pinky combined.

    Even if they wanted to move on, Pinky will have a hard time doing so with the public. Once she returned back to Thailand,, she will still be branded as a home wrecker. This is going to be the shadow that follows them.

  6. U know it was just weird n odd that she kept laughing rverytime peck tried to speak. Like WTF? Was she tryin to be funny? N find humor? Cuz it was inappropriate.

  7. yeah i thot it was wierd to like why would u laugh. cuz i thot it was a seriopus matter lol but yeah peck was swetin cuz hes in the hawt seat hahahah

  8. she mustve settled it behind close doors, or found out all along that she was blowing this way out of proportions. i still love pinky and i wish her the best. i even hope that she still gets to star in upcoming lakorn because she was good. so stop hating all you haters. aside personal and business matter, you know pinky was a good actress.

  9. She should still sue him and pinky! The emotional damage that she and her daughter experienced is worth every penny that she had initially planned to sue them for!

    • from the looks of it…she doesn’t seem to be suffering at all i thinks she’s pretty content with her life right now since she’s making a joke of her divorce maybe all it took was a good sum of money to end everything. Either way i wish the best for everyone, i hope this scandal is officially over for goodness sake obviously no one is taking it serious anymore

  10. she should have sued. but if shes happy with her settlement then its whatever. that guy.. ever since that clip of him claiming to kill her, it all went downhill. Welcome to the single world Tanya. youre gonna love it!

  11. the comment on “how big the deal is” only makes Tanya looks like a money hunger-er.I think she suffers enough.These news have been going on for about a year and a half now.I just can’t imagine how hard her life was during all these things.
    From the interview, I can see that she finally passed the hardest part of this mess. At this point,she is ready to move on.And that’s why she’s all happy and everything.I only hope she’ll be stronger and have a wonderful life after all these mess!!!

  12. FINALLY!! She divorces his ugly ass! Took long enough… geez…

    LOL Peck looks nervous sweating and drinking water hahaha XD

  13. He can finally be with pinky now lol. I’m glad it’s over now tanya can go find her a better looking man and I’m sure she got a big chunk of cash from peck lmao.

  14. What the hell is up with beautiful Thai women marrying or dating ugly looking Thai guys?!?! Til’ this day I still don’t understand it! Like Ann Thongprasom, she’s so beautiful, smart and talented…but is dating someone who looks like he can be mistaken for a family member or uncle. I don’t know, I guess it’s true when they say “looks doesn’t matter.” These women need to put their standards up higher.

    • simple.he gets big chunk of money, and may be Ann and Him already signed the marriage certification already,
      “look doesn’t matter might apply for some regular people , but not for celebrities,
      lol, so my point is , only enjoying their talent, their personal life, they just like us, some good, some bad, some horrible, and some are home-wreckers

  15. There is def a pattern in the courtship between unattractive men and beautiful female celebs in Thailand.  The men are either from highso families, filthy rich, or have connections to further the women’s career. So to say that these women look pass looks is half true. Rarely do I see these women date unattractive men that are from regular, blue collared families and that are outside of the socialite circle.   

  16. I’m a fan of Pinky from Malaysia. If the news of her being the ‘third party’ in Tanya & Peck’s Marriage is true, then what she did is wrong. But as human we do make mistakes. We can only be better when we learn from our mistakes. I just hope that all of them will move forward and continue with their life. As for Pinky, she deserves a second chance. I wish fans especially Thai’s will forgive her. It’s such a pity since she’s been in the industry since a child and she got such a big talent on her.

    To Dear Pinky, all the best to you and i will continue to be one of your fan.

    Love from Sabah, Malaysia.

  17. It’s sad…wow, I’d never thought Pinky was this naive and inconsiderate of making ethical wise decisions!?! Damaging a marriage is not a good reputation on her part at all. After all, he’s not plain worth all this commotion. haha* yes, Tanya, sue their asses! keke~

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