Rome Patchata has changed!

According to photographs and reviews on Rakdara – something is not quite the same on the face of channel 3’s leading actor “Rome” Patchata.

Rumours are claiming something along the line of “filler injection”. Apparently, Rome has gotten this enhancement done to his nose.

As we all know, his usual nose is not exactly flat to the face, Rome already has a high nose bridge to begin with. So his enhancement is purely to adjust the shape of his nose to make it more prominent. And as a result of this suspected cosmetic procedure, his whole facial appearance has altered.

Here are before and after photos posted on rakdara for comparison.

40 responses to “Rome Patchata has changed!

  1. i don’t know what he got, but he looks old and completely uncomfortable. is it the hair style (barf) or the makeup that makes him look so unflattering? it’s a bit sad if he had all those surgeries to end up looking like that because i really liked him! ;/

  2. his nose looks the same. too much powder in the recent photo. also, his eyes look smaller like he can barely keep them opened. he seems very tired. i see more lines under his eyes as well. poor guy probably doesn’t get much sleep.

  3. The nose is different. It is more difined. I think it’s sad to have to altered your looks a lot to feel like you belong. I think in the Thai industry is harsh, if you are not light skin or have sharp nose and big eyes.

    I think most (not all) if they are not mixed with something has gotten something done to themselves, which is unfortunate.

    • that’s makeup around his nose. dark makeup is used to shade the sides of nose to make it appear taller and slimmer.

  4. I can’t spot the differences but I can tell that he’s tired. He needs a break from the public’s eye and from lakorns. Maybe he should vacation for awhile and keep up with his health. He’s a talented man, no doubt, but he also needs to remember that he’s a human being that needs rest.

  5. rome did not get any cosmetic surgery.. i believe its because he is constantly accepting work and due to his heavy schedule he is not getting enough rest. if you look at his first photo he has heavy bags underneath his eyes.. he needs one year of rest and i guaranteed he will look well rested and handsome….

  6. I don’t know for sure if he did but his old picture looks better…But really, the guy needs rest. Look at his eyes, he’s worn out. A month off would make him look way better, I hope he gets to rest.

  7. sorry I’m just typing scribble for my name and stuff.He definitely got a nose job.I work at a plastic surgeon’s office.Many ppl don’t understand that ppl get surgery to improve their look with subtle changes, not drastic changes.He’s nose wasn’t really that tall, his bridge was flatter but not too flat but now it’s not.He looked better before.Just get more sleep.

  8. omg, rome is not handsome like he was before! and his bleached skin makes it worst. plus, he rarely get to rest when he has new lakorns filming back to back

  9. I seriously cannot tell the difference between these
    things.If they done anything with it or not.It all
    look the same to me.Unless something BIG actually chances.
    Then I can tell but if its not a BIG chance then I cannot
    tell the differences at all.

  10. I think he looks tired in the picture. The other picture looks like he was modeling so they must have photoshop it. I don’t see any difference except for the fact that Rome looks tired.

  11. I used to think he’s mixed, so it’s just nose job wow..
    Even though I’m not a fan of his, I think he’s the best looking channel 3 Praek coz channel 3 doesn’t have that many good-looking Praek like channel 7

  12. I use to think he was soo handsome. My mae is in love with and still is. He’s gain some weight too

  13. I can’t tell the difference, maybe he just aged that’s all but I agree he’s isn’t as good looking as before. Actually most of the old ch3 pra’eke isn’t good looking anymore like por t, aum a, grate, lome, mart, nott and ken they all either aged or got fatter.

  14. yupe.. he looks like an old man..
    i think nothing’s done to the nose.. but filler to his cheek..

  15. he looks like he’s Suranyu age. back in the days pr’eak in Dua Rang Atitan with Kob Suwanun.

  16. Honestly, the nose looks the same. Also, the angles of the two photos shown are different, so a nose looks different depending on the angle it’s seen from.

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