“Nong Matt”, The Adorable Son of Buachompoo

Being away from the media light, Buachompoo Ford Sahawat takes on the role of a full-time mother to her son, “Nong Matt.”

It might be due to the fact that Nong Matt is so darn adorable that Bua doesn’t want to go anywhere far from her precious son. Some may not have seen the face of Nong Matt yet, but here is your chance to oogle and ogle over how adorable he is.

[Source via Sanook/Images via TV Pool]

6 responses to ““Nong Matt”, The Adorable Son of Buachompoo

  1. He is too adorable,just want to squeeze him. lol. He looks like his mom more than dad. Though, bua is till so cute but looks like she aged a bit.

    • good that she aged, some stars just don’t ever. oh, what i do for those secrets of reversing aging formula–minus the knife that is.

    • I think every woman will age after becoming pregnant. Look at Noi Bussakorn. It seems like she aged sooo much!

  2. i agree that Nong Matt looks more like dad than mom. doesn’t matter who he looks like, mom or dad, he’s their adorable son.

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