New Pictures of “Pinky” Savika From Overseas;No Baby?

Although she’s trying to make an effort by furthering her studies in dance all the way overseas, but it seems like the wave of news and scandalous rumors of actress, “Pinky” Savika Chaiyadej won’t fade away from the media!

The latest news reported was that senior actress, “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul was getting ready to sue the young actress for “Person who is the root cause of her family dividing and destroying it” in the amount of 20 million THB (approx.660,851.01 USD). In addition to that it seemed like the news was never going to fade for Pinky when there was an audio clip leaked that said it was the voice of the young actress talking to a wealthy socialite, who happened to be the husband of senior actress, Tanya.

The main focus of the audio clip, where Pinky’s father came out to deny the conversation and said the clip was edited out, but left a suspicion towards the public because the woman that was believed to be Pinky, said she was pregnant which left fans and the public in shock and rumors spread like wildfire.

In order for the rumors to die down, Pinky uploaded pictures to her Facebook page showing everyone that she’s still thin and slender with no baby bump in sight (or a baby like rumored)!

[Source via Entertain Teenee]

56 responses to “New Pictures of “Pinky” Savika From Overseas;No Baby?

  1. sorry these pictures don’t prove anything. how is she still thin and slender? the first 2 pix it’s not showing her belly just her face and the last 2 she’s covered up. especially the last pix it really makes me look at her belly really hard.

    she needs to show off full figure with no sweater or jacket or not just her chest and up.

    • Agree! Doesn’t even show her tummy or anything and some very thin women dont start showing until 4-5 months. It would be pretty stupid of her to show a growing belly if she even had one. this is too obscure, no conclusion.

    • She really is stupid to think that uploading just pictures of her face and herself ALL COVERED UP will dismiss rumors of her being pregnant. I’m not even going to say she should have some sense or knowledge by showing pictures of herself in something fitted to stomp those rumors about her because she obviously didn’t have the sense to avoid a married man and respect his wife and family.

    • hahahahaha what are we laughing at? that these pictures have no proof to the fact if she’s pregnant? haahahahha i want to laugh too!

  2. according to pinky’s fb she uploaded it last month! lol it still doesn’t prove anything either.

  3. studying dancing oversees? got all that free money and time, might as save up for that law suit instead.

  4. Those are all covered up pics. The last pic she is wearing a sweater and that is the best cover up. She would be stupid to get pregnant just to hold onto a man that didn’t want to leave his wife for her in the first place.

    She should remained overseas for a while…long while. Her carrer will never be the same in Thailand again. Gosh, wish the girl would be smarter. She has beauty, young and talent. She easily could make her own money and a lot of it but foolishly got herself tangled up with a married man and ruined her future.

    Oh, well, she has to pay the price for her action. Like they say, if you play you pay.

  5. those pictures cant prove anything. those pix can be taken long time andd she just havent uploaded it. i would like her to take a picture with a recent newspaper or magazine with the date on it or a picture that shows the date of when the picture was taken or with a picture of her with just a tank top on or something that is tight fitted. now that will prove that she aint 😀

  6. Wait I thought the last time she was interview her hair was really short. How come in the pictures it is long?

  7. If she is pregnant, she might be the ones who don’t show. She’s skinny so pregnant or not, she’ll still be skinny looking. That sweater is doing her no justice. Take it off! lol jk

    And why is she studying dancing for? Just wondering.

  8. The big press conference with Tanya and Peck is tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

    Side note, I’m so happy DL is back! I rely on you ladies so much for my Thai ET news fix. Thank you for all that you do 🙂

  9. She might’ve already abortion the baby for all we know. Although I seriously hope she did not.

  10. Whenever i see her, i see a whore. I can never look at her the same again. She looks kind of pregnant in the last pic.

  11. What a load of BS! People needs to leave her alone! And that Tanya girl needs to grow up and realize that it’s not Picky’s fault for her family to fall apart…it was bound to happen sooner or later!…and people still believe Picky is the bad one?…ignorant people needs to grow up!

    • What? How is Pinky not bad here? She fully knew Peck was married but she went ahead and had an affair with him anyway. I don’t know what your definition of “bad” is but that is beyond horrible.

      • Where’s the prove?…One thing I do see here is Peck’s wife Tanya spreading news everywhere she can. This woman aka high school chick needs to talk a lot less and spend more time solving her family problems…I hope this woman realizes that what she’s doing is not benefiting her or her family.

        • i kinda have to agree with you, i am not at all saying that Pinky did it or not or who’s guilty of what i honestly can care less about her/his/their who evers baby mama drama/personal life or any celebrities really, i just admire their work but seriously when are people in general going to learn that people/media will feed on whatever information you put out there yourself especially on the internet! it is forever! so i find it complete bogus that right after leaked videos and numerous interviews she states that she just wants it all to end and go away, it will never go away is someone keeps talking i mean by all means get your justice but do it privately

          • Even though Pinky NEVER denied that she knew Peck, but Peck did admit he had an affair with Pinky in one of his interviews. Search him up on DL & you’ll see why she keeps running away. Know the truth.

        • What kind of proof do you want? A picture of them sleeping together? Or is that still not solid evidence enough?

          Their phone convos and interviews give away the type of relationship they have. You don’t need anymore than that to figure out what’s going on.

        • I can’t blame Tanya for what she did. She probably thought, and correctly too, that by releasing the tapes she would embarrass Peck and Pinky. Peck would lose what little of his reputation was left and Pinky would no longer be a favored n’ek. She was hurt and angry. So before you call her petty or say that she’s an immature “high school chick”, put yourself in her shoes.

          She’s dedicated her life to loving and raising a family with Peck, despite his faults. And he can’t keep his fly up and Pinky can’t keep her legs closed. I would have probably reacted the same way or worse.

          Pinky deserves everything she’s gotten as a result of this situation. I hope that Tanya can move past this and she and her daughter can have a happy, healthy future. Finding someone who will truly love her would be great too!

  12. people dont be so negative. wait for the fact then do yours bitching. Pinky don’t have to prove anything.

    • she doesnt have to prove anything, but the fact is, shes trying too, its just that no one is believing her and her proof arent working for her…shes the one uploading pictures of herself to try to prove to the world that she isnt pregnant, but who knows when those pictures were taken

    • too..i dunno..even i know about her scandals etc..but i still like her..she’s an great actress…god luck for her..

  13. ummm these don’t prove ANYTHING! it doesn’t prove that she’s not pregnant nor does it prove that she is so lets wait for some actual proof before we start speculating and bashing her. I hope she comes out and makes some sort of response to this because it would be soooooooo funny if it wasn’t even her Sor 7 was talking about

  14. baby or no, we all know she’s a immoral skank who couldn’t keep her thighs clamped together for an equally immoral and fugly married guy. there doesn’t need to be a baby born out of wedlock from their affair to show us her guilt. she’s already guilty! hopefully the rumors of tanya suing her is true and i hope she gets what she deserves, may it be in a few days, weeks, months, or years. karma will eventually catch up and when it does it hurts pretty bad!

    • oh and how tacky is that leopard coat that she’s wearing?! i guess tacky like the person who’s also wearing it too! reminds me of all of those hookers on law and order and csi shows. just saying, i’m not trying to be mean here.

  15. For one thing. Pinky face look chubbier and glowing. Take a pix with your tummy with thin layer of clothes. A slut will always look like a slut.

    • Oh! Good eyes rainbow4life. I have heard that when some woman face get chunkier and ive seen pregnant woman glowing.

  16. Sorry, I don’t believe not one bit that Pinky is pregnant! Tanya is bitter and heartbroken to point of greed. That voice on that tape can very well be any woman Peck screwed in the last few months but Tanya wants put it all on Pinky to get some money. Everytime a female celebrity goes aboard to study people start assuming she is pregnant. Until its proven Pinky had an abortion or given birth then that’s the only way I’m going to believe Tanya’s rant. This whole mess getting old and only people that keep bringing it up is either Tanya or the media. Pinky’s career is completely over what more do she want? I wouldn’t wish my worse enemy to be living on the streets! That’s just evil thinking I don’t care how you put it.

    • Pinky isn’t living on the street, she seem fine to me…I dun really care if she is r isn;t pregant..the point of the matter is her whole PURPOSE of posting the pix is PROOF she isn’t..if she got nothing to hid then Ignore it…ppl like speculate no matter what, she not even in thailand…Anyone would be bitter too if it happen to her…Greedy? She can get plenty of $$ from her baby daddy…I think she suing Pinky for a statement…Like some ppl are doing in AMERICA…they sue the OTHER women…In a sense to deter them from doing so as there will be more ramification then just drama and what hit ppl worse…the pocket $$$$

  17. In the picture where she’s in the snow, she looks like a witch with the red lipstick. 😛

  18. that picture of pinky in that leopard jacket is hella long ago. ive seen that picture before. i think it was when she was filming for her “bollywood” or “tollywood” movie. it wass from pretty sure that picture is not recent.

  19. “Person who is the root cause of her family dividing and destroying it”

    LOL! This statement is sooooooo not true. Peck was a player even before Pinky came in the picture. Peck is the root.

  20. regardless to what pinky did or didnt do. i love her and her lakorns. so what if she cant act no more, they just lost one good nang ek. and for all of those who are calling her names, you should hold off on those until you have actual proofs. cuz you know you’re going to feel bad if they were all lies. and i know yall love her lakorns too, so stop hating. smh

    • I agree!!! I love her lakorns and miss that she’s not acting anymore especially with Weir(^-^)

  21. all i can say, is that ” it takes two to tango” so we cant put the blame all on her, Tanya’s husband also shares(or should share) a large part of the blame. I like Pinky, and wish her all the best.

    • Um of course she is not to be blamed alone. It’s just this article is dedicated to Pinky lol so of course you are gonna think people are only bashing her, you are completely wrong lol

  22. man i feel bad for her, but first thing first ur an actress…don’t get involve with a married man. Understand?

  23. I don’t understand why everyone hates her so damn much. She’s gorgeous and I don’t think she had an affair with that ugly rich guy. It’s like the prettier you are, the more hater you’ll have. Leave her alone she’s only human. Why sue Pinky, it’s so freaken ridiculous.

  24. I dont think people understand her. As an actress it’s just remours b/c they all jealous of her. Pinky now very famous now and day. Pinky know better than anybody else do. Pinky will never involves to a guy whose married. Pinky know what is right besides she’s very popular too. So people don’t being hateful. Pinky will be always Pinky. Love PurlpleKiwi

  25. omg. pinky is one of my favorite actress. with all this rumor, im shocked! don’t know what to believe. although it does take two tangle, but it doesn’t matter. we are only human, we all make mistakes. give the girl a break. human are not perfect.

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