Teaser for “Tard Rak”;Airs on 25th of May

The romantic/comedy period drama stars, “Smart” Krissada, “Cherry” Khemupsorn, Janie, and “Por” Thissadee which is managed by “Da” Haruthai (also managed ‘Wanida’). This Thai version of ‘The Prince and The Pauper’ will sure make fans screaming for more with the outstanding cast to the script.If you’re a fan of the leading casts or a fan of cute, quirky love stories you’ll be sure to like ‘Tard Rak’ also.

[Source via Pantip and Upyim]

21 responses to “Teaser for “Tard Rak”;Airs on 25th of May

  1. wow..but i dont really enjoy smart lakorns that he did old time, and also his hair looks so ugly and i understand that’s it’s the period hair, so whatever i’ll try to see it if i like it..

    • Are you referring to the hair in the first picture? That was only for the fitting, but looking at the teaser, I think they changed it.

  2. Although I do like Smart and Cherry in their first lakorn, I am not a fan of the pairing nor their love line in this lakorn. I am a Por-Janie shipper lol I want to see how their relationship develop. Por has feeling for the princess, and Janie starts to get a bit greedy with wanting the prince. And the thing is how will this two come to develop feelings is more fascinating lol

  3. I’ve been waiting forever for this lakorn! It’s finally gonna air 😀
    The storyline is really interesting. It’s gonna be dramatic and hardcore! ;P lol

  4. YAY!!! It’s finally coming out! I have been waiting
    for so long so this lakorn can be done and start
    airing! Gosh,I cannot wait!!! Love Janie,Por, Cherry,
    and Smart!!!

  5. Oh, My, I’m not much a fan of any of them. I did like Mart in Wan Jai but that’s about it with him. His hair in his is a bit off…well, more like a lot off. Cherry looks like she could be a big sister to Mart and Por. But she does have pretty skin and hair. 🙂

    I think both men does not suit period lakorn.

  6. I soo can’t wait for Tard Rak
    can’t wait to see Mart and Cherry again 🙂

  7. not a fan of cherry i like mart with janie better but the lakorn looks good. janie’s lakorns are always good.

    • second here, I like all janie’s lakorns, and her acting ‘s getting better and better, besides she looks extremely gorgeous as she’s aging

  8. Yay!! I’m so excited that it’s going to premier soon!!! It looks good and the pairing of both pra’nang matches too…. Can’t wait can’t wait 🙂

  9. 55555. smart, da split in the middle cracks me spitting.

    rom com + period + in a thai lakorn = unprecendented!!!

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