Pancake and Weir to Meet Again in Another Lakorn?

After they both have parted and gone their separate ways, it was reported that the bosses of Channel 7 are preparing for Weir Sukollawat and “Pancake” Khemmanit will be returning to work with one another again.

“Right now there isn’t anything that is certain. I’ll have to wait for the channel to tell me once again. As for what lakorn they’ll put us in together? Well that will have to be up to the bosses and if our fan club will support us or not. If we were to pair up once again, it’ll be up to the bosses.” Pancake was quoted saying.

[Source via absolutegossip]

29 responses to “Pancake and Weir to Meet Again in Another Lakorn?

  1. Why are they getting pair up? They didn’t have chemistry when they were dating what makes them think they’ll have it now. I hope this does not happen.

  2. ARGh. i guess she and Weir hvent talked ever since their “so-called break up”…and it feels like she doesnt even want to see or work with Weir.

  3. yay, if it’s true, i’m happy…pancake and weir reunite will be famous, but will have alot of…but then yeh if they’re back again, i’m happy with it…

  4. I don’t think their, especially his, fanclubs will support this. His fanclubs will probably cheer for the nangrai. hehe

  5. I thought this was a faults information but maybe its
    true.Maybe the bosses are taking to pair them up again
    so they can go back to be together again in real life.

  6. What he needs to do is pair up with Mai Davika some more. Not Uglycake, I mean Pancake.

  7. I have watched a “Weir-Pancake” lakorn but I didn’t see the sparks/chemistry between them. I rather have him pair with Kwan since I believe they have a better chemistry. But, if they do decide to do one, I don’t think I want to watch it since I’m not a fan of Pancake (her acting is mediocre//I’ve seen better). Hence, it’ll be hard for me to see her in a drama even if it’s w/ Weir (he’s soo dreaming~~).

  8. If that is true, i’m sorry i won’t watch that lakorn coz it’s too awkward plus Pancake never looks attractive to me, she’s just skinny n tall that’s it, her face is too plain to an actress.
    Plz have Mai or Kwan take the role instead, that would be awesome !

  9. yeah rub it in for vier. this is definitely not a good idea. whatever i ain’t watching anything with flatface anyways.

  10. If the fan clubs will support them? Why does she even bring em up? She’s the one who disappointed them. I’ve never liked Weir and Pan’s dramas together. I don’t think their chemistry is that great. Which is a shame.

  11. I don’t think so, they broke-up with each other wont it be awkward? I’m sure that many fans wont be supporting this, the ‘bosses’ should stop doing this now its getting tiring…

  12. Noooooooo….so terrible to hear that.
    Why the boss is soooo…..
    OMG.They just break up.Why force them work together?
    There are so many actress in the channel..anyone is better than that one.

  13. whoa. so much non-fans of pan. well anyways, thank goodness that i love pan and weir.i will very much support them working together again. And I find Pancake to be very attractive. 🙂

  14. When I watched the video of this interview, she didn’t seem so pleased. After all she is the one who denied their relationship never happening.
    I prefer Weir with Mai! <3333 Or anyone else besides Pan please!

  15. The broke up wasn’t pleasant, why force them to work together again,,even Pancake n her mother have moved on already n they even denial any close relationship with Weir,,,even Alexander from lakorn of “Pleng ruk rim fung kong” has more chemistry with Weir even she is Laos-Bulgarian,,lol

  16. why???doesn’t it seem unrealistic when these two are put together now? after all that’s happened? anyways, i’m not looking forward to these two anymore, really not a fan of pancake, only watches her lakorn when she acts with my favorite actor but i’ll skip this one.

    pair wier back with kwan, love them so together.

  17. he need to pair up with pinky savika but too bad i hope the fansclub from his side and pinky heard it.

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