Top 10 Asian Countries With The Most Handsome Men in Asia

Do you want to know which country in Asia is ranked in with the most delicious (er..handsome) men in Asia? A recent top 10 list came out ranking which country had the most or considered the country with the most handsome men.

How the men in each country are rated:

  • Face and appearance must be completely and shapely perfect
  • Eyes must be shaped like an almond
  • Beautiful complexion
  • Nose must be prominent with bar that is short, but long to be considered attractive
  • Body must be in physical and great condition
  • Having charms that are appealing

1. Taiwan

2. Japan

3. Thailand

4. Hong Kong

5. China

6. Korea

7. Vietnam

8. Philippines

9. Singapore

10. Malaysia

[Source via Sanook/Top 10 Thailand]

177 responses to “Top 10 Asian Countries With The Most Handsome Men in Asia

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  1. #2 is takahasi he is from Japan though he does do movie with taiwan/china…#5 he look familiar I forget his name, china, taiwan & HK actor sometime work together…so that probably is confusing

    • Takeshi Kaneshiro does do movie with taiwan/china.
      Love loveeee him tooo (=
      I always thought he was cute in the movie
      with Cecilia Chung and Ekin Cheng.

    • #2 His name is Kaneshiro Takeshi,a person of mixed blood with Taiwan and Japan.1973 born in Taipei.He was a singer at first in Taiwan,then went to Japan to do drama and movie.

  2. #5 is jay chou.

    edison chen is hong kong based, jay chou is mainland china based, and #1.. is from taiwanese boyband f4 (i forgot his name)

    if you read they’re not basing it on the pictures ok.. they are basing it on the countries but use the pictures for visual so before you jump down someone’s throat, read!

  3. I disagree especially for phillippines, what happened to Gerald Anderson, Piolo Pascual, and sam Milby. They pick the one that’s just came out. He is not even a breakout star.

  4. I disagree with the pictures. Ken is the best out of them all! Is that edison chen from hong kong? Ew, dude will never go on my list with his sex scandals! Korea so gay and i know japan has better looking men.

  5. Yay, at least Thailand is up there somewhere. I was worried that Korea would beat us at first.

  6. I got to defend Korea! They do fan service and they are not afraid that they will get bash with gay rumors. They are not Thailand where they will label all men [male celebrities] gay! Yeah they may act girly and wear makeup but so does the rest of the male celebrities in other countries.

    • 97% of Korean celeb are doing plastic surgery.. This is not talking about how entertaining they are. This is talk about how they actually look. Yea our country do have a real handsome but admit it. Only 3% from 100 that actually really born with it. (I am Korean)

  7. hahaha what a joke this list is!! who came up with it anyway? LMAO come on, taiwan?! crap, the guys are really feminine looking. has this what asia has come to? drooling over “guys” that look borderline feminine?! oh that guy you folks listed for korea!? haha what a whole lot of barf! he’s the worst of the list representing the respective countries. at least do korea justice by posting up a picture of won bin or something. now, he’s something women would agree on.

    let’s just say that it’s not countries, but individuals that sways me. ok, i might be a bit, well a lot biased since my preference for masculine looking guys, but not macho dudes! ken, what a hottie! takeshi, hottie too! and that guy from the Philippines, woot! what a hot body! the others are too feminine for me.

    • You must not know all the Taiwanese stars. I haven’t seen one that is feminine. In Korea, I’ve seen loads.

    • It depends on your taste in men. Dont diss feminine men, they are attractive in their own way same as manly men. It really depends on your taste. Recently I’ve been leaning more to Korea their REALLY good at entertaining people. I’ve watched dramas, Varieties and MV’s of all those countries, but Korea wins me. But srly you dont put Jang-geun-Suk there to represent Korea even if his handsome. I believe there all have their ways of being attractive.

      Why cant feminine men be handsome?

      • i am biased towards feminine guys as i have a preference for more masculine looking guys. i didn’t really mean to bash them. ok, i lied, i meant to. haha i’ve tried to find feminine men attractive (believe me, i’ve tried), but i just can’t bring myself to do it. the whole ultra feminine or the whole metro-sexual thing is a huge turnoff, but i’m not into the whole macho dude thing either. just keep a balance then it’s all good! no doubt, kdramas are one of the more entertaining and creative dramas when compared to other asian dramas. as for feminine guys, to each her own!!

        • Yup, I agree to everything you said. Nowadays, guys are going for the feminine look…uh…weird. They may be handsome, but they are just not my taste. I prefer a guy who is handsome and has a built body, not so much like those bodybuilders, just somewhat macho. I don’t wanna date a guy who’s prettier than…nope. Might as well come out of the closet right? Haha. Jk, jk. No offense to anyone.

          • Ok I also agree on what u guys say but really Koreans have non feminine guys also we actually have a lot in my opinion I mean the bodies have u SEEN 2PM’s body? Or Choi Minho?? Like there are a lot other guys that are very muscular n very handsome in Korea

      • Di2&#n8d17;t know if I wanted to read this after losing my dog to cancer last year. But I’m glad to see the happy ending. Hershey will pay you back many times over!

  8. Thai has the most handsome-Korean has the most cute
    Dont know about the rest but china is ok

  9. How I Would Rate the Men:

    * Face and appearance must be completely and shapely perfect (Tie between Japanese & Korean Men)
    * Eyes must be shaped like an almond (Indian Men)
    * Beautiful complexion (All… it totally varies; light/dark liking?)
    * Nose must be prominent with bar that is short, but long to be considered attractive (Don’t know?… I look at the whole package)
    * Body must be in physical and great condition (Chinese and Korean Men)
    * Having charms that are appealing (Chinese (warm), Japanese (mysterious), Korean (friendly/fun))

  10. In my point of view, P’Ken is the most handsome man is Thailand ! Very talented too
    I like Vic Zhou tooooo !

  11. #2 – Takeshi Kaneshiro – Japanese father, chinese mother. For the majority he stars in Chinese films with very sparse Japanese projects. The choice is kinda weird… I’d think they would pick a guy who was more active in Japan and where people would recognize instantly that they came from Japan.

    #5 – Jay Chou was actually born and raised in Taiwan. Started and rose to fame in Taiwan and his music eventually spread to mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc and Asia.

    #7 – Chan Than San – Didn’t he have like plastic surgery big time?P But I suppose it doesn’t matter whether he got plastic surgery or not if we’re just talking about what is supposedly ideally handsome right?

    And I’m sorry, but there are so many good looking korean men out there, but Jang Geun Suk?? Not that he isn’t good looking, but he’s too feminine to be considered handsome for my taste. Cute, but not handsome.

  12. I wonder who rated it, it’s nonsense, every country has handsome n ugly guys, u can’t just assume it like that

    • Thai citizens/whoever visits the website that the poll was conducted of course(source referenced in the article). Kinda like if this website were to conduct a poll, we would be the ones voting.

      Agree. Each and every country in the world has its “beauties & beasts” but its all for entertainment (just to kill time) anyways. Like how Miss America, Universe, World, etc. is nonsense.

  13. Gosh, all those guys just made that Korean guy look so ugly! I do not like that guy. Seriously, they should have chose someone better. The guy from Singapore, he looks SO familiar! Where is he from?? I’ve seen him in a movie or something before!

    • The actor from Singapore is Leon Jay Williams. He was in the Taiwanese dramas “Heaven’s Wedding Gown” and “My Lucky Star”.

      • THAT’S RIGHT!!!! I recognize his smile.He WAS from My lucky star. He played the older brother that died later on. Lol. I’ve actually seen Heaven’s Wedding Gown too. Hahaha. It’s been so long since I’ve watched taiwanese dramas.

  14. Ken is the most handsome one. The one who ACTUALLY looks like a guy.
    Although I do like some of ’em, Ken is the BEST.

  15. @7 Chan Thanh San is a joke! He’s not good looking, just plastic.. Oh well, guess he’s active in Thai..
    Vic and Jay Chou, i love them!! But for Japan, can they choose someone else? Like Yamapi, Miura,…?

    • @mimy4115 hehehe I agree with Yamapi/Miura, but more towards Miura! lol.. or maybe Akanishi Jin too…

      • &qtn.;..u.Aod that raises the final question. Who are we really selling democracy to and why?"We are the snake oil salesman of democracy because we need the black gold possessed by the Middle East chumps. Damn it.. I hate it when religion gets in the way.

      • he is hansen lee from tv8..hes actor model…are u malay why u dont know? me im from manila but i knew the guy????come on malaysian people plz proud your own countryman lahhh..ahahahaha

  16. Well I’m gald Taiwan made the first because they look the manliest although some men are quite feminine looking, like Aaron Yan, and Wu Chun. I don’t really like some korean dudes because of their girly looks. Some korean like Lee Min Ho is my type though. Oh in my opinion out of all these guys I like Ken the best ^^^^

  17. um should have renamed it top 10 Asian men amongst 10 Asian countries.These are not all Asian countries.

  18. How come Cambodia not on the list?
    ya’ll better take that back!..
    I bet ya Cambodian guy in the States 10x handsome then all them GAY ass actor and singer from Asia heh3… sorry for the HATED just being real that all lol.

  19. Top ten countries with the hottest men? Isn’t all the countries consisted of the Whole Asia. Of course Laos, Cambodia, etc was left out but it’s basically the whole Asia continent have hot men. – if you know what I’m saying.

    Sorry to say but I think Thai and Korean should be at the top two.

  20. I’m happy to see Thai #3, although I prefer them as #1. I find Thai stars more appealing then others.
    When i read the “eyes must be shaped like and almond, I actually thought of almonds as the guy eyes ;P
    There are a lot of Thai stars now who are very good looking and have the perfect shape!
    I though Korea would be first because of how their music is EVERYWHERE, but Thailand kicked them right off! 😀

  21. i LOVE LOVE LOVE Takeshi Kaneshiro ^^

    i was kinda surprised that Korea was that low on the list, i thought it would make Top 3.

    But hey, glad Thailand was number 3 =)

    • please study world geography, philippines is a country, its a group of islands, situated at south east asia. this is really a lame comment but i cant help myself correcting you.
      oh by the way i dont know how this list came up but im from Philippines and I dont know who no.8 is. there are many better looking Filipino celebrities/actors/models than him (whoever he is).

  22. june, phillipines is a part of asia. they even said it themselves. I would think korea would be higher. thailand has the best lookin celebs.

  23. This mmust be the list:

    1. korea
    2. taiwan
    3. thailand
    4. philippines
    5-6. china/hongkong
    7-8. singapore/malaysia
    9. vietnam
    10. japan

    Why korea? damn, i can name 50 hot korean male stars. they are plenty of handsome men in there. That was actually paradise…. in china and other countries, i can only name few. Some of them just look the same…

    Why japan? I’m still on search of a handsome japanese guy. I’ve seen a lot of series and movies but i can find any gorgeous guy. Yamapi and ken were cute ones, but not really hot compare to the hearthrobs of korea and taiwan.

    Anyway, here’s my list;
    0. Won bin= he’s a god, no question
    1. jangeunsuk= the most handsome guy on earth
    2. jo in sung
    3. jo hyeun jae
    4. jang dong gun
    5. jun ji hon

    1. jay chou= the most talented guy i know
    2. ming dao
    3. ethan ruan/mark chao
    4. Eddie peng
    5. Wu chun

    1. piolo pascual
    2. coco martin= damn
    3. dingdong dantes
    4. gerald anderson
    5. aljur abrenica

    1. mario maurer
    he’s the only one i know LOL

  24. Agree with Taiwan/Hong Kong/China being the first. Not to sound like a hater, but I don’t agree that Thailand should be in the top 5. Most of the celeb is bilingual with western. The last on the list would have been India. I find most male Indian celeb is either fat, bald, beer belly, really dark circle eyes or the whole combination. This ain’t pizza, so combination here is a big no no.

    • . i dont agree with u dreanland about indian celebs……….indian men are goodlooking…………same goes to pakistanis ……..i dont see other countries of asia in list…….but………………………………………………………chinese are the best ones.

  25. I think they got the info from Forbs or fortune magazine, not sure but the rank is not made by the Thai themselves. I agree with it, Koreans have height and good bodies but they need plastic surgery. Jap has looks but lack height. Taiwanese has both height and looks. Thais look good because most of them are mixed. I mean general Thais are mixed, not only celebs, they’re all mixed.

  26. So sad…. Malaysia is the last…. #10?
    and I don’t even know the guy who represents Malaysia here… :D!

    I agree Taiwan being #1. But Vic is too skinny… I think Mike He is the best.
    #2 should go to Thailand!!!
    and #3 should be Hong Kong!

    Anyway that is my Top 3…

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