“Mak” Prin Waits For Call Back, Wants To Play in ‘Prisana’

Phra Aek with the “golden queue” revealed that he did not get contacted to be in the lakorn ‘Prisana’, but if he was chosen to play the role of “Tarn Chai Poj” he would be happy and would be thankful if chosen.

“For this drama, I have not been contacted yet, but if I was to play in it, I’d be happy and thankful that they have chosen me. I’ve heard that P’Tik (Jessadaporn Pholdee) starred in the previous one and from my personal view point, I am still new with acting. I want to work with many directors and if I do get to play it I would be happy.”

[Source via Khao Sod/Entertain Teenee]

29 responses to ““Mak” Prin Waits For Call Back, Wants To Play in ‘Prisana’

  1. Sorry, I hope he doesn’t get a call back for this role. Any role would be fine by me just not this one.

  2. no offense I hope he doesn’t get call back too, he doesn’t fit the prince role and isn’t good looking and manly enough to be playing tik.

  3. I think if they were to contact him to play Tun Chai it would be a great opportunity for him. However, in my opinion he does not fit the character. He doesn’t look old enough to play a 30 year old man and his acting is up to par yet. If I were to choose the actor that I think could fit the role I would choose Ken or Chakrit, even Aun Witiya I think would fit better than Mark.

    As for the character of Prissana, I would have to agree with everyone else about Yaya. I think her personality and her demeanor fit well with that of Prissana.

    If they really want Mark for this role, I would suggest they hold off for another few years so that he can age, both mentally and physically.

    • It’s like with Om cast as Khun Luang in Tawee Pope, I was so disappointed because I think Om is too young for that role. And don’t even get me started on Pancake as Maneejun. As much as I love Om and Mark, they won’t be right in those roles for me. At least for the role of Tun Chai, there’s still time to look for the right person, it’s too late for Khun Luang.

      I really hope they do good with this role, and all the roles as this lakorn is my absolute favorite, I can watch it over and over. It would be a dream come true if Tik was cast again, he and Yaya would be soooo cute! The have to get the supporting roles as well as the main couple right or else it just won’t work.

      • LoL So disappointed in the cast of Tawee Pope, im am so afraid of the remake of Ban Xai Thong. I remember hearing Pancake rumored for Poh…eekkk!

        Anyways Mak said he “HEARD” tik played this role before-hand..wondered if he ever watched it?? lol I was quite young when I watched Prissana, but I’m older than Mak, hmm…

      • OMG..I loved the old Tawee Pope..but sadly, they already ruined the cast for the new version and it hasn’t even aired yet. I’m passing up this version. Don’t want my original Tawee Pope fairytale dream to get ruined. I still want to travel through an enchanted mirror to meet someone like Tua Saranyu. SIGH…..

  4. I think they should go for a young pra’ek except with older features. Tik was just 23 when he did this lakorn and even though Mark seems to be a hot commodity right now, they should atleast wait a couple of years for him to progress or choose an actor that’s already well experienced.

  5. I agree with all of you here in this discussion forum. Mark apparently doesn’t fit the pra-ek role in Prisana because he look too young. I prefer pra-eks who is looking mature and old enough to portray the character in this lakorn.

  6. seriously I don’t know why people are so against Mark playing this role. I actually want to see him play this role. It’s like a challenge for him and I want him to be able to prove to people that he’s a talented actor and can act any role young or old. shoot Tik was hecka young too when he acted in Prisana so I don’t really know what people are complaining about. I’m really anticipating Mark’s acting cause I know for sure that with the right director his full potential s an actor will really shine.

    • don’t worry everybody’s still gonna watch it and say “i was wrong about him” lol it’s always like that. mark is handsome. he’ll do fine.

  7. i really hope chatchai doesnt contact him for this role. im fine with mark but not in this role as tan chai. having him play as a tan chai would be a joke because he has a baby face and he wont pass as a tan chai. pra’ek and nang’ek isnt suppose to look the same age.

  8. Oooo…Ken and Yaya, I would definitely watch! Chakrit and Yaya, I would definitely watch too.

  9. I like Mark and all but he has such a baby face. Even his voice and the way he speaks sound young. I watched Tik/Teya’s version of Prisana like 20 times. This was when I noticed Tik and then went back to watch all of his lakorns before Prisana. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tik play Tan Chai again. Yaya reminds me of Teya a bit. I think they can pass as cousins or even sisters. Tik was 23 when he played but I believe Teya was only 14. This age gap made Tik’s role believable since they were 9 years apart. Aren’t Mark and Yaya only a few years apart? But really, the age gap doesn’t matter to me. It’s the fact that he has such a BABY face. Tik has always looked more on the mature side to me, even at 23. It’s his mannerism and the way he speaks…He just makes such a great Tan Chai!

  10. om look older than mark and with ch7 they really don’t have many to choose from but with ch3 there are plenty to choose from. He might be a hot commodity towards teenager but he’s still unknown to alot of elders. But oh well complaining won’t do any good, either we watch him or we don’t but it’ll another missed lakorn for me.

  11. Maybe with a touch of magic(makeup) he’ll make a great Tan Chai..who knows. Love Tik as Tan Chai but to have him play again, hmm..Idk about that. He’s aged – A LOT. So if he was to get the part and Yaya was the n’ek, that’ll look weird. He’ll look like a ped like how it’s so difficult for me to watch Wanalee because the new Mew is on 16 and could have been Por’s daughter. lol

    What I really think is, they should leave classics ALONE! They’re ruining the good feeling we all have for the old lakorns.

    • Continue…

      They need to xome up with better concept lakorns and new storylines instead of picking up old ones and remaking it to ruin the shine of the old actresses and actors. They were there to act as that particular part so why ruin it? I’m sure some versions will out beat the others but I just think Thai Entertainment can do so much better than just remaking lakorns.

  12. I honestly found the age gap a little awkward to watch. I loved each character but when teya and tik were doing the romantic scenes it was super wierd for me. Maybe because I knew teyas real age at the time. I think if they change the story line a bit here and there mark would do great. He’s grown a lot between his first lakorn and the 4 hearts of the mountains lakorn. A few more acting classes and I thibk he will do great.

  13. for sure, yaya can play the nang ek, as for the pra’ek, mak is too young but we need to give him a chance. we haven’t seen him star in any other lakorn. but i hope that they let aum atichart do it. hes cute, and i feel that hes mature enough to act it. haha

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