“I have money to pay, but I’m so damn embarrassed!”

Spreading rapidly in the word of cyber is some words that were reportedly used by famous hi-so “Peck” Sanchai‘s father that refers to the situation of his son and daughter-in-law “Tanya” Tanyares‘s divorce case by saying, “I have money to pay, but I’m so damn embarrassed!” (‘เงินน่ะมีจ่าย แต่(กู)อายมาก!!!’)

You can say that this situation is one situation that is an interest to the public from the entertainment industry. Starting from a love triangle with two actresses (“Tanya” Tanyares and “Pinky” Sawika) and a wealthy socialite (“Peck” Sanchai, husband of “Tanya” Tanyares). Which seems like the whole situation is a very lengthy situation that will be with us for awhile, maybe even into the next year. The latest hot topic is that “Tanya” is beyond her endurance with the situation that she is filing divorce papers and ฿124 Million (approx. $4 Million USD) and that’s not all, “Tanya” is also suing “Pinky” for ฿20 Million for being the one to interfere in her marriage and breaking up her family. So, it has been a very hot topic with criticisms and debates up until now.

With the scandal there have been many discussion around various websites that the behavior of the Engtrakul’s family especially Peck’s father, Somjaineuk Engtrakul, who is equally in a very hot situation as his son. Mr. Somjaineuk was apparently heard going around and saying to his friends/colleagues that, he has the money to pay for the divorce settlement, but is embarrassed by the whole situation!

[Source via Entertain Teenee]

48 responses to ““I have money to pay, but I’m so damn embarrassed!”

  1. I don’t blame him for being so. It’s not even his fault that he have to pay for his son stupidity.

  2. I guess the apple doesnt fall far from the tree if the fathers is equally in hot situation as the son lololol. Like father like son? Ekeke

    • I don’t think the article means that the father and son are alike in the terms you’re thinking of. From my understanding, I believe the father is in conflict because it is his son’s unfaithfulness and thoughtless acts that have caused the breakup of his family. Any father would be in conflict and embarrassed by this situation if it was their son’s doing.

  3. He’s lucky to have all that money to give away. Peck will never learn his lesson because his parents will always bail his sorry ass out. He’s a grown man they should cut him loose.

    • agree..this guy won’t learn anything..and he will do it again&again..after leaving Tanya, he would leave whosoever girl he dates now..and look for another girl…ckkckc.player who will be always player…

  4. having affair is pretty common among celebrities and hi-so
    sick of hearing this kind of story

  5. What kind of business are Peck’s family in to be throwing $4million around like it’s nothing?

    • I’m glad she sues Pinky, I hope her lawyer show, Pinky has caused negative impact toward Tonya’s career, that Pinky knew and should know, since she is in same entert. industry, plus an alienation of affection. But if wife focus too much on cheating she might not win the case. Good Luck for wife–Tonya.

  6. i’m glad at least someone associated with one of the guilty party knows how to be embarrassed. it’s about time someone is embarrassed (if the claims are true). as for tanya suing pinky, i’m glad and i hope she can sue and get the fullest amount. it’ll be some sort of revenge and having some sort of official government statement declaring that pinky is a wh0re. well, something along that line. i don’t think she’s suing just to get money because at the end of the day she will be a divorced woman with a child. no matter the amount of money she gets from suing it won’t change the fact that she was forced (not literally, but figuratively) to file for divorce under the circumstances.

  7. I have a question, how do you sue someone that sleeps with your husband?? I mean like yeah maybe pinky did break up their relationship and family but I don’t understand how thailand law works like. Please let me know how to sue the person that sleeps with my husband. lol, i just find it weird maybe cause it wouldn’t work here in the USA if I try suing the person my boyFriend/husband slept/cheat on with…lol

    • actually, in the USA you can sue your spouse and/or his lover under the alienation of affection law. The law has been in the books since the 1800s. Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah allow alienation of affection suits. So if your spouse cheats on you in any of those states you can sue him and the third party. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t live in the alienation of affection state, as long as they cheat in them. A woman in North Carolina won a nine million dollar suit against her husband’s mistress. So it’s not unheard of in the United States to sue your spouse’s lover.

      • Yup! you can sue cheaters! Heartlessness is a crime now!! But its harder to sue your own spouse sometimes because sometimes your money and your husbands money are tied together, so it will be like you suing yourself..LoL

  8. lol… i totally agree with you SOMKIT. I like how tanya strech the whole situation.no i don’t want to get divorce yet, i’m to weak. now give me the money because you ruin my life. i wonder how many people going to file a law sue because their husband sleep around.i guess thai lakorns should have a story like that,first wife sue everyone her husband slept with. tanya can be a good model for the first wife to sue the mistress or second wife.( this situation is a way of life in thai culture and everywhere)

  9. In some US states there is a law that allow the wife to sue the husband’s mistress. However, it doesn’t guarantee that the wife is going to win the case and get compensated. But anyway good for her that she’s suing this dirt-bag and even greater that she’s suing the home-wrecker. They both deserve it!! I would even ask for more seeing that the father is flaunting his money around.

  10. He’s embarrassed because Tanya got Peck on both audio and video, else I doubt he would give a poop. Also Tanya should totally sue Pinky. Let it be a lesson that “Reya” should not tolerated.

    • well from the pix it looks like peck definitely and from the side angle the girl does look like pinky.

      i’m sure some will just say it’s not proof enough cause ploy chermarn has a pix with mr. piggy nose and she’s sitting on his lap!

      it’s a damn shame an grown man gotta get his daddy to bail him out of his mess that he can’t clean up himself!

  11. i think its totally ridiculous that she’s suing Pinky by all means YESSSS sue the hell out of your husband because he betrayed you supposedly not just this time but many times before so why sue only pinky?thats means that she should go back and sue all the other girls that she cheated with and on what account are you going to sue her for? sleeping with your husband?!? how the hell are you going to prove that? i think its crazy that girls target the other woman when your man was the one who did the deed and ultimately betrayed you, she owes you nothing and even if pinky was stupid enough to pay the amount to finally shut her up and for pity what will you do with the money?!? thats why you only sue your scumbag of a husband for everything he has and move on the biggest TRIUMPH!!!
    thanks to Tanya’s now all hi-so men are going to get a prenupt haha

    • are prenups legally binding in thailand? i know that prenups are not common, but are they enforceable? all i know is that in thailand, community property is whatever is acquired during marriage and not prior to it.

      i don’t know about thailand, but in the united states you don’t need proof of extramarital sex to sue for alienation of affection. but you do have to prove (1) that there was love to some degree between the spouses (2) spousal love was alienated and destroyed, and (3) that the defendant’s malicious conduct caused or contributed to the loss of affection.

    • Obviously you have not been reading or following the news. She does have proofs and in Thailand as well as some states in the United States you can sue the mistress of your husband. It’s also not crazy to target the other woman when it is the other woman whom with your husband did you wrong. Publicly embarrassed you and break your stability. As for why just Pinky, well she was the one that was caught and the one that won’t go away.

      From you post, it seems that you condone the behavior and believe that all women should just walk away and do nothing allowing the men and other women to shame you. What a shame.

      • i don’t recall ever emphasizing whether or not i condone cheating on your spouse did you not read the part where i said to Sue that a$$ for everything he has, maybe you should go back and read what i wrote, i am not at all defending Pinky nor her behavior my point is what triumph are you going to get by suing the girl? her money isn’t going to change what happened so why take it any further, you have your proof that publicly ruined her good for you, but to take her money is like her paying you for your husband. Therefore please don’t take my words and twist it into something that it is not, but i understand that people tend to read into things differently

        • I think the triumph of suing Pinky, along with the cheating scumbag, would be to teach her to not do it again, at least that’s my opinion. Yes, her career may have been hurt but having her pay up will add to that hurt and hopefully she’ll have learned her lesson.

          Plus, though I’m sure there were other mistresses but she was the one to ultimately cause the downfall of the marriage. Sue sue sue, Tanya!

        • Sure let Pinky pay for your husband! LoL Tanya is after all divorcing Peck, so let Pinky pay for him. True the money won’t bring back the marriage nor the love, but it sure will satisfy some of your anger though. And at this time she doesn’t need that no-good husband what she needs now it money to start her new life and money to raise her child.

          I understand your point, there are some women who go directly after the “other-women” and not their husband, but not Tanya, she’s suing that scambag who promised to love her for better or for worse, AND the other-women. Sadly there are too many women out there set on destroying other woman’s life. Let this be a lesson to those women, this might just have them think twice before doing so…and the men too.

  12. lol i would be too haha but wtf his father still paying for his old ass??? u gotta be kidding me

  13. LOL. poor him. have to pay for his son’s divorce settlement. who wouldn’t feel embarrass though. its a natural feeling right.
    well, maybe he feels embarrass because the news of his son is true.. hmm.. scandalous.

  14. I was gonna say “what does Tanya even do for a living?” But then I forgot she’s an actress. Lol. But she probably doesn’t make much because she’s not a top list actress. I bet even Pinky makes more than her. As of right now she’s not doing anything so she probably doesn’t have much income and wants her husband’s money. I feel bad for Tanya and feel that what she does is reasonable but yet it still doesn’t make her the better person.

    • If there’s one thing I learned from my ex, it’s that if you want to hurt someone, you hurt them through their wallet. 😀 Pay back is a biotch!!

      In short, I don’t think Tanya is desperate for income.

  15. Adultry isn’t illegal in all states in the US..only in some states…too bad Peck lives in Thailand. HAHA

  16. I’m all for Tanya.She has the right to sue both Pinky & Peck.If it wasn’t for both parties there wouldn’t be a family break up.Why sue only the husband as both should be responsible (“Dop meur carng diao may dung lock” – clapping with one hand won’t make a sound).
    No one even considered how Nong Liyah would feel growing up with a history of the break up being all over the news!!! How can Pinky & Peck have no shame! Imagine how you would feel if your husband cheated on you.In a way I kind of think it’s a good thing that this happened,in a sense that if it didn’t happen then Tanya wouldn’t divorce Peck.I think he is definately not an ideal husband.The language he uses when speaking to his wife,whether he is influenced by alcohol or not,shows no respect to his wife whatsoever.I’m glad Tanya decided not to stay with him.How can you stay with a man who treats you such a way right? For all the mistresses out there – we all have choices!

  17. I think that suing Peck is appropriate, but why sue someone who’s sleeping w/ him? Pinky has no commitment to Tanya & if Peck is willing to cheat, with or without Pinky he’s going to cheat. Yes, it’s immorally wrong of Pinky, but she’s human and we’re not perfect. If Peck is an honest husband, there would’ve been room for another woman to come into the relationship. A marriage, whether happy or not should be worked out among 2 people. It takes 2 to tangle. Sue Peck, and karma will come so Pinky will get hers. I just don’t she’s indebted monetarily.

  18. Peck’s father is damn right to be embarrassed by having such a stupid son! Tanya should definitely get all that she’s suing for! Sue that bastard straight and see if that whore still wants him then!

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