Tle Claims He’s the owner of a 60 million baht property

After actor “Tle” Thanapol showed off his glamorous house on ‘Wun Wan Yung Wan Yoo’, he claimed the house is his own property. But the richly decorated content of this millionaire’s mansion has an estimated value of 60 million baht, how could Tle possibly afford it on his own is the question on everyone’s mind.

How did Tle become so incredibly rich when his sole occupation as actor in the industry does not earn him that kind of money? After all, Tle is not considered to be high ranking income earner in the industry.

Gossip is circulating the biz that Tle’s rich girlfriend is the real owner of his property.

“I’m not serious about this rumour. I’m just going to act normal, each person is entitled to an opinion. But I have only one answer to give, I confirm that I built this house with my own money, I’m not stressed by the news, everyone has the right to ask and everyone has the right to be curious. But I can explain everything”

There’s a rumour that your girlfriend’s sister, who is currently doing work experience with Grammy gave out this news when she tried to sell cream to the staff there. She claimed that you use the cream as well and that you’re dating her sister. She even showed pictures as proof.

“That’s her business, it’s got nothing to do with me”

Have you spoken to the sister and asked her why she told people those things?

“I have and sometimes I think the news can be misinterpreted. I don’t think this is a big deal. It’s normal because I’m in the industry and I’m with the press so I know that to every question, there is an answer. I’m not afraid that people will think I’m lying because I have proof”

Source via Manager

10 responses to “Tle Claims He’s the owner of a 60 million baht property

  1. Why do people make a big deal about Tle owning a big house? This ridiculous because whether his girlfriend bough it for him or not that is their business. It’s has nothing to do with public and plus this is not a public matter anyways. Honestly, I don’t care where Tle got monies to invest in his mansion and cars because it is his problem. As long as he can afford it that all is matter.

  2. I think whether he likes it or not he is in the public eye so people are going to care and talk about it. Celebrities have that against them, their privacy is part of the fame.

    I think it’s ligit for people to questioned him because he is not a top ranking actors and does not make a lot of money to afford such house.

  3. Maybe he’s selling drug lol who care just looking for trouble…regardless if he’s a public figure or not. He’s entitled to his own privacy.

  4. I think he’s lying for sure since he didn’t really say anything negative about the sister or denying knowing her either, but hey more power to him I’ve always wanted a sugar daddy myself lol.

  5. Is it so far fitch for an actor who has been getting constant job for the last several years to afford a 60 million baht home in Thailand? It’s not like he bought it cash. Or did he? I mean I know people here in the US that only make $120 thousand a year and can afford a $700 thousand dollar home. Don’t leading actor/actresses make good money? But if someone really did help him buy the house than he shouldn’t have lied about it. He should know better, the media in Thai would never let something like this go undetected. Best of luck to Tle in trying to dig himself out of this mess if he did really lie.

  6. Maybe he inherited some money? His patents could have helped? But if he was telling lies why would he keep it going for so long.. Kinda embarrasing and awkward for the ppl who know the truth

  7. This goes for all celebrities (and even non-celebs)…

    When you open up about something/anything (especially on tv), you leave yourself to be interpreted so whether it’s anyone’s “business” or not, you’re the one who opened the door so brace yourself for some comments!

    People are curious by nature… that’s why there’s so many gossip blogs.

    He’s kinda silly for what seems to be showing off… now he has some explaining to do. I personally don’t really care what the real deal is but it is somewhat entertaining to see show-offs get shut down. Hopefully, it won’t affect his career too much cause it seems that he may be the only one employed in his family. Times are tough… maybe investing in a moderate sized home would’ve been a better idea.

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