Rumored: A Certain Actress Got Knocked Up!

Most of you who are lakorn addicts will know the story of “Raeya” and how she keeps involving herself with other women’s husband. What if what you see in lakorns are really put out there in real life and or are actual situations occurring in one’s life right now?

There had been rumors that a certain actress abruptly flew overseas to apparently go further her studies which at the time seemed true (as she flew unprepared), but now rumors are saying that they don’t know if she intended to or not (her generation shouldn’t even be an accident)to get knocked up. The rumors than go on saying that the actress flew overseas to have an abortion or maybe she’ll  return to Thailand back in the next 4-5 months with a child in tow.

Netizens on Sanook’s webboard goes on to giving their 2 cents on this situation and takes a gander at the guessing game.

“Is it Pinky?”

“Is it Chompoo?”

“Please Follow Chompoo for the next episode”

“If you listened to the latest clip that was leaked, it has to be Nong “Pring” for sure because the male side said that he was going to have a grandchild and many more to follow (if Nong “Pring” continues to be his mistress.)”

“Fact or not, but I heard that Ms. “T” stole “P” from his once fiancée before they married. It must be karma returning.”

“Is it Janie?”

“Is it Pu Praiya?”

“It has to be true. Why would “Khun Dee” ask for a divorce if  there wasn’t an origin. Why would “Raeya” take her family overseas and wait for everything to die down or be settled before she returns? This is just like ‘Dok Som Sree Tong’ I’m so tired of it.”

“It might be “Film” because he just returned back from overseas.”

“A man who hasn’t decided on who he wants to be married to yet has the right to pick. If they’re not married yet they have the right to pick who they want as their life partner. If once they are married and are husband and wife than if he was to pick now is wrong!!.. What you said about Tanya stealing “P” from his once fiancée isn’t wrong. It’s up to him on who he wants to pick as a life partner.”

“Even if they aren’t married, but the parents knew about them sleeping together or living together that’s considered a big sin already.”

40 responses to “Rumored: A Certain Actress Got Knocked Up!

  1. Geesh, this is so juicy.. Ahaha..
    Anyways I don’t think it’s Film because they’re talkin about an actress here.. But he can impregnate a girl though..
    But I’m going to stick with my thoughts on Pinky.

  2. At first i thought it was Poo but now after reading the comments i think its Pinky.

  3. No brainer, it’s Pinky. If she really is pregnant then I strongly believe it was intentional. She wants Peck but he wouldn’t divorce his wife. This is the only way to get him to divorce. How many different words can we describe Pinky’s character?

  4. The article has Pinky written all over it. Does Pinky not think that if he’s doing all of this to Tanya he’ll do the same to her? Trapping a man with a child isn’t the way to go. If he’s not leaving his wife for you in the first place then you are nothing but a toy to him.

  5. LOL……
    Is this really legit?
    I highly doubt Pinky is that dumb enough to be doing something like that.

    • Just like how she wasn’t dumb enough to take someone else’s husband right?

      These are just rumors & no actual proof has been proved. Until then everyone speculates it’s Pinky.

      • Her mother and Tanya’s conversation, pretty much spilled it all.

        And I doubt Tanya will be THAT angry at Pinky for nothing? and why would she target Pinky? so Tanya is making up all this mess for publicity?

  6. 1. Pinky for sure
    2. Do you have the latest clip that was leaked of pinky
    3. Agree with “A man who hasn’t decided on who he wants to be married to yet has the right to pick”

  7. i’m just shocked! why the hell would she wants peck that much he is so fuggggy haha ew nasty.

  8. wow!how people jump to conclusion without the fact. all the article said is rumor here and rumor there.

    • In the beginning the rumor was Pinky went to Japan with Peck and they were seen flirting around on the plane. People jumped to conclusion that Peck and Pinky were having an affair, Tanya came out to defend the two. Fast forward to today: shocker! Pinky and Peck really are having an affair!

  9. pinky for sure!!!…poo praiya, she just went to study…and chompoo i’m sure she have nothing to do with it!…must be pinky!

  10. It could be nobody. It’s just a rumor. Shouldn’t even be throwing it out there without more proof that it was indeed someone.

  11. It’s most likely Pinky because rumor says she went to Netherlands to learn dancing and Tanya has filed a divorce for 120 Million from Peck and 40 Million from Pinky. In April Peck went to the U.S. to try to reconcile and after he returned to Thailand, Tanya filed a divorce. Maybe it’s because of the rumor that Pinky is pregnant. Peck is a very rich man so maybe these ladies are drawn to him for the $$.

  12. Can’t say its Pinky without a doubt but its highly possible I guess. It was predicted that she would have a scandal with a married man and a child out of wedlock. The first one has been rumored to be true. It seems most of mor Luck’s prediction are pretty accurate. But I guess we have to wait and see.

  13. I am 100% sure it’s not pinky ka. Please don’t just assume. U will make an ass out urself na. But I suppose in the mean time ppl are goin to just assume the worst for pinky cuZ of her past mistake. But until there is further proof don’t just bash the gal. U may say it’s her but don’t detail ur lies. Ok? Kkkk.

    • Are you talking to me? If so, please go back and re-read what I wrote. I never once said that Pinky is pregnant nor did I say without a doubt she had an affair with a married man. The key word here is POSSIBLE since there are RUMORS of the affair. I am not Pinky nor do I know your personally so I would never say 100% one way or the other. Are you that close to Pinky that you could say without a doubt its not her? I am one who has always given her the benefit of a doubt that she didn’ do as rumored. In my opinion, there hasn’t been concrete evidence for me to say without a doubt she is guilty as accused. I will say that with the several clips that have been release along with interveiws by Peck himself does lead me to believe that there may be some truth to the rumors. With all this being said, I suggest you practice what you preach about assuming. Thank you and have a nice day!

  14. Oh my fuvkin lord Honda ure overacting na I was simply sayin ja to everyone who is voceing their opinion on the situation. Go drive ur Honda civic n clear ur head before u post na thanks.

  15. No ones innocent. Every innocent face has a wild side to quote a friend of mine lol. I’m not saying pinky innocent in all this but I am sayin she not prego lol

  16. I can’t wait till Tanya comes out with all her evidence. Pinky is a homewrecker! No short cut to it. She wanted Peck for his money and too bad he refused to leave his wife for her. Another word, she is just a fun time for him. She’s pretty but stupid. Talented and young but she’s willing to throw it all away for an affair with an ugly man.

    She’ll never get her status of a N’ek back. I for one would not able to watch her and think she’s this innocent N’ek when she is nothing but a girl who messed with a married man. I hope Tanya exposed Peck and Pinky for what they are worth.

  17. I don’t know why, but it always seems to surprise me people who dish it out can’t never seem to take it. It’s all fine and game when one is doing the dishing but when the recipient returns the favor all hell breaks loose. Lol…..smh

  18. No no boo boo no hell breaks still got mad live for u breh dun know y u have to think I can’t take it cuz now seem like u can’t bur we keel we kwel.

  19. I guess if ure a fan of sumone whose made mistakes ull be mistreated as well. Life goes on breh.

  20. Lol… Silly girl! For a moment there, I thought you were a prime example of how the education system fails us. Thanks for clarifying that for the rest of us, luv. 😉

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