Pae Arak is Too Cool to wear a Helmet

Thai citizens are encouraged to wear a helmet as safety procedure while riding on a motor cycle. For years, different government organizations have reiterated the importance of wearing a helmet for protection.

Signs have been made claiming the officials will “arrest anyone who is caught riding without protected head gear”. But it seems, certain people are ‘still’ not being serious enough about safety matters. A recent public function displayed contradicting riding behaviour to what so many other organizations have fought to enforce.

At Big Bike event, Tanon Wechakornkanont, the Provincial Governor of Narativart province led 35 bike riders on a riding parade to welcome famous actor “Pae” Arak Amornsupasiri, who was invited to be the entertainment for the yearly festival at Narativart.  The big bike event was held to promote economic growth in the area of Southern Thailand.

But for this major event – Famous Public figure/role model to young teenagers such as Pae Arak did not wear a helmet. Everyone else who participated in Big-Bike wore a helmet except for Pae.


So what message is this event trying to communicate to the citizens of Narativart? All riders must wear a helmet. But a celebrity such as Pae Arak can go without – because he needs to be able to show his face and let the people admire the fact that a celebrity has graced us with his presence.

Even though this is a promotional event but Pae was still ‘riding’ on a motor bike. Therefore all road safety procedures should be followed. Even if it’s for a function, he was still riding on public roads so all road rules should still apply.

This is really something to think about. If the role models would only practice what they preach, everyone would want to obey the rules. But when they don’t – it’s disheartening.

Source via Talkstory

9 responses to “Pae Arak is Too Cool to wear a Helmet

    • lol, i agreed with you, he is one fugly looking guy…how did he get famous?? was it by sleeping with pancake…lol sorry to who ever is offended by that…but then again not really

  1. He should wear a helmet to save people from gouging their eyes out. lol all joking aside, he should wear a helmet and since he’s not, he should be ticketed. -_- It just shows that celebs CAN get away with it.

  2. In America when they have publicity functions, the stars are allowed to no wear their helmets because they have people riding a long side of them and they are going slow. People want to see the celebrity and don’t want to guess if that is really the celebrity or not. I don’t see it as a big deal unless he is going really fast.

  3. He should do the public a favor and put on a helmet. No one wants to see him. EWW! Every time I see him I want to vomit.

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