Don’t Mess With Ploy Cherman – She Fights Back

Famous actress “Ploy” Chermarn recently ran into a dispute with a waiter at a restaurant because she refused to be photographed. The next day, the waiter tweeted disrespectful comments about her on his twitter account causing Ploy to strike back and filed a complaint to the restaurant which later resulted in the termination of the waiter’s employment.

According to the information told by Ploy to the tabloids, Ploy waited in a queue at this particular restaurant for 5 minutes and no one was there to serve her, Ploy said at the time, she was starving.

Later Ploy was approached by a man in white uniform. The man said;

“Excuse me, can I take a photo of you?”

Ploy replied;

“Don’t you want to take my order first?”

The man didn’t answer and went ahead to take a photo of her anyway so Ploy said to him “Nevermind, I don’t want to eat anymore” and she left.

The next day, she received a message from her friends on twitter who told her that a man using a twitter account by the name of “Boy Kik Gun” tweeted to DJ Nui & DJ Pooklook from EFM, Kallamare & Num Gunchai.

Yesterday Ploy Chermarn came to the restaurant, I saw that she was a celeb so I asked for a photo but she said to me, you haven’t even taken my order yet and you want my photograph, she gave me attitude. Evil personality”

“Who the hell wants to admire an evil celeb”

“It’s because she’s so evil, that’s why Dome dumped her”

Ploy said, the waiter twitter message was over the line so she called the owner of the restaurant and the restaurant manager. The waiter was suspended and later fired for his conduct. Ploy was also told that she was not the only celeb this man has offended; in the past he has harassed other celebrities as well.

“So it’s over now. He got his punishment and if this kind of incident ever happens to me again, I will fight till I get justice”

“If you ask if I should be more careful now, well I think that guy wasn’t really ok in the head. That’s why he was willing to risk his job like that. I don’t like people like that, people who call other people evil”

“Another thing is, now I have a chauffeur to drive me around everywhere. So if I’m supposed to be unlucky then I guess I will be unlucky. P’Tar(boyfriend) is worried about me, he says to be careful because he’s not sure if the waiter will want revenge. It’s such a small matter but to him it might be a big deal”

Source via Rakdara

50 responses to “Don’t Mess With Ploy Cherman – She Fights Back

  1. Haha this article made me laugh.. I LOVE Ploy. I would do the same if I were in her shoes

  2. I thought being a celebrity was a full time job.
    5 minutes isn’t that long. Could’ve been a packed restaurant. Sensing a diva attitude.. But the waiter is pretty dumb too. Do your job first buddy!


  4. Sometimes you just have enough of it. This is such a small matter that was blown to this point. Ploy stand her ground and she is willing to fight so what is wrong with that? The waiter is willing too.

  5. I always knew Ploy isn’t one to mess with.. That goes for Aum as well 🙂 I know 5 mins isn’t that long but, the waiter shouldn’t have just taken the picture.. He’s supposed to do his job first..

  6. The waiter was unprofessional, a customer is a customer, it doesn’t matter if she is a celeb. Or not. You take their order first.

      • He obviously went up to her to ask for a picture, either way it’s unprofessional. NOT only that, afterwards he tweeted about her in a negative way. If he was my employee I’ll fire him to. Celebrity or not they are still a customer, and when you are working you gotta be professional about it.

        • I agree! 5 min. or 30 min. You take the order first, then maybe at the end of the course, when you give her her tab you ask for her picture. I know celeb. are exciting but you have to be PROFESSIONAL when you work, don’t make the environment hostile for her. I recently went to eat out and Matthew Morrision (Glee) was there eating a table away frm me all the workers were so good about it I didn’t even notice him until he got up to leave. The waiter asked for a autograph and then I noticed him!

  7. I wonder if the restaurant is busy or not. If it’s busy, 5 mins isn’t that long. The guy is probably just excited to see a celeb. I bet I would probably be really excited and ask to take a pix before I take orders too. I don’t think taking a pix with him would be that long. I think she’s just really impatient.

  8. It’s not about how long or short she waited but it’s about customer service. A good customer service would take her order first then ask her for a picture AFTER the customer finished.

  9. She was upset that he didn’t do his job, but what got her mad and go after him is because he spread rumors and say negatively about her to others via the net and also contacted dj’s or reporters. I don’t believe she would’ve got him fired if he didn’t go online and make the matter worse.

  10. I am in the middle. I don’t see Ploy the right or wrong person nor do I see the man as the right or wrong person.

  11. “It’s because she’s so evil, that’s why Dome dumped her” OUCH
    and ploy is always a b***h

  12. theres no need to change name ka. You see that picture next to the name of every comment posted? Its like your thumb print na. Im pretty patient myself but if a waiter just comes up to me and ask for my picture then i would be thrown off. And especially when i’ve already said no, and yet he took it without my permission??? How dare he? It was said that this is not the first incident so the man obviously needs to be told something. I bet if he does get back at ploy, she can handle it like nothing.

  13. to be honest, its a work ethics that the waiter should follow. do your job, then ask for picture. idiot.

  14. i’m kind of torn between this. the waiter was no doubt annoying, but i think it’s quite an excessive punishment to have him fired. i’d understand if it was some sort of disciplinary action, but to get the ax?! quite harsh. well, as for ploy, her response just shows the type of person she is. i wouldn’t to meet people like her, beautiful or not! i think her name, ploy, sums up pretty much the type of person she projects to the masses: a cunning plan or action designed to turn a situation to one’s own advantage.

  15. uh, sometimes when you’re waiting 5 mins can seem like a long time i know how it feels. that guy’s got problems. why don’t he freakin take her order first then picture, the girl is hungry! it’s not like she’s gonna go anywhere just yet. i would get mad too if i said no and they still took it. it’s not as much as what happened in the restuarant; it’s the fact that he went online and said something bad about her. but don’t compare ploy to aum. aum’s ways are so unsosphisticated.

  16. actually 5 min is a long time if you’ve been seated and no waiter/waitress has approached you. at least that’s what it sounds like to me. yeah, she should have been served first. that’s what customer service is.

  17. to me.. Ploy is right .. it same thing like my dad been waiting so long .. he complained to waiter so that what Ploy feel same way

  18. At my employment, we are not allowed to ask celebrities for pictures. We are to treat them normal. If we do we can lose our job. We have many celebrities stay with us because we treat them normal and they feel relaxed.

    • In the interview, Ploy stated that she waited for 5 mins or so and no one acknowledged her or tell her that they will be with her in just a second. She saw that it was busy, but the fact that no one acknowledged her or greeted her made her upset… especially when the server/waiter just came up to her and asked her for a picture and never acknowledged her.

  19. Ploy did the right thing. As a waiter, he should have taken her order first. I wonder if Ploy even got a cup of water, which is the common thing for restaurants to do.

  20. The waiter wasn’t being professional, even if he was just a waiter, at some work places, in the city i live in, when celebs come into your store, you’re not even allowed to ask them for an autograph or photo. Ploy has a right to deny it, she’s human too.

  21. p’ploy did the right thing…even it’s just 5mins or even 3 least,the waiters should say something or greet the customers..hmm..and that guy too..even you dislike his attitude,your attitude with tweeting was worst…once again..i support ploy na kaa…

  22. i’m very impatient too when it come to waiting at restaurant (though, there are limits) .. it’s like you’re hungry that’s why you’re there to eat — you pay ppl the appropriate amount of money to get what you need so they should provide the services correctly too. 5 minutes wait is a long time when no one acknowledge that you’re there. On top of that, you’re like hungry and already upset and yet when the waiter came up — they didn’t ask to seat you but for something else .. i would obviously be mad as heck. i’m sure if the waiter did the right thing, take her to her seat – she’ll let him take her picture .. if i have to say who’s wrong in this — i point at the waiter for not doing his job well. Haven’t he learned? ‘Dont’ mess with customer when they’re hungry’ lol

  23. What Ploy did was right..*period*
    C’mon, in restaurants, having custumers wait for u is ridiculous!! Not to mention how rude he was for not asking her order first, but instead asking for photograph! That man or whoever make the same mistake should be fired.. That’s what every restaurant would do.
    That waiter guy really pissed me off by bringin’ Dome into this mess! I’m a fan of Ploy – Dome, I’m sad to see them apart, wait for their return, so he really crack my nerve on this!!

  24. Maybe she was a bit impatient but I dont blame her for filing a complaint about the waiter. I know he may have been starstruck but he shouldve waited until she ate at least.

  25. i agree, I would be upset as well, waiting 5 min is long, they don’t need to take your order but they can at least come by and say “I will be right with you.” But instead this guy came over and ask for pictures, that rude, and UNPROFESSIONAL like every said. I under she is an actress and her job relate to public relation, but as FAN’S we need to understand that they are all a “PERSON” and there is an “Approriate” time and place to greet a celebritie. For Instant “Fan Meeting”, they set aside their time to meet with us fan without them doing “PERSONAL” stuff, as of Eatting. I know they are celebeties but we need to respect/be considerate when they are out and about wanting to enjoy themself w/o being interrupted by fan after fan, Imagine sitting eating and getting approach after every single bite, that be a horrible lunch…We become fan of them because of their “ACTING” before the actual person…we all have our good and bad in us….I’m not always nice and sweet…what worse he tweet about it and saying SH*T…

  26. Ploy is evil too.
    The waiter had no customer service skills and was rude. I guess they both deserved what they got.

  27. It is pretty annoying when ur like starving and waiting to be served and seated and there are waiters who actually are free but cbf to do their job/ look busy
    it’s just lack of training I guess by staff.
    Ploy did the right thing.. Kinda feel sorry for the waiter though
    now he has to find a new job

  28. I don’t think she evil, she a person, a human being….come on now, we can all be B*tchy…I know I can be, especially during that time of the month, she a celebritie but also a person/human being, as fan we expect too much..

  29. I like Ploy as an actress, but I don’t really see what the big deal was, is too much to just smile for a picture after waiting only 5 minutes?
    He was not “right” to do that either, he should’ve waited for a good time but still.
    I don’t understand why she filed a complaint against him for something he typed on it really a big deal if she finds out that one person is trash-talking her? He’s just one person who is completely insignificant to her life.

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