The new Pra Aek For “Prisana Version 2011”

TV Pool magazine reported that “Nok” Chatchai is planning to remake an old classic lakorn “Prisana” – previously starred “Tik” Jessadaporn Pholdee & “Taya Rogers”.

In the new 2011 version of the famous classic lakorn – it is rumoured that the leading actor to portray the character of “Tarn Chai Poj” is going to be….

Rising newcomer “Mark Parin”


Judging from the comments on the internet – netizens are not happy!

“Please change the pra aek. It’s not that I don’t like Mark, I like him a lot but the character of Tarn Chai Poj is not suitable for Mark. Tarn Chai is supposed to be mature. They need to cast someone who is as old as Poh (Nattawuth) for this role”

“If Mark is the pra aek, I won’t be watching this version…too young”

“If Mark gets to be in this, P’Nok must favour Mark very much because this character is so much older than Mark. But still, I’ll be willing to watch it to support Mark and Nok”

“In my opinion Tik is the only one who can play this character. If P’Bird can star as “kobori” in two versions of ‘Koo Gum’, why can’t Tik do the same. The Nang Aek should be Yaya”

 Source via Pantip/TV Pool

44 responses to “The new Pra Aek For “Prisana Version 2011”

  1. I gotta agree with some of the netizens. Don’t get me wrong; I adore Mark but I think the character of Tarn Chai doesn’t suit him since the character is very mature and only Tik could have pulled it off. Mark would better be suited to play Prawee, the second leading pra’ek.

    • not agreed, tik is to old and yaya is too young.
      although they both are good, it doesn’t macth
      who cares about the age.

  2. I totally agree with them… Mark is good and all but not for this role. It needs to be someone who looks a little more conservative and old-fashioned like – I can’t explain it, but for me Mark is too “modern” for this lakorn. I think he would be too young because in the lakorn the pra’ek is older and more mature compared to the nang’ek. I think Mark fits the role as the friend, but not the pra’ek.

    I just can’t think of anyone who fits this role more than Tik – he was very authoritative, strong, military-like, prince-like and everything the pra’ek was supposed to be.

    • Agree! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Tik and Yaya together. I think he played Taan Chai’s role perfectly! He definitely out did Chatchai in the version with Mew and I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role. I read on a different blog that the producers are now considering Ken who is about Tik’s age anyways so… I think they should just recast him 🙂

      I think people are right to say that Mark is too young and his features doesn’t fit and it definitely affects the lakorn. Saying it doesn’t matter that he is young doesn’t make sense… that’s like saying let’s cast a white person to play Muhammed Ali… yeah, that’s not how we imagine him looking. Why would you cast someone young to play someone old?

  3. People needa stop judging others. The series is not even on air yet why is people saying that Mark is not suitable? Just because he is young doesn’t mean that he can’t make the lakorn great. People just needa be more open minded about things. I’ve watch Mark played in lakorn series before and he is awesome. Just give him an opportunity, if you don’t how would you know if he is good or not. Who cares if someone else wont watch the series if Mark plays in it. There are many other people who would love to watch.

  4. i don’t think people are being judgemental on his acting, it more if his age/looks is suitable for the role….I dunno anything about this lakorn but if p’k is suppose to be older and mature, mark doesn’t look it, I think he a adorable but doesn’t mean he look older and mature….I agree in that aspect…I like Ann playing a 16yrs old person…or Yaya playing a grandma…dunno the best way to compare it but it is along that line….it be great if Tik can play him again and have more sweet scene but yaya looks pretty similar to the teya ….there a lot of p’k in ch 3 to chose from…

    • Totally agree with what you are saying. Its not a matter of performance we are talking about here, if it was a matter of performance then many pra’eks will out shine and out number Mark too, but its look wise we are talking about I think nOy did a great analogy of Ann playing a 16 yr old and Yaya portraying a grandma, just the thought makes me laugh, too many of the classic remakes make this mistake, for example “Prasad Mued” Nat was way to young for the role of pra’ek, and they stuck a mustache on his beautiful face as an attempt to make him older…Nat in turned just look absolutely ridiculous and for “Duang Rang Atitharn”, same thing Vier was suppose to play a young man and then a 40+ man when nang’ek gets reincarnated…did not pass either..Vier was simply too young…

      I would absolutely love to see Tik REDO this version or someone who looks older like Chakrit…

    • I agree! This totally made my day. I can’t wait to see Mark. I think every actor/ actress should be given a chance to do something different and not have ppl judge right away.

  5. Yeah the main actor has got to be MUCH MUCH older! These classic lakorns typically are older male-younger nang eak. It’s a weird transition to go from Nok Chatchai to Mark! Keep it in the older generations, like Por Thrisadee or someone of his generation.

  6. omg at first i thought it was chatchai as pra’ek almost got a heart attack!! i’m absolutely fine with mark, in fact, i think that’s a great pick! he’s handsome and i can picture him as a prince! i can’t think of anybody else. older, maybe smart can do it. but not por t or por n. por t is not handsome enough. por n is too dark. if not mark or smart, it’s gotta be tik again! tik is still good looking!

    • LOL! I thought that too. I saw Nok’s name and I literally past out.

      I think Mark will do just fine, but I’d prefer someone more mature. I can’t picture anyone else but Tik cause he played Teung Chai so perfectly. *sigh* it makes me miss Teya.

    • lol. chatchai was the praek in the version before tik. i don’t really know much about mark, but he does seem too young to play the role.

  7. i totally agree with some of the comments. Mark is not suitable for the role because pra’ek is suppose to be OLDER than n’ek. its gonna totally ruin the lakorn if they cast mark in here..come on now, this is a classic! choose wisely. threres already alot of complaints from the fans so why would he still consider mark.

  8. sadly, i won’t be watching rather they cast mark or anyone else in it…never enjoyed the first one

  9. I’m thinking maybe Dome can play as Tan Chai Poj. He looks extremely handsome in Rak Mai Mee Wan Tai.

    • Dome is handsome, but his acting is still stiff. I would watch him just because he’s freaking delicious.

  10. Dome would be eye candy…mm…just remember another example is WIER in the remake of kob lakorn, he was a 26yrs guy playing a 40 (?) yrs old man it doesn’t match

  11. The person that used age is just irrational, Tik got the role when he was in his early 20s. Although I like Tik, he did good because then his acting was still stiff and Tan Chai is stiff in characteristics. I don’t want Mark in here because they already have an upcoming lakorn together. It isn’t fair to me as an M&M fan to see Mark and Yaya in two full blown lakorns where they are the main cast.

    • it’s not about actual age, but appearances. mark looks young. in my opinion, tik has always looked older than he is. i mean, he might have been in his early twenties, but when he was in prissana, i thought he was in his thirties. it might have also been because he was coupled with taya, who was only like 14 at the time. i don’t really remember their version of prissana, but a lot of people loved it. i vaguely remember the mew and chatchai version, and i believe a lot of people loved that one too. so, i’m guessing they’re hoping for a built in audience since so many people love the story, but what’s up with all the remakes? they’re remaking/remade so many of mew’s lakorn – wanida, wanalee, prissana, ruk prakasit, prasad mued, tookata lunglabum, etc…

      • That is a much better of an explanation, but to others they are actually using the age as the reason… Anyways he was 30 in 4HJHKK.

  12. I am pissed off too. Sometime something are better left alone. They shouldn’t remake so much lakorns. Starting to piss me off. But Mark is a little young for the role. I would have to agree that Poh (Nattawuth) would make a great cast too. It doesn’t hurt to have Tik back:)

  13. I actually think he can pull it off..I don’t remember how the pra ake is supposed to act in this lakorn bcus I was so young, but I know mark can act mature..they better not put POH N. I don’t think that’ll suit him, but like someone said therees so many good ch 3 pra akes that can do this..

  14. hmm…how about boy pakorn??hehehe…at first i thought of ken or aum..and dome but them boy na ka..haha…or…someone who played as Ram in Love never dies *with ploy and dome* XD
    i like mark..and i haven’t watched the first one..but if you guys said someone i choose those guys..haha

  15. i agree with the last comment that was made, I this film should not be remade because this role suits Tik the best. He should be the only one to play it

  16. I know Nok favored Mark but he needs to think what is suitable and what is not. The role of the Prince is very precise and very mature. No matter how adorable Mark comes across the boy does not have what it takes. This particular role should not just be given to anyone out there.

    Putting Mark and Yaya against each other in this lakorn is a no-no. It will be a kiddy lakorn and by far that was not what this classic lakorn was. Mark might look mature to some, but not enough to pull of the Prince. The Prince was so much…older than the N’ek.

    And what is up with all the remakes. Hell, it seemed like every time I turn my head one is being done. And more than often they ruined it. There are a few that they should leave alone and this one is it. Tik and Teya was what defined the lakorn and they should leave it at that.

    • I totally agree. Why?! It was good the way it was with Teya and Tik, why ruin it? Although Mark is cute, I’d agree that doesn’t fit the character’s age and look. In the lakorn, Tik didn’t speak much but his body language was so powerful, I fell in love. LOL I don’t get that from Mark..not even in 4Hearts of the Mountain. He was HOT, yes..but he doesn’t give me the “EEEEE – I want to just die of falling in love with you” feeling like how Tik gives me. haha *blushing*

      But for N’ek – Agree, Yaya would fit perfectly.

  17. yeah, as much as i like mark…the mark-yaya pairing will come off too kiddie…i agree that it needs to be someone more mature

  18. Btw, first glance at the title, I thought it was Pae Arak was the pae Aek….almost ad a heart attack there too…like NOOOOoooooo, DON’T RUIN PERFECTION!

  19. I think he do match prisana
    he look like tik and it depend on the acting not totally on the face-some older pra’ek look young and some young pra’ek look old
    and please dont let it be por nattawut

  20. when it comes to remakes, why do they use pr’nangs who are wayyy too young for the role?

  21. damn, many people not liking my man mark. i agree
    his acting is not that good yet but you got to
    get the man a chance.

  22. oh yeah tik was around 22 and mark is 20 i think? not much of a difference plus the pic above tik look quite young too. mark has always been given an older role from his first lakorn to 4hua jai. funny some peoples been saying they need an older guy but so far no mention of anyone except for dome. so who’s a better guy? rome and yaya didn’t have any chem from their first lakorn besides i’m tired of rome. he gets a lot of work from kai varyuth. but whatever i hate remakes. prissana wasn’t even that old they should leave it cuz tik and taya’s was really good already.

  23. We’re not saying Mark isn’t good… he is a good actor but the role doesn’t match him. If you have watched Prissana, you would know what many of us mean by saying he doesn’t have that “older” man characteristic to him which the pra’ek was supposed to be.

    We’ll just have to wait and see who they pick and how it comes out, but for me, Mark wouldn’t be my first choice. If he is able to pull it off, just more thumbs up to his acting skills.

  24. i think people should give mark a chance i watch many of mark lakorn and he is doing very well we need to give him a chance becuase people are comparing mark to nadech so people are just judging his age.for example if nadech was to play this role i think nobody going to say anything so give mark a chance he was mature enough when he play as tichit so he should do very well because the character in prissana he was really quiet si mark should be doing fine.please people give him a chance

  25. eww why him! no offense but he isn’t very pra’eke material looking maybe as a second lead or a supporting actor no offense just stating my opinion. Nok is trying way to hard to promote this kid

  26. If Nadech is given this role or any other actors around their age, I would complain all the same. Tik may have been close to the same age as Mark but he with him next to Teya it worked and he did come off so much older than her.

    Now, the storyline is the Prince is way older than N’ek. But if you put Mark and Yaya together it would not work because they look about the same age and the lakorn was not that way. They could get Andrew, Rome, Dome, Grate and Por N. and there’s many more if they would look closer. But since Mark is Nok’s favorite he just reached out to him.

  27. I agreed to what fall said. I love nadech but i would complain if pa jaew were to do a remake of this and give it to him cuz he favor nadech. I would prefer andrew.if p nok wants mark to play a prince role , he should do a korean drama call goong.(princess hours) Now that i wouldn’t complain or better yet the one with num and nat.

  28. but i love that old version.. i think that is the best one.. they shouldn’t remake it at all.. don’t even think bout it.!!!

  29. Mark is a good actor but he doesn’t suit this role at all…p’ek has to look mature while Mark looks too young.

  30. Please let it be someone close enough to the chosen nang ek’s age so that the sweet scenes won’t be awkward or too held back. But on the other hand, the characters of Prissana and Tan Chai have big age difference anyway, so i want at least mid-generation p’ek like Ken to be TC, not Mark. Even if his age is not an issue, he just does not possess the aura of TC.

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