“Pam” Panpim Hurls Herself To Be Todd’s Mistress; Nune Throws Money In Her Face!

According to a recent Sor 7 article it was revealed that “sexy” model, “Pam” Panpim Techatanachaiyaphat was a mistress to “Todd” Pithi Bhirompakdee which led wife, “Nune/Noon” Worranuch Bhirompakdee in a jealous and possesive state to harass Pam and slapped her in the head with money (not actually slapping her in the head. Loosely translated:เอาเงินฟาดหัว)to the worth of ฿1,000,000 (aprox. $33,120.28 USD) in order for Pam to stop involving herself with Nune’s husband.

The situation seems like it has an origin, but like they say, if you’re not caught in the act or there is no proof, it didn’t happen. It sounds like a script from the lakorn, ‘Dok Som Sree Tong’ where “Raeya” goes around stealing other people’s husband even when there was proof, Raeya was still adamant into denying the whole situation.

When Pam was confronted by reporters it seemed like she wasn’t too happy saying that she has dignity and her parents raised her well.

Pam is probably holding onto the quote, “No matter if the sky collapses or the earth trembles, you have to lie to the fullest and never accept it. If you get caught, just admit to it only once.”

Netizens found that what Sor7 has written might have some truth to it as Pam tweeted on her twitter, “Oyy.. Some nang aeks that many see as good but really, are demons.”

It was reported that Pam didn’t mean anyone in particular by her tweet.

[Source via Sanook]

38 responses to ““Pam” Panpim Hurls Herself To Be Todd’s Mistress; Nune Throws Money In Her Face!

  1. Noon got what she asked for. I really hate what the first wives do its so stereotypical! They cant stop the guy so they go for every girl that comes in its so stupid. Sounds like den from dok som. Price u pay for marrying rich noon

  2. I don’t feel sorry for Noon. She knew way ahead what she is getting herself into. It’s sad she is selling herself short for the price of being with a wealthy man that isn’t faithful. These rich men don’t care if they are married to a beautiful girl or not, they are going to have a girl on the side because they can and they have the money to afford it. The wife on the other hand, just have to put up with it just like Noon is doing now. Throwing money in one girl’s face isn’t going to stop anything.

    Noon makes plenty of money on her own, why she have to settle for Todd is just crazy. Money makes one lose sight of everything else. Especially, self worth.

    • i totally agree with u. noon married for money when she has enought money for herself. she did to herself so now she has to live w/ it. todd is just rich but if his face is ugly n he has a mistress 2…dude like they say. bad face bad heart.

  3. wow..i hate pam…she deserve wat noon did to her…lol…and why todd, he;s so fu*in ugly, these actress these days have some ugly taste for husband!!…i hope noon will not be with him further…and i hope that he’ll not do anythign bad to noon or hurt her more…todd deserve sh*t!>.lol..

  4. Characters comparison:

    “Pam” Panpim Techatanachaiyaphat is Raeya
    “Nune/Noon” Worranuch Bhirompakdee is Dee
    “Todd” Pithi Bhirompakdee is Khune Yai
    Or it is another ways around:
    “Pam” Panpim Techatanachaiyaphat is Raeya
    “Nune/Noon” Worranuch Bhirompakdee is Deang Jun
    “Todd” Pithi Bhirompakdee is Khune Sing Tarn
    Yep, it is begining to sound like Dok Som See Thong everyday!

  5. Wow, Todd is a jerk though for having a mistress. I heard he said that Noon wasn’t any younger so he should give him an heir. Well I wouldn’t believe it that she threw money until more news come out since there has been this news a while now that I read from her thai site..and NOON IS WAY TOO PRETTY FOR TODD. I hope she realizes this.

  6. omg, feel sad bad for noon…she also get to endure this situation too…but good for her to do that to pam, pam deserve it…and stupid todd, he should know that he’s lucky enough to have noon as his wife!..and one thing he so damn ugly and i dont understand why noon choose him…but wat ever if real love really between noon and todd, then they should probably get through this…

  7. i saw some sexy pics of this model. if her parents really taught her well then i don’t think she would be doing this revealing photos, so please use a better excuse. because of that and the tweet i kinda believe it haha..bad lier.

  8. She should just divorce mr ugly beaver teeth. Take half his money and make more lakorns, Noon is gorgeous and she shouldn’t marry a mr ugly like Todd.

    • They form a couple , she deserve it , the man is ugly outside and the woman is ugly inside !!! that is a result for people who like money money money very very much !! i hope it s a true news , now just wait a same news for miss SH*Tcake alias pancake

  9. Her parents raised her well? I know Pam personally. Her dad has had like 5 wives and 10 kids. Not a great role model. But she is a great girl so it’s hard to say of it’s true.

  10. Why don’t she just divorce him? They don’t have any child together.Plus,she chase this one away.What will happen to the next? Do it over again and again? Let it end.DIvorce him and move on.Shes not the only girl.If its not her ..there are other girls.You can have to stop the guy not the girl.If they guy dont play.It wont happen.She need to leave him or else she will have to go through the same thing over and over again.

  11. Oh Yes it’s one of my good news , None deserve it , i am sure she is one of Nang ek who look good in outside and démon ( and love money very much) inside .Nune and Pancake alias SH*Tcake must shake hand because they look like twin !! two Nang ek in Ch 7 i hate the most.. I am Happy for my 2 actors ( Kade and Wier ) that NOT ending with this 2 wicht ! !

    • lol you’re so stupid you act like you know them in real life. and kade became less popular when he broke up with noon. he cheated on noon anyways

      • i actually think it’s the other way around, noon cheated on kade. they just wanted to make kade look bad.

  12. she’s not going to divorce him. he has more than she’ll ever make in her life. when his parents die todd will prob inherit some of their money too. some people are too money hungry to give that away. but to me u only have one life to enjoy and it’s short. when u die can’t take the money with u. so i don’t understand how greedy can on get.

  13. Maybe he wouldn’t have to go find himselfa mistress if she would stop allowing her friends to tag along with them everywhere they go or constantly having them over for a slumber party. Does she still think she’s 10 or something? Either way it is wrong of him though.

  14. Nomatter how noon is or why she married him, its still wrong for him to do this. They havent been married for long, why marry her at all if he enjoys other girls so much . jerk.

  15. she will not divoce him because she love money more than her pride/herself. if she ever going to divoce him i bet she make sure she will get half of his money which she will not have to work for the of her lifetime. such a gold digger.

  16. This is what happen when 2 world collides. the world of entertainment industries and rich world.
    I can only sit back and enjoy the news flowing in. LOL

  17. i hate this guy..and that girl..i hate the betrayal..they are the worst..seriously..and i feel bad for noon..but what she did was just not good..don’t think that 3rd person did it cuz of money..p’noon kaa..you better leave this guy,no matter how rich he is..he’s just a loser, he’ll do it again&again later,and are you sure,your money can pay those gals??hmm..

  18. Lik seriously …… Where is the women power at ??? Leave the bastard…. Noon could do so much better…… OMG!!!! Heartache…. Heartache…..

  19. Funny how people judge like they already know the whole damn story just because they don’t like Noon.

  20. Well, Noon can’t divorce Todd yet because they just got wed. I agree with some of you in this forum in regarding to Thai movie stars marrying a rich and wealthy man. It is true seeing Tanya as a perfect example, Aump, and follow by Todd. This contagious believe it or not because marriage now follow by the concept fidelity. Just like Chompoo recent lakonr “Dok Som See Tong”.

  21. You idiots are talking like you know these people personally. Your lives must be very boring for being so wrapped up in these celebrities lives. All you know is from what you read on Blogs and such. Get a freaking life folks.

    • BTW. oh NO, i feel jealousy going around here, LOL, if noon married a poor and handsome husband, it shouldn’t be a problem right, LMFAO

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