Mo Amina Speaks


It shocked netizens all around when news broke out that newcomer “Mo” Amina Pinich from channel 7 lakorn “Plerng Prom” made an attempt to attack sexy veteran actress “Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer by bad mouthing Aump behind her back & calling the senior actress ‘E Gae’{old woman}.

The topic of Mo Vs Aump which was spread by DJ Moddum from ‘Chae Dtae Chao’ attracted a heated debate on the internet as to how a fearless newcomer would dare attack someone like Aump.

Because as most people know – Aump Patcharapa is not one to mess with!

Here is what Mo Amina has to say

“It’s not true (high pitched tone), not true at all. I don’t know how this news came out. I found out about it because my friend told me and I was shocked and confused because I have never said anything about her”

“I’ve never spoken to her, I’ve never worked with her and I have never met her so why would I criticize her? In my opinion, she is beautiful and glamorous and I admire her work”

Are you afraid this will cause misunderstanding?

“Very much. I’m afraid she will misunderstand me. I feel down by it and I don’t know if she has heard of this rumour yet but she hasn’t called me to talk about it or anything”

Moddum was the first person to spread this news on radio, are you made at DJ Moddum?

“No I’m not. I understand he only just repeated what he’s heard from somebody else. It was his job to do that. But I confirm that I never said that, not to anyone. Those words never came out of my mouth. How could I have time to say those things to anyone, I’ve been so busy working”

In the past, you’ve had many feuding news with a lot of people. Is it possible that someone may have intentionally leaked this news to give you a bad name?

“I don’t know if someone is doing this purposely to damage my reputation. I don’t know that but it doesn’t matter”

Do you have anything to say to the person who leaked this news?

“It’s ok. I’m not angry because the truth is the truth. I’m happy now that I’ve sorted this rumour. I think people who know me in real life will know that I’m not that type of person”

Source via Siamdara

12 responses to “Mo Amina Speaks

  1. idk if it’s just me but her answers towards the end got me a little confuse….lol

    • Agree. I mean the way how ahe states her words. Its obvious that she did di something wrong and that she’s just denying it. LOL (:

  2. she was a rs actress. she was in some mvs and some lakorns but mostly nag rais and friends of the main characters. i know she was in rak ban chun with four (four-mod) and that ta-bmix?!

    • ugh…i think its her. is it?! the pix look like her, the girl from rak ban chum…anyways.

  3. I remember seeing her in Khun Noo Tewada. She’s in 2 lakorns that are airing right now and her role annoys me so much, but she has the 100% nang’rai look.

  4. ((gasp)) ohhh….. how dare some unknown chit like her talk smack about the greatest and most sexiest woman that have EVER graced our television screens and our computer screens!!??? she deserves to be burned at the stake for her audacity to even utter a bad word about the sexiest woman!! how dare she!! she doesn’t even deserve to like the heels of aum’s stiletto!!! **rolls eyes**


    • well there just saying that she is going to have karma if she isn’t really telling the truth, calm down lol

  6. Watever b**** ….. Ur guilty as charge …. Stop hating cuz she mor beautiful then u r even if she was to b 60 😀 hahahahaha

  7. I dont know if I can buy this. Because she’s not angry. I doubt anybody can be that cool about somebody trying to ruin their reputation.

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