Adorable Pictures of Tanya and Her Daughter Liyah

Being in the state of “needing encouragement” from those around, young looking mother, “Tanya” Tanyares has to keep her family moving forward after a 3rd hand came to ruin her family in a blink of an eye!

Recently reporters seized pictures of a cute atmosphere between “Tanya” and her daughter “Liyah” from Pantip that shows the love and adorableness between mother and daughter. Those who have sent encouragement to “Tanya” and her daughter become stronger throughout this whole ordeal. Which you can see in the pictures that both are happy and enjoying their days together.

[With Tanya’s parents]

[Source via Gossip Star]

13 responses to “Adorable Pictures of Tanya and Her Daughter Liyah

  1. I heard on Woody’s show that Tanya is ready to file for divorce and asking for Bht124 million.

  2. she might grow out of looking more like him, hope everything good for her, divorce, money and so on…look like she healing good, keep up the good work!

  3. 1. Liyah do look like peck
    2. Tanya mom is white
    3. I heard Tanya is going to sue pinky for being a 3rd hand to the marriage-you could do that

    • I think you can. LoL I don’t know about Thailand but a couple of States here like not sure which one I think it was either Michigan and one of the Carolinas where you can sue your Husband’s mistress if you can successfully prove that she had ‘planned’ to set out to ruin your marriage…so “PLANNED” as in 1st degree murder planned LoL

      • awesome!! if this is in fact true then, i hope tanya drains the money out of her soon to be ex-husband’s bank accounts and sue the crap out of that homewrecker! it’s a shame that the cheater and the homewrecker can still go about in society! i do hope one day pinky gets the same treatment that she gave tanya.

        • very well said, i too hope pinky and all women out there who caused a family to break up get the same treatment….

  4. people get over it, the family probably already had a problem before Pinky or any other woman involve. i dont believe anybody is a homewrecker, is how you deal with it.

  5. Tanya should go ahead and divorce that bastard’s ass for as much as she can get! Then she should just stay in the U.S. with her parents and adorable daughter.

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